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Onassis Alliance Software
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Onassis Alliance Software is a SCAM!! Full Review!!

Official website: onassisalliance.co

Onassis Alliance by Jed Onassis is the latest scam to be launched in the market place.  This trading application which promises to generate $7,000 per day is just another shady system in our opinion out to deceive investors by guaranteeing and promising high returns without providing any factual information to substantiate their claims.


We would encourage all readers who have been taken by the Onassis Alliance Software to read our review in-depth and in its entirety to ensure that they have all the basis all covered up about this latest ploy before making any hasty decisions such as investing and falling victim in this scam auto trader.


Who is Jed Onassis?

Jed Onassis who claims to be the founder of the Onassis Alliance System is in effect a fiction of imagination.  The individual perceived to the creator of this software is nothing more than an actor with zero trading credentials that can be verified independently.  Try searching for the name Jed Onassis outside the remit of the Onassis Alliance Software and you will find nothing but vacuum , a desert with nothing but rustles or balls of hay then a c.v. of the alleged trading guru.


Onassis Alliance Software


What is the Onassis Alliance System?

Do you really believe you can make $600+ an hour?  Jed, in his explanation of the Onassis Alliance System provides a story on how the software works through the means of a unique trading algorithm that actively scans the markets and places trades simultaneously. Technology-wise, he doesn’t go into many details apart from that thinking that we are too believe everything he says verbatim without any factual and or verifiable evidence to support his claims.


How does the Onassis Alliance scam system work?

During the pitch given by Jed, he explains how the Onassis Alliance software works with an astonishing 97.4% Accuracy.  This software which is supposedly geared up to generate winning returns that supposedly will generate $7,500 a day by conducting quick fast short trades is preposterous and in a sense dangerous with the risk of generating losing trades being far higher than would be deemed anything but profit generating.


Onassis Alliance Scam


No trading robot has those capabilities. Only fraudsters proclaim what they don’t know and stating it like it is a fact. You don’t have to be fooled by these countless scams that emerge with the same claims every other day.


Onassis Alliance Software Facts

Lets get straight to the nuts and bolts of the matter.  The Onassis Alliance Software which presumably is supposed to assist traders with their trading requirements has got nothing rooting for it that can be independently verified. Even the small joke of a trading demonstration shown during the video presentation as live trade recordings are nothing more than prefabricated scripts designed to pull wool over the naive traders eye.


Trading Binary Options can be a good source of money income if treated in an orderly fashion using risk averse strategies that increase the probabilities of turning out to be correct over a predefined time frame.  However, generating $625 per hour or thousands of dollars per day is without any doubts an unattainable goal that has mathematical probabilities that are very low and not in favor of the retail trader in any shape or form.

Onassis Alliance Scam Conclusion & Recommendations

Lets make it clear from the Outset the Onassis Alliance is a scam.  Nothing that tells anything else can be proven and what is being said is proven time and time again as nothing but shady practices that is directed in one way, south.  The explanation that  Onassis Alliance software was supposed to open and close trades is neither here nor there. What is more paramount is the facts surrounding its actual performance which based on our observations for the purposes of this Onassis Alliance review is definitely not in the same light as what the so- called developer ‘Jed Onassis’ preaches.


Onassis Alliance ‘CEO’ Jed Onasis is very deceptive.  We can’t find him anywhere on the internet and the claims are all ‘here say.’  Given this damning evidence or lack of I might add to support cases for the system, it is advisable to steer clear of the system in its entirety for more better alternatives that can be verified.


Conclusion: The Onasis Alliance Software App is a Scam

Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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If you have any experiences with this finance system we would appreciate a comment or two below from you so others can share and benefit from your experiences. Should you be interested in looking for Traders looking for a trustworthy or reliable opportunity to make profits trading binary options which currently is being endorsed by real testimonials than we can recommend Lexington Code Software or the Wiki Trader which boast and 80% winning return.


WikiTrader Platform


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