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Modern Profit Professor System Review
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Modern Profit Professor System Scam Software Review Busted!!

Sicilian Mad Professor Unveiled; MPP Software Detailed App Scam Review!

The Modern Profit Professor System a Scam Software based on our review founded by the alleged Marco Adessi is the latest trading software promising big rewards to new to traders in the Binary Options Trading.  The So Called MPP Software which has recently arrived at our desks following an email from one our subscribers requesting us to research this application has raised plenty of red flags that we would like to address for any one who is remotely interested in this program as an investment opportunity.


Based on our evidence it has come to our attention that email marketeers have already started to send invitations out.  We would strongly encourage you do not fall victim to any poisoned words these snakes have had to say as none of the claims they promise and guarantee much like Marco Adessi words have any meaning of realism in them.  In the video the alleged CEO claims that this trading application has the capacity to yield returns of $15,000 to $18,000 per week with the so-called MPP System all on complete autopilot.


Modern Profit Professor Login:

Modern Profit Professor System Review


Modern Profit Professor Review

Marco Adessi, the main actor, the story goes arrived in the states some 40 years.  His previous job was a telemarketer, he was not properly educated and struggled through much of his childhood with his parents having to squeeze their way through just to make ends meet.  He says he was fortunate enough to meet Harrison Glass, a Wall Street trader who turned his life around to make him who he is today. Now, Mr. Glass unfortunately we were informed passed on nearly 4 years ago, and that Mr. Adessi decided to develop Modern Profit Professor Program and continue the legacy and pass on the torch to new traders whom are in the same boat as he once was few years ago.


The Vineyard, The Italian Music, testament to his so-called Sicilian days all featured to make this story seem look an feel true has got the ‘Don’ feel look all over it.  It is claimed that this infamous trading robot is a hybrid between a binary options algorithm and a moving average trading method. Essentially this is jargon which is supposed to mean that the software is a forecasting tool used analyse products of high interest before the demand and supply kicks in.


Modern Profits Professor Review


MP Professor Ltd is said to be a company which has existed since 2011. It is claimed that MP Professor System has only lost one trade out of 1478 trading days that it has been in operation.This company is said to have employed 170 workers, and are expecting net revenue of $650 million by end of this year. Unfortunately the problem with all this glowing financial information and decent net profits is the existence of the company in the first place. Try searching this independently by yourselves on internet and the only thing you will find is some insinuation to a mad professor ltd institute something that seems befitting to our shady founder here don’t you think?


Is the Modern Profit Professor Scam?

Now comes the heart of this Modern Profit Professor Review, the scam facts, the lava that vaporises everything this mad professor alleged founder and inspiration behind MPP Software Ltd creation.  One does not need to look to far to find shady tactics plastered all over the video.  Digressing away from the limited spots and counter time before your free spot goes forever (OH NO!!), a clear pressurised marketing sales plot to acquire registrations with haste by the modern professor, we are more incline to look at some statistics as observed on the presentation and testimonials seen as you hover you mouse and scroll down the web page .


First the website according to a popular domain checker this page was created on 10th July 2016 just a little over a month from the time of writing this review does not really correlate to the claims that this application which is web based by origin was around since 2011.


All the video testimonials and reviews displayed on Modern Profit Professor Website are paid one’s .These positive reviews are done by Fiverr Actors.This site follows closely and mirrors the theme, stories and design of other scam websites.  taking the first one as an example who goes by the name Simon whose profile can be found on the popular stage casting website. Evidence –


Modern Profits Professor Testimonials


Finally a Geo-location widget which re-presents the flag of your country no matter the location you’re browsing the site from is made to present and provide a fake sense of identity of the roots behind Modern Profit Professor software. Make no mistake this product which insinuates an unrealistic 97% accuracy level is a scam targeting a worldwide audience Finally, you will never miss out on the promise that your life will be saved from debts only if you make that critical step to invest in this App. This is a clever tactic used to play with human emotion, however make no mistake based on facts seen and observed this application has nothing legit about it and best be avoided.


Conclusion: Modern Profit Professor SCAM Verdict!

Not recommended for Testing! 

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