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MockingBird Method is a SCAM!

Mockingbird Website :

Please read our honest review before you sign with this software.


Mockingbird Method is an auto trading binary options software. We at Binary Umpire have decided to take a closer look at the Mockingbird Method system and the validity of the software in terms of how genuine it really is . This review is aimed to provide unbiased evidence and provide sufficient evidence that will uncover the truth behind the true motives of the developers and stakeholders who have a vested interest in the system.


Before you use this new method, read our review to be guided. We understand that the software creator Daniel Marland has been busy sending invitation emails to traders to use a method to be launched on 16 November 2015.


It is not surprising that there are many Mocking Bird Method reviews on the internet rating the scam system to be successful. Do not be deceived by such reviews as they tend to more often than not emanate from the same place. Meaning the creators paid people to post positive ratings on the app.


By the time you are through with this Mocking bird method scam , you would understand the real reasons it is fake, and why you should not waste your money purchasing it. We always ensure transparency in all our reviews to the best of our ability and knowledge.


We discovered that information posted about Mockingbird Method is false. The creator of the method, Daniel Marland claimed he is a trader.  Daniel Marland the developer of the Mockingbird method claims that this software is generating 92% success rate, based on 8791 trades taken. A 92% ITM ratio is very good and definitely does strike an impressive cord with us.




Available evidence suggests that he is not a trader. In fact, he is claiming to be what is not. He was simply a paid agent from We are sure of this because we checked his image and found that it corresponds to one of the images on It is apparent that he was paid to present that falsehood.


The creator the mockingbird method stipulate that the system can generate trade on your behalf and will generate remarkable profits every day, consistently.  They imply that the system is able to do this because of its ability to decode complex patterns using the most advanced algorithm and technical methods.


This all sounds hunky-dory.  However on closer inspection we find that the whole website is nothing but a big mess , unplanned and lacks a great deal of useful content. In fact we feel that the whole system seems to have been thought of in a parking lot and lacks the ‘yay’ feeling that we were led to believe.




As per most Binary Options scams, our Mockingbird Method review uncovered just how bad the emotional sales tactics are.


  • First of all he claims that he and his brother went into business together. His brother however had ran up £300,000 worth of debt and had been forging cheques. This fake sob story goes on that instead of contacting the fraud protection agency like normal people would he gave up the failed business and got a job as a chef and tried to make ends meet.  We feel that he is using this tragic sob story to imply that we should have faith in him and his mockingbird system. Let’s get real, the only person who is going to be hurt is the people who sign’s up.
  • Daniel Marland, the spokesperson of this offer isn’t sure if he is promoting in pounds or dollars. One minute he says “the Mockingbird Method Software is £1000 then he says $1000…” Sounds like Daniel Marland didn’t practice his script!  Always look at this small details as they give clues and impressions about the professionalism, and true nature of the company.
  • Besides the pounds and dollars issue as highlighted in the point above we also came across some other inconsistencies in the presentation. The shady elements appear all over the Mockingbird Method scam. The so-called live data feed that supposedly shows profits resets when you refresh it. We watched the counter go all the way up to over £400,000 but when you refresh it always comes down to around £187,000.
  • This is the same with the spots left widget. We can also see a similar view counter widget that apparently has over 1,800-4000 viewers at any time, just like with all the widgets, a quick reload of the page resets the counters back to their original place.
  • Let’s discuss the video presentation, our presenter finds two “strangers” on the street and set them up with testing accounts. Of course we don’t see the actual trading in the video so we cannot verify if any trading is actually going on. We just have 2 people staying behind 2 laptops that pretend to use the auto trader of Daniel Marland.  All the beta testers are fake personalities, you can find the pictures of every single one with simple image search in Google.


Evidence extracted from mockingbird method scam website:


  1. Adam Milner, who generated 120k with this scam software?
  2. John van der Linde, managed to profit 93,194 EUR with mockingbird method scam?
  3. Sue Lam, reached the staggering amount of $150,000 with this auto trader?


Verdict: MockingBird Method is a SCAM!


For Alternatives, visit our Recommended Signals services. Make sure to share your experiences below this Mockingbird Method review. Please don’t let such such pathetic excuse of an autotrader put you off from binary options either. There are large profits available to successful Binary Options traders but this can only be achieved by adopting a conservative approach.


Thank you for reading this important review!

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