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Native Trader Review
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Native Trader Method Scam Review

Native Trader, has been viral recently .   But we at Binary Umpire chose largely to ignore this because it is a “de ja vous” of previous apps.  In this review we will debunk The Native Trader System by giving you full evidence of why this system is scam.  A Native Person is used to refer to the place where a person was born and raised. The sacred beliefs of many tribes are largely formulated and expressed in sayings and narratives having some resemblance to the legends of European peoples.


While a Great Spirit constitutes the basis of Indian theory, the tribes believe in multiple deities, which are surrounded by mythology. In accordance with their views of nature and spirit, they constantly appeal to these powers, at every step of their lives.   While cultures and customs varied among the tribes, they all believed that the universe was bound together by spirits of natural life, including animals, water, plants, the sky, and the Earth itself.


The Native Trader

In this very same fashion the Native Method seems to have evolved in many different forms and most of which we have come across in our previous blogs.   This review will look to assessing this reborn app and look to assess its new form.


For a look at the Native Trading system check out the review >>>Official website review <<<


Full Review on Native Trader System

What is Native Trader? Let’s begin by trying to understand what Native Trader App is before assessing its validity and context of what it offers. Native Trader is a binary options software product created by Jake Mason to exploit the Binary Options Trading With binary options system in place at the moment.


Jake Mason provide you with Native Trader System to exploit the system and reduce those risks significantly. software is trades for you after information about your budget has been inserted.


Although the Native Trader System appears to be a new system, when you click on the link for you are immediately taken to the landing page of The Aussie Method, The Brit Method, The Canuck Method or the Saffa Method depening on your origin.


Jake Petru, the bogus name behind the voice over narrator, is a fictitious name. The photo used for Jake Petru is nothing but a stock photo which you can verify on

Native Trader Aussie Fake

The same Jake Petru is committing himself to give any trader who does not make the promised millions which he claims his software can achieve, a gift of $10,000 out of his own pocket! However, he proceeds to confirm that no one has ever claimed the $10,000 because EVERYONE has made so much more! Jake Petru will never give you $10,000. There is not even a proper contact address for any of the methods assigned when you visit the Native Trader Website where you could send your claim. You are however, invited to start off with at least a deposit of $300 but encouraged to make more money by depositing at least $1000


How credible is a bogus personality like Jake Petru, which we have already established is a nonentity, to deliver these claims? The Aussie Method video, starts off with some jaw dropping testimonials. Howard Hope made $482,118! Eddie Waltz netted $538,617! Louis without a surname made $764,000 and finally the pretty Rosie Green made $622,000. Now, in all honesty, if you were a day trader and made these incredible sums of money, would you leave them in your account?

Native Trader Scam Results

Another reason why we know for a fact that all the testimonials are fake, is because the “Live” results being updated per second cannot be real. We happen to be writing this review on a Saturday, when trading is suspended for the weekend. Yet the counter and winning trades keep ticking in. This is a poor oversight on the part of the creators of the Native Trader Software.


We can assure you of 2 things if you try to sign up under any of the Native Trader brands.

A) Your inbox will be spammed several times a day with a huge variation of get rich fast binary options services which do not work.
B) You will get a call from your “dedicated” broker who will convince you to deposit more money and offer you bonuses as incentives


Conclusion and Verdict for The Aussie Method and the Native Trader Software

To sum up our Native Trader review, you have two options before you. You can enter your email address on any of the so called brand, start getting a lot more junk mail, sign up with a greedy broker which will convince you to deposit very large amounts of money which you will lose in a matter of hours or days, and then cry over spilled milk.


OR you can sign up with a fully EU regulated and licensed broker such as 24 Option or practice with a Free Demo Account to learn how to trade on your own. We hope you make the right choice and please don’t forget to comment below this review and let us know what you think of the Aussie Method!


24 Option Broker



New to Trading?

There is no magical solution to get rich fast Binary Options. There is a way to make sensible money by learning to trade options. We recommend that you open a free demo account and practice trading. Contact us via email so we can discuss options and also introduce you to Mikes Manual Signals Group on Facebook where you can copy professional traders who average a success rate of 80% on a weekly basis.


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