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Millionaires Blueprint Review

Millionaires Blueprint Website:-

Many of you searching for the best way to make money trading binary options and by now may have heard about millionaire blueprint software. This is not the first time this scam has been released, having been released at least two times earlier this year. For the fact that this trading software was released at least two times before raises alarm as to the authenticity of the program. When you go to through the website, you would not be in doubt as to whether the trading robot was out to deceive many traders.


The Millionaires blueprint scam in each of its launches and relaunches have solicited the masses via email campaigns, biased blogs and reviews with little or no substance.  The objective of this marketeers is plain and simple and that is for you to sign up to this app. with little or no moral obligation as to your investment being secure or financial rewarding.


This article will look towards assessing how accurate this software really is and whether any of the promises made during the short promotion are justifiable and or realistic.


Millionaires Blueprint System – The Presentation

By looking at the video, you would be convinced that millionaire blueprint would not deliver what it claims it would deliver. First, the video is neither professional nor authentic. To many people considered the video as too cheesy and bit patchy in its presentation. It was hurriedly put together. Secondly, you would observe from the video release that the program makes many unrealistic claims. You should always beware of products or programs that make bogus claims, because they are not realistic.

The software is made for trading  60 second binary options which can be traded automatically by using the autopilot mode or done manually. On choosing the autopilot, the BOT will trade automatically in accordance to the signals generated by it, while in the manual mode a trader is required to input the suggestions provided by the software.


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In a nutshell you can either let the robot lose your money for you or you can do it yourself, because in both cases you ultimately lose your money. Using the recommendations of this system, most of the traders have lost even their initial investment.


Marketeers Behind The Millionaires Blueprint System

The only websites that endorse the Millionaire Blue Print are ones that were created by the same people who are behind the scheme, or in some cases you will find generic blogs, endorsing this offer without providing you with real evidence or with feedback from real people who you can verify.


The claims were meant to deceive readers into signing up to this bogus software. Binary options trading like other financial market involves risks. You should always bear this at the back of your mind when you trade binary options. Any system that promises you millions overnight should be avoided. Like similar scam websites, the software promises that you would make millions using the program. There is no system that would guarantee you success all the times. This is one area many people are finding fault with this program. It is not different from other scam robots that promise similar things and fail to deliver at the end.


This is not the first binary options scam and it won’t be the last one. The website is one of many online schemes that are created for marketing purposes only, the fancy auto traders are a solution for those who are looking for short-cuts but in reality, you will not find short-cuts with binary options trading.


Millionaires blueprint Review at a glance

  • Fake scarcity counter: yes
  • Browser pop ups: yes
  • Fake testimonials: yes
  • Impossible profits: yes
  • Looks authentic: no
  • Believable evidence of profits: no
  • Scam possibility: 100 percent


Millionaires BluePrint Review on YouTube by



Millionaires Blueprints Promises

“Design your Destiny Today”– the tagline should be taken extremely seriously as you are the designer of your destiny yourself and in your own interest “Approach Millionaire Blueprint very cautiously”. The site is full of brilliant thoughts and makes compelling claims that this Forex Binary trading robot can make profits that may touch a high of 110%. The software purports to help traders trade automatically without investing much time and even without having any knowledge or experience, and make high profits and that too totally free.


Millionaires Blueprint Screen


These claims need to be backed up with facts and the sad truth is that most of the traders who have used the software have nothing good to say about it.

Welcome to Millionaire Blueprint Free Money System

Once you input your email, you go to a second video that features this guy, who tells you about the “Free Money System”:

Millionaires Blueprint Promotion


Supposedly, this is Walter Green, who was a down-on-his-luck lawyer at one point- or at least he was until his cousin, Ray Green, told him about a “secret loophole” he’d discovered in binary options trading. Apparently, this loophole was discovered by Israeli traders back in 2010. And it was this loophole that had made him a multi-millionaire.


One thing led to another and Walter started using the “Free Money System” too. Now, he’s stinking rich, owns ten mansions, etc.  Notice how he interchanges between Binary and Free Money System , this is a tactic to confuse new and existing traders into assessing what this system actually does.


Over 32 minutes of psychedelic music infused video are devoted to Walter talking about his mega millions, then convincing you to input your email address into the box below.


Millionaires Blueprint Registration


However, Walter Green states that you’ll need to open a binary options trading account and fund it with at least $200. At that point, you’ll gain access to your trading app. So much for the Millionaire Blueprint/Free Money System software being completely free to access


Once you do input your email, phone number and password, you are taken to your new broker’s website. In my case, the broker was Binary Book. This broker wanted me to deposit a minimum of $250. The broker also advertised that it would give me a $500 bonus. However, there’s a stipulation that comes with that “bonus” as follows:


For each granted bonus credit, transaction(s) with a total value greater than or, at least, equal to Thirty (30) times the bonus earning are required. Any value below these terms will, under no circumstance, be redeemable and will be returned to BinaryBook.


Also shown are several customer testimonial videos, where the customers praise the Free Money System platform and how it’s also made them stinking rich.


What about the Millionaires Blueprint customer testimonials?
Satisfied customers of Millionaire Blueprint and/or Free Money System are peppered throughout both introductory videos. Here are two examples: Apparently, both of these actors are available on Fiverr for $5/testimonial.

Millionaires Blueprint Testimonial

Millionaires Blueprint Testimonial 2

Millionaires Blueprint Fake Testimonial

Millionaires Blueprint Fake Testimonial


Most of our subscribers would be able to straight relate these two actors for their associations with other binary associated products.  This reviews are not genuine and are just a pre-narrated script that has been agreed with the developers in exchange for $5.


Final Verdict: Millionaire’s Blueprint is a SCAM!

Beware, just avoid this poor service!


The Millionaire’s Blueprint like similar scam software reviewed here promised to sell the system free. However, when you want to sign in for the app, you would be required to deposit money to an investor of their choice. You would discover that the money you paid for account funding would find its way to the promoters of the fake signals method. It is not free, you must spend money before you can begin to use the system.


There is no way you can make any money using the Millionaire’s Blueprint system because it was never designed to help you make money with the system. Instead of making money, you are going to lose the monies that you have already made. If you were hoping to make money using this app you should think twice because you could end up loosing it before you even get fully settled and switch on and start to sense the developers and promoters true full objective.


It is the worst scam and it is targeting newbie traders. If you are a new trader, you should read this review. For Better options please visit our signals and broker page.


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