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Moores Capital Scam Review

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Moores Capital Scam Review.   It has recently come to our attention that Moores Capital has been offering financial and investment service they offer.  We thought that we’d take this time to evaluate the packages they offer and assess the viability of these products on offer and whether  the  expectations portrayed are realistic, viable  and achievable.


David Moores who allegedly runs the Moores Capital and represents the CEO and founder of this organisation offers its clients CFD and Forex Trading services.  In the next part of this review what Moores has to offer before going to assess whether for the purposes of investing opportunities the portfolios of investment opportunities present a profitable option for the aspiring trader or in contrast represents a scam that would be better be avoided to avoid potential loss.


Moores Capital Review

Moores Capital which operates its operations and services via the portal suggest the have a variety of FX and CFD trading platforms have been designed to suit a range of skills and experience levels.  They in turn also utilize MT4 trading platforms and host a variety of professional expert advisers, one click trading, professional charting and scripting.


When we observe the interface and layout of the Moores Capital Software we are not at all dissatisfied but neither are we overly satisfied.  In essence compared  to other services the Moores Capital System looks mediocre to us and does not present any unique characteristics that differentiate it from other FX and CFD trading platforms such as those offered by, GSI Markets and Plus 500.


CFD is allowing the investor to profit from long positions (moving up markets) and short positions (moving down). A contract between two partners (buyer and seller). The seller will pay to the buyer the difference between the current value of a specific asset and plus its value at contract time! Vice versa if the difference is negative, the buyer pays to the seller!


In essence we have not qualms about the brokerages offering CFD and Forex advice.  We do find it unethical and misleading when Financial Bureau Consultants that offer financial services do so through without giving the proper information and in some cases provide fictitious expectations or hide information which would be considered relevant and almost necessary for decision making purposes by a potential client about a particular product and or service.


Moores Capital Scam Facts; Evidence Revealed!!

In this section we look to establish the anomalies we identified that insinuate that the consultancy and professional advisory service that Moores  Capital is misleading, inaccurate and potentially exposes a whole set of fraudulent claims that we  normally associate with scams.


Investment opportunities are available for exploration and the choices are available in masses, some legit and some not.  Moores capital sadly our evidence points to one that is not the best and not recommended as a reliable investment opportunity in the global financial market that we can endorse and support.


During the first section of this review we will look to assess the team and their credentials that represent this Moores Capital advisory bureau who claim to be specialists in the field of CFDs and Forex services.,


Moores Capital Software Team

The Moores Capital webpage was registered on the 21st January 2016, which makes it a fairly new company and service within the financial industry. This makes the company un-secured , new and unproven.  You can check the website age on and you will see all the information there.


Unfortunately when we  look to assess the credentials of the key members we are shocked to find these images are in fact not genuine but stock photos that have been used by the company for marketing purposes.  The photos portraying the core members and are a fake.  The real identities of the management are not revealed indicating a major red flag against the company’s stance on fair practices and resolution towards its clientele both potential and existing.


Moores Capital Scam Review

David Moores, the CEO & founder,  Donald Ford, the Senior Vice President and Karen Richardson, marketing manager as presented on the website are not authentic and not genuine members of Moores Capital CFD trading.


Furthermore once you get to the bottom of the Moores Capital Scam page, notice the social media icons. Surely a company of their stature should at the very least be connected to respectable social media account. Unfortunately not in this case, the links lead nowhere, which for us is a red flag, as they are there for show.


In the five to 6 months we also noticed that the company has not published any sort of data that could ascertain how it is performing and what potential customers can expect if the join the company via the webpage.


In essence when we  look at the whole concept it does feel too simplistic for us and does not show any suggestions or provide any know how for new traders who want to learn about Forex, CFDs and Investing Options in general before going too much in depth in the packages being offered.


Moores Capital CFD Trading

The  other point of note is that the information is not updated to the new year.  Currently the website shows 2015 market predictions should this not show 2016 as that would make it more  relevant forecasting for trade enthusiasts and students of the trading sector.


         Final Verdict: Moores Capital Scam

         Beware, just avoid this poor service!

We feel that no further exposure is needed as so far the indications point to the whole moores capital campaign being a scam starting from their  top management to general aesthetics that Karen their  fake Marketing manager should  be in charge of. Given the  few cracks and lack of real verifiable data we have no alternative the Moores Capital Scam that would be best avoided and not be approached for any financial advise or  related activity.


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For newbie traders who would like to start with a start with a recommended broker without having to risk investments with an auto trader like the Moores Capital Software App we can recommend you can trade with the Tradorax which offers members with a user friendly platform for binary options trading. Thank you for reading this review.

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