Moneta Method Review and Hypothesis

Moneta Method Review
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Moneta Method is a SCAM!!!

Today, we came across an application called Moneta Method.  The website This product has been the market for a couple of months but we decided to find out what it was all about and right a short review about it as we approach the seasons holidays.  On the outskirts this Moneta Method looks like a name that may have authority and professionalism written all over it.  But in reality this software tends to represent the same elements and conditions that so many auto trades possess and that is to generate signals for would be traders to act up be it manually or full auto mated.


This review will look to assessing the Moneta method as an auto trader and see if it meets the conditions of at least providing a decent level of winning ratios, has a good customer service support 24/7 and doesn’t engage in sales gimmicks like widgets, preaching over-exaggerated results and using fake testimonials from websites such as fiverr.


The Promotion

My Name is Stanley Williams:- So starts the introduction to Moneta Method. Stanley notes that you may have heard his name before, as he’s been part of other software launches. However, Moneta Method is Stanley’s “best piece of software ever.”


Stanley says that the Moneta Method Trading Software has the capacity to earn you $200 to $2,500 per day. And he’s not just making up random numbers here- his 40 beta testers from 2014 verified that they could make these kinds of daily earnings.  This of course contradicts the launch date of the Moneta Method which was the 20th August 2015, let’s park this $2500 theory aside and classify it as a sales gimmick


He goes on to suggest the most money that a beta tester made in a single month was $76,512. Ok so we have our exaggerated result.  Three strikes and you are out Stanley.


Let’s quickly go for the kill and look at these beta testers!

Stanley notes that, while you won’t become a millionaire overnight, you will start making real money using this software. These 2014 beta testers then provide their glowing reports:



Hello, you guessed it:-  Fiverr actor.




Three strikes- This is not a positive review of any kind, this is a warning! Many advertisers are blasting the masses with annoying email swipes, convincing and manipulating you to join and become one of the “Lucky Beta Testers”, sure!! As we have just seen the Moneta Method has too many inconsistencies to be taken seriously.


“Back in 2003 at Princeton University I had a lecture about Ancient Economic and Financial History.” During this lecture, the Roman Imperial period was discussed. In essence, the upper class controlled the amount of Moneta, or money, flowing within a society.  Let’s do this, let us not flow our money into your pockets and instead invest in something that is more genuine?  What’s Say?


And that’s the last we hear about Moneta Method’s methods and operation.   Wait there’s more…


Notice that on the website they carefully word some statements “Recently Laura Knowles joined us as a beta-tester Below you can see the LIVE results Laura is making right NOW”, so does it mean that everyone get to generate a flawless ITM performance?

 “Laura”, Performance?


The promises are reasonable this time unlike some of the other scams we previously reviews, on the website: they are not offering you a million in 27 days or anything that we consider completely ridiculous. However we still managed to identify fake actors in this presentation and with a few complaints, it’s safe to say that if you’ve been a positive Moneta Method Review, they are lying to you.


You got to ‘play it safe’, If you are absolutely new to online trading or to binary options you must do everything you can to avoid the email solicitation campaigns and the over-night blogs that are posting positive reviews for every new scam that comes out, such as the Moneta Method.


Why not check out some our recommended services.

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2. XE Trader – A top notch looking autotrader
3. Optionbot 2.0 – The famous of the signals services in this industry
4. Gold Digger App – For traders who love trade with commodities


For your own safety, keep in mind to subscribe our blog, that way you increase your exposure with scam services! Thanks for reading. Finally, if you do have questions or anything to share with the world concerning the Moneta Method scam, we welcome you to post your comments below. This fraud is part of our Binary Options Scams list as of this point. Let’s put them out of business!


Thank you for reading this review

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