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Mambo Investments Scam
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Mambo Investments Scam Review; Big Problem App.

Mambo Investments App is a tricky and problematic software.  This Scam true nature is reflected in the name. ‘Mambo’ in African terminology means “problem.” The fitting title is just an accurate reflection of what this app is all about in terms of its persona and nature for traders worldwide.


Do not be taken by the term ‘Investments’ which is commonly reserved for the banking sector or any term which has the prospect of long-term gains.  This software, by definition, is not going to generate and return or ROI.  In fact, we feel the Mambo Investments trading software, which advertises falsified automated profit guarantees without any effort, is a proven Scam and financially damaging.

Mambo Investments Scam Review


Our investigation into Paulo’s website has led us to many deceiving and scamming factors we simply cannot ignore. If you’re contemplating the idea of Mambo Investments software trading as a potential money making opportunity we encourage you to read our informative and impartial analysis and in-depth Mambo Investments Review before making a decision.  As we hope that the information we provide will ultimately enable you to make an informative decision about this app and provide you an overview of why we feel this system is a scam best avoided.


Mambo Investments Review – Unveiling True Binary Scam!

The Mambo Investments App supposedly is a trading tool that is designed to assist potential investors with their investing requirements.  This trading firm which has nothing to do with stocks or shares is in fact, a software that is purely designed for the purposes of Binary Options Trading.  The system predominately works by connecting to a brokerage firm and is acts as a medium between the organisation and the retail trader.


In effect, this software is what is comply referred to a “management account” where the broker in effect trades for you.  The whole service, found in is purely web based and no downloading is required for the functioning of the software.  Over a period of 160 days according to the software this product claims to have generated 77%, 140% ROI over the space of 160 days.


Mambo Investments Review

What Paulo and the administration fail to mention are the requirements and stipulations surrounding the “managed account” offers.  Next the problem of “conflicting interest” comes into play as the team behind the firm will also have a vested interested in ensuring they gain profits from your deposits.  They can only do this if the A) charge a fee or B)you loose your money trading to them.


The major problem we have and experienced with services like this is the lack of “Money Management” philosophies which such services.  Such offers take aggressive approach and trade more riskier methods comparatively with a higher volume percentage in proportion to account size. They never follow the basic principles of money management, which is why there are several warnings against the use of such services even from governing bodies like CYSEC and the securities exchange (SEC).


Bonus Traps :- Mambo Investment Scam Bait!!

The Bonus Traps are a classic example of how brokers lock in funds making potential customers believe that their investment is secure.  What they do not fail to unearth is the redemption criteria for this additional funds to become liquid assets. If you scroll down, you find their “Special Deal” section for a 7-day trial, basically stating their team will reimburse your initial deposit, plus an additional $500 compensation for your troubles.This offer is a classic marketing tactic to lock you in till certain turnaround criterias are met.


Paulo’s Magic Trick

Paulo claims to be the self-proclaimed Founder & CEO of Mambo Investments.  This is fine, but for for reason and that’s there is not enough credible information to verify his identity. For starters, throughout the video presentation as seen on we never see live footage or even a photo of the self-made Paulo. Even search engines such as Google or Bing do not bring about any credible results other than his association with the trading software. This makes the entire verification process difficult, but also suspicious since we cannot prove his existence nor alleged contribution within the binary industry as the so-called trading software developer.


Undoubtedly, “Paulo” is a fabricated alias for disguising the real scammers responsible for this questionable Mambo Investments Scam App. Furthermore, Mambo Investments is NOT a real corporation. This organisation which apparently is the main driver behind is a fiction of imagination. After realizing the company’s Bogus, we can easily confirm without hesitation our suspicious against Paulo were justified. We are pretty sure that our valued readers have started noticing some scam signs about this whole presentation and how malicious the whole thing really is. The lack of honesty surrounding Mambo Investments is becoming easily evident. When we look at this website or around the web we could not find any evidence that any legitimate testimonial has been made about the Mambo Investment Scam.


Verdict: Mambo Investments is a Scam

 Not recommended for Testing

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We strongly recommend that you stay clear from this trading software based upon the evidence highlighted in this article. We strongly advice that you avoid the founders of this app and their so called no loss trading software taking into consideration the evidence we gathered in this review. If you have any questions or feedback relating to this new offer, be sure to share it with us under this post.


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