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Option Figures Calculator System Review ; Methodical Software based App Exposed!!

Option Figures Software is the latest waves of a string of scams that have recently been released within the Binary Options Market Place on false pretences in regards to its accuracy and returns forecast that it can generate for any trader who joins it trading application.  This application also referred as the Option Figures Calculator masqueraded as an authoritative software with unbelievable potential is no more legit or better than any of the blacklisted applications that we have exposed in times gone by.  In the next section of this so called Option Figures App a calculator system that used pre-coded algorithms to generate its winning signals, we shall look at the auto trader with a magnifying glass and unravel the truth behind the software’s potential.  All this based on impartial and factual evidence we have gathered and observed whilst carrying out our analysis.


Option Figures Scam; In-Depth Overview

The Option Figure Software is based on a much overused story line that is becoming a bit stale and typical of what an application with no factual leverage to support its hypothesis would say.  This software begins with a voice over actor who legitimises the binary options trading app with vague statement on how the super sonic calculator system came into being following months and years of research and cracking the so called code.


The option figures calculator based site that plays a lot of mind games and psychological tricks with visitors in the end is all really fluff and no real substance that has any foundation that we can talk about with confidence and enthusiasm.  This software which makes vivid comparisons to online surveys, turnkey opportunities and other money making opportunities to try and better itself does not really give us much motivation as the one thing it does not do is show us a demonstration over a live simulation to show how the product works? and whether it is profitable as they say it is?


Option Figures Calculator Website: option-figures.com

Option Figures Calculator


Option Figures calculator Forecasts & Expectations

The marketing sales expectations portrayed by the creators of this video and application begin with a spectrum of investment returns, $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000 a month.  Being more specific  when we play the video, we noted at the very beginning as the system presentation began, the voice narrator has been claiming that traders who will be joined to the Option Figures revolutionary piece of software, will be making none less than “$7387 in the next few hours” Needless to say none of these sound realistic nor probable in light of the volatility, dynamism and and complexity surrounding the industry.


Options Figures System Founders and Testimonials

When we try and dig a little deeper into this software, we were unable to verify any credentials the software’s developers.  The video vivid in it production does not go too much in depth about the credentials of its top management leaving us to ponder whether we are dealing with someone who is a novice or has some trading experience worth noting about.


Next as we observe some testimonials supposedly representing successful beta testers whom have reached successful heights with this Option Figures Calculator trading application and achieved a decent amount of profits, we feel a slight un-easiness as the characters portrayed are not genuine but mere fiverr actors whom we have come across from scams of the past. Likewise when we observe some results we noted some trades being conducted on Saturday which confirms our suspicions and forms a strong case on why this software is not to be trusted.


Please help us warn other traders by sharing your experience with Option Figures Calculator App as seen on the option-figures.com we based portal or any other fake binary options service. In most cases, they all look and feel the same. Remember that Binary Options as a trading instrument can yield high profits but it can also yield high losses, always do your research.


Verdict: Option Figures Calculator Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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