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Lion Fund A.K.A LionFXFund is a Predator!! Fortress Fund SCAM BEWARE!!!

Lion Fund Scam Review!

Lion Fund

The Lion Fund as known as LionFXFund is the subject of today’s review.  This fund which claims to have been founded in 2012 is said to be in the industry providing investors advice about the Forex Markets and recommending FX fund packages with unparalleled returns that cannot be matched and lives much up to a fund named after the King of cats.


In various concentric circles however we began to notice a few anomalies and inconsistencies about the lion fund.  This Lion FX Fund from the research we have obtained shows some negative testimonials that is in stark contrast to the promises and expectations that are portrayed in the portal.


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In  this review we will look to explore the facilities and products that the Lion Fund App has to offer.  We will also look to provide comprehensive evidence on the factual data that we have obtained that point to this system or web page being a scam before proceeding to provide some recommendations for your perusal and consideration.


The Lion Fund App; Lion Fx Fund Review

The Lion Fund also previously referred to as the Fortress Fund Review claims to be adopting disciplined risk management strategies as well advertising a certified returns gain of 4600% in two years.  This performance level is unprecedented and definitely impressive by anyone’s standards.


We do however find it strange that from the evidence they have presented in the form of statistical information that in those 2 years they have not withdrawn any of the $2 million profits they claim to have generated.  We personally would feel a bit uneasy leaving that kind of cash flow with any fx fund, brokerage or investment center.


Lion Fund Fx Results


We always are trying to research as many legitimate sources of income that might help you improve your monthly revenue and in the process also diversify the risks across various trading channels.  In the Global Financial World these opportunities exist in abundance be it in the form of Binary Options, Forex, HYIP or other form investing opportunity.


The Lion Fund , Lion Fx Fund or Fortress Fund as it was previously referred to however does not sync well into these opportunities that we can openly recommend and endorse without indicating the scam elements that we found during our thesis on this application or system that claims to offer services to  its clients that it openly characterizes as being classified as “UNPARALLELED TRADING” and “DISCIPLINED RISK MANAGEMENT.” In addition they also claim to specialize and provide their traders with Forex and Gold/Oil trading services to the professional traders only.



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The Lion Fund system is not a service for every trader/investor due to its steep minimum accountant balances that it requires from prospective clients before it can activate any clients.  The minimum account requirement by the Lion Fund Basic package is $3,000, however they recommend that for better performance returns an investment of $10,000 is more appropriate to ensure guaranteed returns that are more material and beneficial fee.


The fees that they charge are 12% on performance. For high tier customers they offer a free 60 day waiver policy on these performance fees.


Lion Fund Website Registration
On their website they are claiming that the Lion Fund brokerage service was founded in 2012 as a full-service Forex and Gold/Oil trading firm.  This information is how contradictory to our own research. According to the domain checker the domain name was registered on the January 12, 2016, which is 5 months ago.


In addition to this claim they that the lion fx fund is the best performing forex fund in 2016 according to We do not believe this to be genuine as the badge is not clickable.  It is also quite ironic as the year has not ended so how can a company who has operated under 5 months make such bold claims.


Fake Testimonial Reviews Lion Fx Fund

In order to add a few positive testimonials to make the application authenticate the Lion Fx Scam Fund used actors from the to add to the collection of acclaimed beta testers who insinuate that they found the management professional and the experience profitable.  Needless to mention these reviews are not at all authentic and most definitely not reliable for the purposes of this LionFxFund review.


Forex King Beta Tester

We feel that no further exposure is needed as so far the indications point to the whole lion fx fund campaign being a scam starting from their  top management to general aesthetics.  Given the  few cracks and lack of real verifiable data we have no alternative the Lion Fund Scam that would be best avoided and not be approached for any financial advise or  related activity.

         Final Verdict: Lion Fund Fx Scam

         Beware, just avoid this poor service!


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Please feel free to comment about your experiences, if any, with the software below this article. If you would like us to investigate any product or have any queries, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible. Please visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page.


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