The Pearson Method Review

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The Pearson Method Review

The Pearson Method sounds like an official method that might have a strong theory and foundation behind it backed up with years of research.  However when you click on the link you are faced with a huge Title: “$120 every 60 seconds.”  The odds of this happening are very difficult and mathematically impossible.  Markets tend to follow certain sessions where there will be high volatility during peak trading hours and very low volatility during off peak hours. The Pearson Method begins with a man counting dollars.  Tim asks you “Have you ever seen an X on a treasure map?”  He claims that this system is the same software formula and statistical method responsible for making him a millionaire (personally generated me over 1.5 million dollars), and his close friends hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. is a software that has been endorsed by many blogs such as binaryxplosion and all of which have aligned themselves to every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry system’ that has come out on the market.  This in turn messes up the ratings of the system and doesn’t show the true picture when one searches and seeks an answer towards the credibility of the system.

Please be vary that this system has no connection with Pearson publishings which are reputable financial educational material to economists and financial students worldwide.


Don’t be fooled by Fake Blogs and Fake Reviews, which have very little or no substance.  It’s really a shame that some websites will just post a positive review for any new service that comes out without considering the important factors that we measure a service by such as credibility, performance over time and most of all, feedback by actual users.




Lets put some numbers behind this is .  The minimum deposit is $250 to convert this into $120 means you are risking the whole lot on the first trade.  This is extremely dangerous, risky and more like casino gambling than binary option trading.


Tim Pearson is supposed to be the brains behind this system.  We tried to find more about him and all we found was impartial reviews of this system leading us to the conclusion that this Tim fellow does not exist. However, many folks around the world are completely new to the world of Forex and Binary Options and might take this offer seriously.


“Tim Pearson” is a SCAM plain and simple! His a fiction of imagination and his system is a plague designed to rob you of your money and it is these scammers that put a bad name to  our industry.


If you have any feedback on the system whether you have first hand or not , we would really like to hear from you.  Your opinion regarding this website, will help spread the truth and save many from making a grave mistake.


Binary options trading involves a really high risk as much as a great potential for profit. Avoid “offers that are too good to be true from individual or companies that have no regulatory status.”  Be sure to sign-up with a fully EU regulated brokers.


Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist.Should you wish to try an auto trading software that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend Copy Buffett


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Thank you for taking the time to read our Pearson Method Review!

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