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Magnetic Profit App
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Magnetic Profit System is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

This review will look at a new auto trader called “Magnetic Profit”, as presented by David Silversmith.  The system has not even fully launched and we are beginning to see blogs all around the globe supporting this product without any real or factual evidence to substantiate their conclusions.  Magnetic Profit System which is due be launched tomorrow the 4th of February 2016 is likely to see further biased reviews.  We however, are do fall for traps and look to perform our own analysis before coming to any conclusion on whether a system has the capacity to perform or not.  We would advice any potential investor who may have heard about this app and is considering investing in it to read this review in its entirety before making any decision on this system.


We have found some evidence on magnetic profit app  which suggests that that not all is at it seems on the outskirts. The evidence points to this magnetic profit software being a scam. Our evidence counteracts the promises that the conveys in its promotional video.  Magnetic Profit Software promoters suggest that the system uses technical analysis in depicting signals which is very good and in some cases just this fact alone may appeal newbies and professional day-traders alike. Another positive thing is that no actors have been used to promote this auto-trade which is refreshing as it brings a little change of scenery for us and saves us from repeating ourselves.


However we did manage to find a few ‘Red Flags’ , some counterpoints which we feel need to highlighted with regards to the magnetic profits software and ought to be considered before making any decision as to whether or not one signs up to this auto-trader or not. The ‘Red Flags’ will be the focal point for of this review and we analyse these critically before we make any conclusive deductions about the Magnetic Profit App Trading Software


What is Magnetic Profit System?

Let’s begin by trying to understand what Magnetic Profit App is before looking at the pros and cons.  Magnetic Profit System is predominantly a binary options software product created by Silversmith to exploit a Binary Options loophole.  The CEO of the Magnetic Profits App claims that his system made him over 11 million dollars last year and that it can make money for you too. In fact, he claims that he personally guarantees that you will become a millionaire. Otherwise he’ll pay you $50,000 from his own pocket.


By looking at the Magnetic Profits System promotional video, an unknowing trader maybe convinced that this software has the potential to reap great rewards. However, we felt that the whole video was a bit too cheesy and bit patchy in its presentation. Secondly, we observed from the video release the presenters make far too many unrealistic claims. You should always beware of products or programs that make bogus claims, because they are not realistic.


The software is made for trading 60 second binary options which can be traded automatically by using the autopilot mode or done manually. On choosing the autopilot, the BOT will trade automatically in accordance to the signals generated by it, while in the manual mode a trader is required to input the suggestions provided by the software.


Magnetic Profit System Scam Factual Evidences at a glance:-

  • Magnetic Profit Software Fake scarcity counter: yes
  • Browser pop ups: yes
  • Impossible profits: yes
  • Does Magnetic Profit System looks authentic: no
  • Believable evidence of profits: no
  • Magnetic Scam possibility: 100 percent


Trading binary options or any product in general in the stock market is considered risky in generally. Prudent measures and only trading modest amount on high probability trades are considered the safer options. Granted trading can be fruitful at times and in the long run can very profitable . Key word being Longrun not short like the video suggests. Hardly any software exists that win the trade every time. At present the really good softwares boast an ITM ratio of around 80%.


When the Magnetic Profits App claims that you can earn untold riches with this software, this itself raises eyebrows of suspicion among seasoned traders

Magnetic Profit Scam Software

Magnetic Profit App


This widget on the pitch page shows 8 copies left and that this system is only open to 138 people.  Well the funny thing is that this product is to be launched tomorrow so it safe to assume that this is just a sales promo on the magnetic software promotion team.  Be sure that the magnet on this magnetic app is set to extract losses rather and repel profits to the would be investor.


Verdict: Magnetic Profit Software is a SCAM!


If you found this review with regards to magnetic profit app, you are already on the right track since doing research is really important before you invest money with any signals service or binary options brokers. At this point we would advice our readers to avoid this scam.  In our opinion you would be better off looking at our review on Centument or the Virtnext systems which have received more positive testimonials.


Virtnext Software Review – Proven and Tested!

virtnext software signals


If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. If you have any experience with this auto-trader please share your experience , this will help us assess the validity of this software.


Please share your feedback, thoughts and experience with the Magnetic Profits System .

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this warning.

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