Perpetual Formula Scam Review

Perpetual Formula
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Perpetual Formula Scam Review

Perpetual Formula by David Parker is the latest scam auto trader review to have hit the trading zones.  We feel that this trading application if it can be called that is of no real benefit to traders due to the poor performance it has been generating across the board.


The Perpetual Formula will always be in perpetuity a scam not because of the numerous complaints it has started to receive across various social media forums but also for the promises it communicates to traders worldwide.


We would encourage any interested binary options or forex trader who have been approached by David Parker or his marketing team to read our stark warning review about this app in its entirety as what we have to reveal may just save you from an agonizing trip to scam city more commonly referred to as the perpetual formula scam software.


Perpetual Formula


Perpetual Formula Scam Revealed

The Perpetual Formula Scam app starts its video presentation by introducing itself as a no loss software that 100% accuracy that works round the clock 24/7.  Already this started to ring alarm bells.  No trading software is hundred percent and works seven days a week as the markets are closed for business on Saturday’s and most of Sunday as well.


In a similar scam like fashion the perpetual formula adopts a lot of the common characteristics that we now associate with Binary Options Scam Apps.  Most notably is the adoption of a scarcity widget which is a ‘classical approach’ used by so many of perpetual scam predecessors like the trianasoft app which we reviewed recently.


According to this trading application was registered on the 14th May 2016 which is less than a week from the time we are writing this perpetual formula review, yet David claims that this trading software will make you over hundreds of thousands a month.  A truly bold claim indeed.  What is more evident is that throughout this whole video the promotional video does not show any real conclusive evidence that how this software works or even if it is as good as the marketeers say it is.


The few videos of testimonials that are being showed on the perpetual formula software website are all fake.  One of them Mr Joann Aguilar whose picture proudly is presented as a beneficiary of the so the called killer app with no losses is in fact a copy cat image that appears in the, meaning that the image portrayed is a pure fake and thus not authentic for us to even contemplate it being referred to as a real testimonial.


The testimonial that he earned $5000 within the first month using the Perpetual Formula Software is clearly bogus . Below we can see demonstrating how to improve sound and video quality when making a video for more clearer output.


So as the story goes, the creepy David Parker has “re-invented” the concept of trading by developing a system that is able to decipher machine-readable-news.  Apparently this “genius” was able to bypass the traditional ways of analysing charts.  It would come to no surprise that this so called CEO is a fiction of imagination whose profile does not exist in any Social Media Forum, Linked Inn Article or Trading Journals indicating that he too is most probably is an actor whose purpose was to try and provide a stellar performance that the real perpetrators will be proud off.

Perpetual Formula Software Conclusion

We do not believe the Beta Testers shown on the perpetual formula scam Website are genuine.  We have reason to believe that these images are stock image photos.  We also feel that the promises and expectations that system portrays to the public are over stated and unreal.  At no time did this system disclose the appropriate risk disclosures which are mandatory and easily identifiable amongst regulated brokers and traders with a decent reputation.

Verdict: Perpetual Formula Scam; Not recommended for testing

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