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One Step Ahead Program
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One Step Ahead Program is a SCAM!

The One Step Ahead Program is a new autotrader that is due to be launched next week the 14th December 2015.  We have found out that this launch is not all that it is cracked out to be.  It is more likely or not that you will start seeing email promotion, blog posts and promotional websites giving this all a positive endorsement with little or no substance.


This review will look towards what you can expect with this expected launch and advice you on why this website needs to be treated with caution if you are considering signing up.  The website  We feel that this website is not all that it is cracked up and that like so many rogue auto traders this one seems like it is another name that is fast making it into onto our black list.


Having been reviewing so many of this auto traders we are now used to to spotting common themes that all these fake autotraders tend to have in common. One particular common is the actors that are used to either present , glorify a website or provide a fake testimonial to lie  and lure unsuspecting day-traders towards signing up.


On the One Step Ahead Program’s offer page we found one such actor who poses as the “so-called” developer of this software.  He is a testimonial actor, and we managed to find his promotional gigs which goes under the vendor name is ‘Dezza123.’


This actor like so many others will say anything on camera for a nominal fee of $5! One thing we are certain of is that he has not traded with the website in the last months as it isn’t even launched yet, he seems to be busy working on fake testimonials for scam sites.  It would not surprise if this actor has little or knowledge of trading whatsoever.

One Step Ahead Program


In addition to this we have found that the address used to convey One Step Ahead operations is 213 Downing Street.  On further investigation and having seen Downing Street myself before we can confirm that this area is residential area.  Check out Google Maps and see for yourself there no office or anything that resembles a business area nearby.


Another obvious lie that goes without saying is that the video has stipulated that the One Step Ahead Program has been in operation for a few months in business whereby we can confirm that this domain was only purchased recently, in November 2015 based on Who.Is website search and is due to be launched to the general public in the upcoming week.


On reviewing the website we also noticed annoying pop-ups which clearly resembles a sales gimmick that is used to pressurise or provide false incentives that are aimed at luring you and fellow traders from signing up.


Don’t trust a website full of lies such as  Where an element of doubt exists it is better not to follow through as there many more opportunities that are probably much better and worth more serious consideration than this auto trader.  Nothing adds up, the narrative is not delivered by a real person and is full of bogus claims.


We have no choice but to conclude that we’re dealing with a worthless scam and not a serious auto-trader for binary options traders. We hope you share our opinion as the thought of even using a Fiverr actor rather than having genuine people to testify who have used the website testify the validity of the system is low and feels like the developers are taking our intelligence for granted.


We encourage members of the program to share your feedback, impression and results below this review. At this point our conclusion is based on years of experience in this industry and all the obvious red flags!


Verdict: One Step Ahead Program is a SCAM!


Binary options trading is a rewarding field but like many traders have stipulated it can be a risky one too if no thought or plan has been put into motion.  You will see so many similar services out there, promising you millions ,  but with little or no substance to back it up.  For the ones we have investigated why not check our review page  for the latest reviews. For better alternatives, visit our Approved binary options signals page,  where we provide only the most verified and testified services that have received positive reviews If you are completely new to binary options, a Free Demo Account is a great way to start!


Thank you for taking a few moments to read our One Step Ahead Program review


Should you be interested try a trading software that has a more realistic overview of the expectations it portrays and has been tried and tested with positive results we can recommend Mike’s Auto Trader.


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