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Omnia App Review
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Omnia App Scam Review – Fellowship Standard Software Unveiled

The Omnia App trading software is one of the most disturbing scams to unravel itself in the binary options industry. This trading application which has led to a barrage of complaints from independent 3rd party beta testers is the latest application to find itself streaming itself into our hotlist of top scams for 2017.


The Omina App make no mistake has nothing to offer investors contrary to the claims made by Matthew Hammersmith.   This software predominately a trading application promises traders exaggerated appetizing returns with little or no prior experience required.  Predominately online based, my Matthew Hammersmith, really stoops to every level possible to entice users to invest and utilize the app for their trading needs.  In the next few sections, we look to detail the specific facts why this app is not be trusted and avoided for binary options trading purposes. Alternatively, please free to check out a more safer option, in the form of the United Trading Social Network, for better and more consistent high-quality signals, triggered by real traders.


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We implore all traders not to contemplate joining the Omnia App and encourage readers to continue reading our review in detail before making any decision, where we fully expose the nature & severity of this Scam. From Paid actors, Imposters, Fake Companies, and outrageous “guarantees” of wealth, the Omnia software cannot be trusted as a reliable trading source.


Omnia App Review


The Omnia App which features in the traditionally follows a similar footpath to countless other auto traders that promise a bundle of rewards in spasm bursts synced with market movements.  Users have similarly recorded another portal which follows the same identical theme, leading curious traders to join the same fraudulent auto trading bot. Stay Vigilant!

Omnia App Review – Scam Report

Is the Omnia App a Scam?  In short “yes” this notion that this platform is geared and programmed for the purposes of assisting investors in the trading binary options profitable and consistent basis is a laughable concept.  Reports indicate that a couple of independent beta testers not connected to the fake testimonials you see parading on the website have reported a loss of earning.  Our main concern is that this negative feedback will continue, as more traders are poised to fall for the heavy tactics and false promises when people come across the Omnia System.


Omnia Reviews and testimonials indicate that members are disgruntled after being fed with false promises which never materialized anyway. Mathew Hammer-smith who acts like a sympathetic samaritan does not really genuinely exist in real life.  He is fictional, a made up buffoon who claims in his videos, that users can become self-made millionaires within the space of 181 days. Seriously?!


Omnia Investments Co.  Truth Unveiled!!

To understand the reputation and background of the software one simply needs to perform a due diligence test on the company behind the software, the Omnia Investments Co.  Mr. Mathew who claims that he owns this software and the company in question have been exposed badly for insulting the public’s intelligence. He has been trolled for taking credit from a company that does not exist in reality.


Omnia Investment worth $380 million in net asset is nothing more than a creation of fraudsters who probably are repeat offenders when it comes to launching binary options. And to confirm this, we headed to a company directory on Google and discovered that this company did not exist. Furthermore, the domain registered based on whois domain checker reveals this website to be less than a month old from the time of writing this review.  This is in far contrast to what Matthew and some of the Omnia App Software testimonials try to make us believe on the video presentation.




Contrary to reality, the cheek of the con-artists behind the Omnia software scam claiming the software is a must have, once in a lifetime opportunity that is full proof.  They claim this software is 100% ‘risk-free’ where traders can potentially bank $5,700 – $10,000 per day. Well, these statements are not unheard of.  In fact, chances are that subscribers would have heard this theme tune before.  If you guessed it is too be good to be true, you are correct? These claims are synonymous to the countless of bogus apps we have exposed in the past previously.


One final stamp in this Omnia App Review is to further unveil the nature of the imposters who unveils himself the CEO & Founder of Omnia Investments? Guess what? He’s nothing but a phony too. This scammer who features in both & as Matthew Hammersmith is a well-known actor seen throughout the industry promoting countless of similar binary options scams such as the GPS Trader, and similar versions of the same scam. Seeing him encouraging the use of Omnia App Scam is NOT a comforting site.

   Verdict: Omnia App is a Scam!

Not recommended for testing

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If you would like to try some auto traders with proven results, please check out our updated binary options signals page which have all a variety of options that have been proven and tested for you to choose from.  There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the push trading system will provide new traders with any decent recent on investment. In case you are absolutely new to on-line trading, you can trade with the IQ Options Trading which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry.


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Findings like Nuvo Finance software reassures stability and relief us a community knowing there are still reputable solutions available at our disposal for assuring safety while amplifying profitability.  We pride ourselves in giving as much information as we can about new products that hit the market. Binary Options and Trading Enthusiasts are advised to stay clear of this software as it is being built upon lies and fake identities. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE! Thank you for reading this review

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