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orion code celestial scam app
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The Orion Code Software; Celestial Scam Exposed!! Detailed Review

The Orion Code software by Edward Robinson is the latest scam to be released in the binary options market.  This deceptive scam that looks to the stars is a sad pretender that claims to be a profitable binary options trading software when it reality beneath all the dust and in deep into the grass roots potential users are most likely to face and greeted with a deep vacuum that looks to engulf one’s investment in a few strokes.


This trading application a rejuvenation of an old scam is looking for second helpings.  In this review, we will look-to critically evaluate and assess the Orion Code Software investment opportunity.  If you are one of the few who are looking to find out if the Orion Code Software is a scam or not, we encourage you to go through the facts highlighted in this article.


Orion Code Software Review

The whole presentation which revolves around Edward Robinson insinuates an extraordinary profit potential of circa $10,000 to $100,000 per day on complete auto-pilot for any users who utilise this system for the purpose of binary options trading.  We can tell you first-hand promising or even thinking of making this gigantuous amount of revenue through trading is science fiction.  The odds are far too remote to consider even being realistic.


Orion Code Software Reviewed: TheOrionCode.com

orion code celestial scam app



In addition, some reports based on our findings suggest that the whole Orion Code scam presentation mirrors another blockbuster scam that paves nothing but sharp glass for any investor that falls for its traps.  The Quantum Code something that received lots of bad press and numerous amounts of complaints across various authoritative sites seems to be the bedrock of this program detailed the Orion Code App.


More Bad News…. Orion Code Scam Facts!!

If copying a delusional scam is not bad this trading system seems to have an adopted similar bad practices as tons of trading applications that we have exposed previously. Edward Robinson who refers to himself as a philanthropist , the ‘nicest guy you will ever meet’.  He further claims to be a well-endorsed person, with high accolades from numerous magazines such as Forbes.  This alleged wall street guru much like the original quantum scam app claims to a billionaire who runs his own empire and owns his own private jet.


Fake Counters, VIP offers, bonus incentives and limited scarcity widgets all seem in high precedence when one observes the video presentation promoting the Orion Code Software. TheOrionCode.com system has absolutely no losses and 100% wins all the time.


orion code software message


The Orion Code scam is such full of utter nonsense site you don’t even need to register to note that this whole promotion is just a massive joke.  Furthermore, the Orion Code scam supposedly has been making money trading binary options since 2006. They claim it has made over a Billion dollars, within that time but you can be sure it is all lies!   If you take a look at the ‘Who Is’ domain information that tells us when TheOrionCode.com was created, you will see that it was bought on 2016-09-12.


Orion Code Conclusion

Hopefully, this Orion Code review will have convinced anyone considering falling for this scam to not go near them. Would you really invest with a company that lies about who owns it, makes up their possession of an infallible system and tries to manipulate its true credentials by claiming fake endorsements. The bottom line is that all the evidence easily demonstrates that Orion Code software is a complete scam!


Edward Robinson does not exist, he’s a fiction of imagination. Try as you may , there is absolutely no mention of him on Forbes as he claims. The so-called “Orion speed” technology that he speaks so highly, plus the company he claims to represent behind this auto trader are not at all genuine.  Everything you are being told is literally plucked from the air to make the whole production look good more than it really is.

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