McDonalds Millionaire Review

McDonald Millionaire Review
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McDonalds Millionaire App Exposed; McDonald Millionaire Scam Unleashed!!

The McDonalds Millionaire App is the latest trading scam to be unleashed in the marketplace.  This system which is being marketed in the industry has gone viral and potentially places new traders being victimised and tricked into investing in a program that supposedly delivers profitable results.


This Mcdonald Millionaire applications, which tries to take advantage of the McDonalds brand name has to relation to the chain but more so is created for the purposes of Binary Options Trading. Robert Mfune who apparently is the main founder of this system suggests that this McDonald Millionaire System is self sustaining and provides an opportunity for users to profit without having to push a single button.


McDonald Millionaire Review

Why the McDonalds Millionaire App is a Scam?

What makes the McDonalds Millionaire Dubious?  How is this scam supposed to work?  Who is Robert Mfune?. These are questions that we look to decipher and decode the true nature of this app.  In this section of McDonalds Millionaire Review, we will first identify and highlight the features as dictated by the presenter during the video presentation as seen on the webpage.


mcdonald millionaire scam

How Does McDonalds Millionaire App Robotic Work?

Using the application it is claimed that users do not need to or have any prior knowledge and or any expertise due to the fact that forex robots are automated and can work on auto-pilot.


With the McDonalds Millionaire system they promise you will make $7,000 per week with a ITM ratio of at least 90%. Is that even possible? They even go on further and tell us that already 8 out of 10 people users who have used this system have generated $8,000 in profits with this system.


mcdonald millionaire app


We believe that this is all hear-say & has no real substance behind it.  Looking at the video promotion we are never quite told how the system works, and how the system really is able to adapt to changes in the environment and be consistently profitable.


Who is Robert Mfune?

Robert Mfune claims to be the backbone behind the drive and creation of the McDonald Millionaire System.  He claims to have the knack and is a veteran trader with years of success behind him trading hedge funds.


Unfortunately, to no surprise, with regards to the CEO were unable to find any real evidence that he actually exists.  In fact all the evidence , or lack of in this case points to the mere fact that everything presented is based on pre-scripted and in many senses similar to the countless of scams that we have exposed in the past.


McDonal Millionaire Scam Points; Red Flag Warning.

Why do I say that this system cannot be trusted? Apart from the crazy revenue claims, the fake news articles that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. All the testimonials you can find on their video and website has been made using actors and  stolen pictures from the internet.


The main problem with that kind of scams, which can be considered as a huge red flag, is that they will link your account to unregulated brokers. Keep in mind that if you deal with unregulated brokers, you can be sure that not only you won’t be able to withdraw your money when you ask for it, but you won’t be able to file a complaint to a regulation authority when it happens.


The bank statements displayed on the McDonald Millionaire website show staggering income being generated as long as eight years ago – which is impossible because we’re told this is a brand new software and would mean that Mfune would have been 11 when he created it which in today’s markets would be virtually impossible to open up without a guarantor.


Conclusion: McDonalds Millionaire Does Not Work. It’s a Scam!

Its official McDonalds Millionaire is a scam.  The application which tick all the boxes when it comes to the stereotypical trademarks that we have seen to be the repeat screenplay used by blacklisted apps time and time again. The McDonald Millionaire App Scam really does not have anything going for it.  In fact,  we can say with 100% certainty that there is nothing at all to recommend McDonald Millionaire app review software to anyone.


Masses of fake testimonials, doctoring of performance data, exploiting crooked marketing strategies, and of course a back story to try and make it look all fanciful. This being said there’s nothing amusing about this horrible scam, and even though it has only been on the market for a few days is already hard at work stealing people’s hard earned cash. Stay well away from McDonald Millionaire App scam.


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