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The Lexington Code a new auto-trading system which provides an interactive trading experience to all users has recently been launched in the Binary Options Industry.  This new auto-trading software, Llexington Code App, an instrument and supporting application to traders offers investors and market players all in one trading setups that can be used to not only source and conduct trades automatically but also provide a means to providing some unique data sets that can be used to benefit manual traders alike.


****  Update: This offer is now closed.  ****

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Lexington Code Scam App


Michael Lexington the inspiration behind this software and an avid data analyst with in-depth in the trading sector used his experiences to design an all purpose user-friendly software that traders both new and skilled can potentially benefit from.  Llexington Code App visitors who first visit the LexingtonCode.com website which also acts as the portal for the software can see first hand what this new software is all about and how and why the Lexington Code Software is trending the way it is.


The Lexington Code Software Review & Analysis

The Lexington Code Software which starts with a intuitive presentation by Michael Lexington focuses on a thorough examination of the Lexington Code.  This approach we must say was a breathtaking and refreshing approach compared to the very vague approaches that we have seen in the past.


Lexington Code Software CEO Michael Lexington


Mr. Lexington also backs up his claims with a vast array of evidence in the form of trading history.  If you are looking for unique qualities with a trading system, you should have a good look at the new Lexington Code App. When this system first came to path we were not sure how to react.  But the unique interface, user friendly platform and design are all professionally laid out to make this system a one worthy of consideration.


Furthermore, Llexington Code App, given the pulsating trading algorithm we have already seen that many traders have been generating profits with this software. During the beta-testing period the system provided us with 80% consistently.An outside accounting and legal firm analyzed the entire trading database and deemed both the software and its trades legitimate further stamping the software’s legitimacy within the trading sector.


The Lexington Code Scam Review

The question on whether or not the Lexington code is a Scam or not is something that we feel isn’t one that symbolizes this software.  For Lexington Code Scam to be justified we would not be having such a large proportion of an audit trail like we do with some older automated APP’s that fail the basic test.


This does not mean that the Llexington Code App, software is free from risk. No software can promise that as the question of risk is synonymous with the environment within which Binary Options Exists. To embrace the risk element and apply control mechanisms like the Lexington Code App does is a step is pleasing and refreshing to say the least.


What the Lexington Code does is, that it is programmed to decode behavior of trades and establish patterns using the aid of a super computer.  By doing so it establishes trends, and records and feed these results in the form of signals when similar sequences arise.  This repeat pattern as opposed to single trading makes this algorithm risk averse and reduces your exposure of being caught unaware if one were to just focus on a single indicator.


What Lexington Code Software is?

Barry Storyk who is the lead programmer behind the Lexington Code platform is a highly qualified aero space engineer. Barry Storyk is working in collaboration with Michael Lexington, a renowned businessman.  The two acquaintances worked in sync to create an algorithm , and an interface, duly named the Lexington Code to bring an “all in one” system that can source and conduct trades all on auto pilot.


Barry Storyk Lexington Code System


Lexington Code Scam is no scam. It is legitimate software that has been created by two remarkable gentlemen. Michael Lexington has over 15 years of trading experience and therefore understands binary options trading professionally.  Basically the Lexington Code Ltd. Is investment company, which already operates within the financial niche. Their software however is designed to take traders based on their analysis.


Lexington Code Profits


Lexington Code Scam? Software Features

  • Manual or Automated trading Feature. This trading application can be used to automate trading or provide list of signals which you can choose to trade either manually from the same Lexington Code platform or else you can trade via the broker’s platform
  • History and Running trade update. The system provides and in depth list so you visually see the results from the trades in chronological order.
  • Manage your money properly. The system allows you to remain in control of your capital by choosing the value per trade and the number of trades taken.


Lexington Code System Profit Potential

Can you really generate $500 and $5,000 a month using the software. When trying to depict or stereotype the Lexington Code Scam one needs to look at the profit potential being advertised.  Initially the lower end of the scale may seem more appropriate with a minimum deposit of $250 using proper money management techniques.  However, through gradual growth we do not see why not and can actually see traders generating circa $5,000 per day without the need of performing ‘all or nothing trades’ better known as compounding.


Lexington Code App – Free for Very Limited Period of Time

The Lexington code App as offered by the Lexington Code Ltd at present is free to utilize and can be activated once you have deposited the minimum $250 as required by the broker synced to the software.  This offer however, remains subject to availability. Once the whole beta testing fully subscribed a hefty price of $3,599 per month has been suggested.  Whether this continues or the expand their availability to more remains to be seen.


Lexington Code Software CEO Michael Lexington


If this does not sound credible, you should check out our Swarm Intelligence Review, whereby the software became fully subscribed in just 10 days, and was taken off the shelves.


 Lexington Code Login Process:

  1. Clear your Cookies
  2. Visit the Official Site for LexingtonCode.com
  3. Enter your email address and fill in the required details
  4. Fund your account with $250
  5. Switch your auto-trader on, or trade with the manual signals given
  6. Sit back and watch your profit grow.


Conclusion and Verdict – Lexington Code is Not Scam!

Lexington Code utilizes the ability of binary options trades to turn lots of small trades into big profits. The Lexington Code software it must be said is not perfect but the benefits of using this software are made clear from the outset in their marketing presentation. Since the Lexington Code software has just been made available to the public, this would be the ideal time to jump in ahead of the crowd and secure a spot for yourself.


Please feel free to comment about your experiences, if any, with the software below this article. If you would like us to investigate any product or have any queries, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible. Please visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page. Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs that come with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend and invite you to check out Binary Options  signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences.


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