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Make Money Robot Software Review; Scam Auto trader Delusional App.  Facts Exposed!!

Make Money Robot Software Review.  The Make Money Robot surely must be a delusional app that has been launched in the binary options trading world.  This investment application which claims to yield daily returns of circa $1200 US Dollars on a daily basis tries to sell itself via a flurry of suspect lame promises and guarantees further substantiated by equal deceptive bombardment of fake beta testimonial reviews.


This application which uses pressurised tactics to entice geo targeted users to enter the Make Money Robot Program uses a lot of deceptive marketing tactics that play games with the individuals emotions.  Michael Williamson the so called developer created claims to have created this app in 2013 with a view to helping  intention of making it easier for more people globally to trade binary options without having to sweat it out deciding on what assets to trade in.



Make Money Robot Software Review



Make Money Robot Review Summary

Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
Fake Testimonials: Yes
Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
Comes Across As Authentic: No
Convincing Proof of Profits: No
Possibility of Being a Scam: Yes


Make Money Robot Software Website Reviewed:


The make money robot comes to us from a developer named Michael Williamson. He claimed he was a stockbroker on Wall Street .  He and Felipe Y Luis who claim to have founded this app truth be told are just voice over actors that talk about the stresses and strains of life and how this application could potential make things easier.  In Spanish and Portuguese versions we have Luis Paulo Magalhaes and Felipe Vega. Therefore, we can’t trust them, or copy their trades.


Make Money Robot Scam


Based on Who.IS domain look-up we found that was registered on 9th February 2008.  Looking at the website past the site has been around for sometime but one common thing is that you will is that no real evidence can be found to back the claim that the site works.  The Longevity lies in because this site depicts some key phrases that most auto trading enthusiasts would look for when searching for a money making software such as the make money robot application.  It’s very common for scam sites like Make Money Robot System to try to pressure you into signing-up as fast as they can, therefore it’s no surprise to us that a “time is running out” widget was placed at the top where you can clearly see it, limited spots detailing that there are only 51 copies remaining trying to get you to sign up with haste.


What about the testimonials?

Next we take a look  at some of the key testimonials that have been shown over the website.  When you visit the website you will notice three individuals being featured on the website  Ryan Wilson who claims to have earned $10,873 is already an established actor that we previously have exposed in the past.  More Recently this actor featured in the Traders Revenge Software where he had a major role to play.


Make Money Robot Scam Testimonials


In reality this alleged testimonial is nothing but a fake and the whole email that Ryan Wilson claims when you click on to see the testimony is something that could easily be photo-shop edited.


Make Money Robot Scam Evidence



Another red flag Jim Neville and Michelle Jackson also have the provide the testimonials with similar dodgy evidence. Michelle towards the end of the video does give a speech of how this so called trading system changed her life.  Be warned Michelle’s testimony is not authentic as she does not provide any proof of the system working on live play.


Make Money Robot Review


What about the Facebook news feed at the bottom of

The social feed is totally fabricated! These images which we looked at Google are all stock image photos that do not have any real evidence.  Notice how the names of those people are unclick-able.


Make Money Robot Fake Facebook Testimonials

Fake Badges – Make Money Robot System

One final is the badges endorsing this Make Money Robot application.  The images are hard coded and are not authentic.  Some do not even apply to Binary Options Trading as they have been awarded before the year is up.  For example the Users Choice 2016 which has been featured on the web page is not applicable as the year is only half finished.  The feature of this site being on CNN money is also not true as normally such a review would flag up when being searched on the interned.  Our research did not come up with any indicative results to show this was authentic.


Review Verdict: Make Money Robot Scam

   Not recommended for Testing!

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