Lucrosa Software System Review

Lucrosa Software Review
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Lucrosa Software System Review; Impartial Facts Revealed!!

The Lucrosa Software is the latest trading application released in the binary options trading marketplace.  This system predominately a web based application claims a potential of being able to yield returns in excess of $7,250 per day all on auto pilot.  The software which claims to be 100% risk free is the subject of our research today.  In this review we will look to determine whether Lucrosa System is a legitimate program once can trust or a scam best be avoided.  We would encourage any one who might be interested in this trading software to review the details we have recorded below which are based on real facts that we have gathered, compiled and summarised for your perusal.

Lucrosa Software Review

The Lucrosa Software is a program, predominately web-based which claims to be the composite result of some real high tech cutting edge technology. The application promotion which seems to of high budget value claims some real big guarantees and promises for any individual who utilises this software for their trading purposes.


John Lucrosa the platform alleged founder and creator, presents some very temptations which we feel might be the driver that new visitors may fall victim too.  This misleading information presented in positive way is a serious matter that needs to and we look to expose to ensure that the truth surfaces amidst a barrage of over-exaggerated promises and guarantees.


The Lucrosa software a design, claimed to be a product creation of Lucrosa Incorporated wing, brainchild of the CEO. The firm allegedly a multi billion dollar business empire claims to be a futuristic empire that is there to serve the people.  As part of its and the creators contribution to society is the offer of this product which has the potential to generate vast sums of money in a short space of time, or so they say.  In addition to this is the enticement of a ‘free gift.’  Anybody entering and watch their introductory videos are told by John that clients who join this autotrader will receive an additional $600 just for securing a spot


Lucrosa Software Review


Lucrosa Software Scam Review – Detailed Facts Exposed!!

Lucrosa Software system offers some very tempting offers may look appetising to the individual investor.  However, make no mistake this software has to many anomalies that simply do not add up nor are authentic that we as avid traders can substantiate.


First of try as we may we could not find evidence of Lucrosa Incorporated across any indexing websites, search engines or trade journals. There’s no mention of multi-million dollar success, let alone somehow cracking the code of entire financial markets. Read into that what you will, hopefully underneath a massive red flag…


Lucrosa Software System Website Reviewed:

Lucrosa Software Review


Apparently those who trade with this Lucrosa Software system app can expect a minimum of $2.5m/year in profit. This of course is a big lie.  Anyone claiming to generate $7k+ per day is frankly lying, and if they did have such a system why would they offer it out for ‘free’ to anyone? They do so because the Lucrosa system simply isn’t as hyped up or profitable enough as in reality as they make it out over when we observe the video presentation.  In addition, we found that the official domain is registered on 24.07.2016, which basically debunks most claims made and dilutes the story line as fake and substantiating this app as a totally bogus system!


Last but not least, all the claims how this man has given interviews for Forbes, Financial Times and New York Journal are just fake! We researched the pages of those news sources, there is not a single word written about this person there.  Do not be taken by the enticement of a free gift. This offer is not a gesture of goodwill but a welcome bonus taped with t’s and c’s making withdrawals not more readily available then would have been first thought.


Testimonials of The Lucrosa Software!

Lucrosa Software Testimonials


These fraudsters behind the Lucrosa scam clearly seem to believe that presenting a video by the side of the River Thames with the City skyscrapers looming behind will provide a sense of legitimacy to their cause.  However, make no mistake nothing thus far we have seen about this dubious app thus far, is authentic nor legitimate to provide any support to the claims and guarantees made by the apps presenter and developers.


Conclusion: Lucrosa Software SCAM Verdict!

Not recommended for Testing! 

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