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Passive Income Bot Scam Review – Binary Scam Alerts Blunt Approach Exposed!!

The Passive Income Bot Software is a Scam.  Make not mistake this software which insinuates passive revenues all on auto pilot is not only blunt but shady too.  In this review we will look to expose the software with detailed facts on why this trading application should be avoided for all investment purposes.


We would encourage readers to read this Passive Income Bot Review in its entirety so as to avoid not only to find out the correct details about this app but also from falling victim and potentially loosing capital to this Passive Income Bot scam trap so cunningly laid out.


Website Under Investigation for Scam : –

Passive Income Bot – Scam Review

Carl Razinski is a complete fraud. The alleged CEO who claims to have the capacity to rack out returns for investors in excess of $50,000 is an over-exaggerated statement.  Looking In depth on the so called mentor behind the Passive Income Bot System and you will find no evidence other than his association with the Passive App Bot.  Furthermore, his revolutionary trading algorithm you can make between $1,500 and $2,000 per day has no genuine endorsement that can be verified independently outside the remits of what the Fake Razinski claims.




Our Research has provided no conclusive evidence to prove that the passive income bot is investment worth.  In fact the analysis and feedback we have received and recorded point to proving without a shadow of doubt that the Passive Income Bot is a Scam. According to Carl, the Passive Income Bot program is an absolutely hands off and easy to use automated trading platform which provides excellent results when it comes to trading.  The software supposedly uses the WSMT (Wall Street Master Trader) algorithm, a made up term to make the scam look more fanciful then the software produces.


Passive Income – CEO Exposed!!

Do not be intimated by the charming melodies played by Carl Razinski… The shady characters who tries to detour viewers with false promises and guarantees using pre-typed casting notes that the real developers would like us to believe. You may wonder why this dubious characters exist.  Unfortunately, this is part and parcel of the industry and like any sector there are risks and unethical personalities with goals that are not congruent to the need of investors.  This one-sided mentality is exactly the reasons that attracts scam such as the Passive Income Bot.


Carl in his video presentation claims that he developed the software together with Mark Foster who dropped out of MIT. Carl recruited top developers from the banking and investment industry who used his direction in coming up with the Passive Income Bot scam.  Unfortunately evidences of the alleged CEO of the Passive Income software point to a cheap actor using photo imagery to make it look all authentic.  The imagery of  “Carl Razinski” posing with the Chinese compatriot team is fact a stolen picture from an educational website. Original Site  The photo of Carl Razinski is simply over imposed on the real identity of the director of Tianjin Foreign Language School! We could not verify what subjects Carl taught as no information exists. If you look at the photos of Carl’s trip to China, and comparatively compare it is quite evident that we are dealing with an actor hired by scammers behind Passive Income Bot scam.



For viewers who may have come across the would have come across a person by the name of Patrick Jones who on the front of it seems to be a genuine person out to put scams out of the business.  Indeed , on the most part he has exposed various scams similarly to the ones we exposed on our black list page.  Unfortunately, the problem is this person is not real and the the photo portrayed on the website is in fact a photo image used to depict a supposed binary options adviser.


Passive Income Scam



Passive Income Software which has heavily been marketed by this website which at the front of it characterizes a fake personality should be avoided at all costs.  The real person behind this movement is an underground scammer that has largely tried to stay anonymous whilst elevating the Passive Income Bot with false Merit.  Asaf Weinstein is the main man behind this Passive Income Bot. This app has in large parts contributed many people losing out their investments.




Conclusion – Passive Income Bot Is Scam !. 

Is Passive Income Bot a scam? The evidence available whilst conducting the Passive Income Bot review does indicate that the Passive Income System stem is a scam. Binary Options and Trading Enthusiasts are advised to stay clear of this software as it is being built upon lies and fake identities. For More Scams: Check out ; Jarvis Software Review is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking to any content available in this website is totally RISK-FREE! Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry.  A Trading software we feel is much more appetizing that has been tested with positive results we can recommend the Lexington Code Software or the Copy Buffett Software.  This software comes comes highly acclaimed and is backed by real traders and market analysts who have years of experience in Binary Options Trading.

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