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Midas Touch App
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Midas Touch App is a Scam! Evidence Uncovered!!

Midas Touch App is binary options auto trading service, which trades the commodity gold. According to the alleged creator Mark Williams, this investment app is representing the hand of King Midas, and immediately after it touches you it will provide the lifestyle of your dreams. The Midas Touch SCAM application recently launched has already started to receive several complaints and negative reviews across various authoritative sites.


With this app Greek mythology seems to have met the binary options trading word.  However, though the power of Zeus may leave us intrigued, this app does not as it seems a bit far fetched for our tastes. King Midas? according to history  is one of the more famous and popular Kings in Greek mythology for his ability to convert everything he touches into gold. He came to be called as Midas Touch or Hand of Midas. It’s believed that he lived sometime in the 2nd millennium BC ruling Phrygian, well before the Trojan War.


Can you really expect to make money with Midas Touch App? Does it really have the ability to be a Gold Digger? In this review we’ll explore why we believe that it’s a scam, and further more we trust that it’s grossly misleading offer in far too many ways! What actually Midas Touch APP is and who actually is the CEO? Long story short: Mark Williams who present himself as former data analyst for big Wall Street company, one day decided to quit his job and he developed this software.

Fake Promise As seen on midas-touch

Midas Touch App


Immediately when you land on midas-touch.co and the video presentation start, we are hit by Fiverr.com spokes personality, in matter of fact a really famous one. The person who meets in in our convincing path inside Midas touch app is “Martin Morrison” who is the first member in the intro video, claiming that he managed to doubled his money with the Midas Touch App in the first 4 hours after activation.


He looks like a reliable, honest guy but too bad he is a Fiverr.com actor and apparently he doesn’t mind to lie on camera for the Midas Touch App Scam and pretend that he is a real member! This alleged Beta Tester Deren AKA Dezza123 has featured on a fair few binary options scams we review in the past as either the founder or a member, therefore you can be confident that Midas Touch App is just a scam and not a trusted software for binary options.


Click on the picture to visit his gig page:

Midas Touch App


Naturally you can ignore any claims such as the “$5000 a day income” since they can’t provide potential users with substantial evidence to support anything that’s stated on Midas-touch.co.   It certainly is not a risk-free app because your $250 minimum deposit is certainly at risk if you join this website.  Do not trust the Midas Touch App and if are still receiving email invitations from these people or their marketers, make sure to un-subscribe so they can stop bothering you and others who are being targeted via email campaigns.


Review Verdict: Midas Touch App is a SCAM!


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