Lucky Trader App Review

Lucky Trader App
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Lucky Trader App Review

Are you feeling Lucky? Lucky Trader Scam or Jackpot Software? Detailed System Evidences Analysed


Are you Feeling Lucky? Have you heard of the Lucky Trader.  Do you think it is legit?  If you were in the impression that this app is a hoax and the lucky trader scam verdict was the best narration to describe this app, then that would be a correct assessment.  This application the latest in a series of scams to have recently been launched in the binary options trading industry is the subject of today’s review.  In our analysis we will look to address to analyse all the fundamentals and cover the ground work and impartial research we gathered that form the basis of our impressions of this software being nothing more than a scam that best be avoided.


The Luck Trader App Review

Lucky Trader App is a scam, make no doubts about it.  This trading application has all the attributes that are stereotypical to systems we have previously exposed as scams.  The creators of this lame app using luck as ‘buzz word’ claims that all investors who utilise this software for their trading purposes will literally generate over $657,192 every month on complete autopilot guaranteed.


The lucky trader app a system that looks like it is designed in a similar fashion to something that you would find in fun fair doesn’t really look legit.  In fact it seems that this application is something that feels like a chance app, a lottery system, to appeal to new traders who are not astute to scams that have been lurking in the market place.


This app which it requires a certain amount of investment capital, around $250, to activate the web based system is designed to work on complete auto pilot.  Read this article to find those red flags that make this Lucky Trader scam very unpopular among professional traders.



Lucky Trader App


Why Lucky Trader App is a Scam?

We will start exposing some of the scam elements that we have recorded whilst recording our observations with alleged CEO, Paul Everett.  As you probably noticed like we did when watching the poorly constructed video, the alleged founder remains anonymous and the only thing we here is voice over acting by a person claiming to be him.  How can we be certain he is authentic?  The fact is we can’t. Try searching his name in Social Media networks and search engines and the only thing you will find is vapour.  You see this person is not real, but a fiction of imagination made up as part of a long line of white lies to try a build a story stamped ‘Luck Trader.’  Nothing that is digested from the video presentation is genuine or feels lucky to us from when we start watching the beginning clip to the the finale part of the promotion advertising this software.


Lucky Trader App Scam


Another thing we discovered about Lucky Trader program is the promises made pertaining to the returns of investment forecast, NO!! Guaranteed!!  It claimed that with an initial deposit of $250 that you can earn daily trading income of $1350. This is not realistic even among the most seasoned traders who have been trading for a fair few years. We believe that Lucky Trader scammers posted that figure just to deceive investors, without any science behind to support how they came to that figure or by means of a demonstration of the trading system.



Next is the enticement of a $250 Gift card. Do you think this is really a gift?  On closer inspection anybody who opens an account with this trading application will notice that this so called coupon is nothing more than a welcome bonus surrounded by lots of red tape.  The terms and conditions that form this so called gift card is a clause insinuating any profits or the free gift can only be withdrawn once a trader has turnover a certain amount. In short the bonus is volume driven.   There is nothing special about that , as most brokers use this same tactic to retain customers.  Make no mistake this enticement with such only one person will benefit and that is the stakeholders behind the Lucky Trader App.


Lucky Trader App Conclusion

The Lucky Trader App is a scam, make no doubt about it.  There is nothing lucky about this software that we found.  In fact every where we looked we recorded fiction and no science. Take a look around the net for any endorsements and the one thing you will find is that not one person has any real 3rd party evidence or proof to show this application works.


There really isn’t much factual data to really support this application as a viable investment opportunity.  Whilst we are not going to recommend this for testing we would like to welcome anyone who has tried this software to feel free and leave a comment below about their experience.


Conclusion: Lucky Trader App SCAM Verdict!

Not recommended for Testing! 

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