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Power Profit Platform Detailed Review and Observations!!

Power Profit Platform Bot is a scam. This review we will look to assess the power platform app and provide results on the litmus tests we conducted as evidence why we feel that this app in to recommend worthy for the purposes of binary trading. Our own research has brought up plenty of reasons not to trust any of the claims made about the Power Profit Platform App.


The Power Profit Platform system is basically a low budget one-page website which really does not need too much attention.  The ludicrous claims that one can make $10 million from this is absurd and a bit too over the top.  You would have better odds in winning the lottery then being successful this app. It seems the buzz words keep on being used to try and entice the would be investor to invest into the software.  We have already seen some great names like Binary Boom, Pump Trades App and the Binary Freedom Formula to name but a few.  The Powerprofitplatform.com app is definitely up there with the powerful tag but not enough of the formula to really pump the trades into a Binary Boom Bonanza.


As with most of these scam apps, the developer behind the Power Profit Platform system doesn’t want to show his face, except for a stock photo that’s shown for less than a second. So even though he claims his system turned him into a multi-millionaire, he doesn’t appear live on the video.   Even though this software is not as well constructed as other software’s we recently reviewed, this bot will remain viral with a few email marketeers and biased blog websites continue to heavily try to promote this software.


George Serriton Power App Ceo; Real Evidence;

Power Profit Platform Fake CEO

Make no mistake this article is not an endorsement of any kind but a factual overview of where our investigations have led us.   We would strongly encourage any would be investor who is considering investing in this program to read this review in its entirety before making any conclusive decisions.


Power Profit Platform Promotion; How is the Power Profit Scam System Supposed to Work ?

The introductory video claims that this binary options trading system works mostly on autopilot. It is said to be easy to use, so that anyone can start receiving powerful signals which correlate to fluctuating trades in the global market. It promises huge amounts of profits can be realised using this system. According to the introductory video on the power profit application, this platform is free to use for the purposes of binary options trading.   The only investment much like most other auto traders in the market simply requires an investment with the broker that is synced with this scam software. While is true there is no charge for registering and downloading the software, as anyone will know who has ever searched for a review of free trading App, investors need to be vary on the broker that has associated with this app as they could be in collusion with each other.


When the video starts out, there really is no substance to it, all that George Serriton tells us is that Binary Options trading is great, that’s he’s already made over $10 million with it in a couple of months and that he wants you to give him his email. Really, that’s it. Now, we realize that the marketers of these systems often feel the need to inflate some of the results, and normally we would allow for that, but claiming that he made $10 million does sound a bit far fetched to us.


If the fake George Serriton thinks that all he needs to do is to flash a couple of bogus bank statements, show us a stock photo of him driving in a car, and add some bogus images of expensive houses and cars, he is very very wrong. Not only do the makers of this Power Profit Scam Software make crazy claims about the amount of money they can make you, they also tell you outright that they manipulate the trades at the broker to supposedly help you win.

Power Profit Platform Software

Power Profit Platform


Fake Testimonials

We are also suspicious about the website. It is already filled with testimonials from people like these happy chappies who claim to have earned healthy profits but do not support these claims with any real results but mere statements.  We consider that the way these Power Profit scam testimonials are portrayed to be marketed online with the intention to deliberately target  new and unsuspecting traders who know very little about the binary options market.


Power Profit Platform Testimonial Power Profit Platform Testimonial

Power Profit Platform Testimonial Power Profit Testimonial

When we look at search engines we find that these images are in-fact stock photos rather than genuine Beta Tester testimonials.  See below Christof real profile as seen on the apps testimonial section.

Power Profit Platform Memeber


Complete beginners are told that they can succeed consistently every month from a binary option trading system that is based on market fluctuations. There is another implausible claim made by the narrator of the video. The amount of funds that traders are willing to risk and the total number of trades they make in any one month are both unknown factors. It is therefore impossible to give an accurate monthly estimate of how much the system can generate.



There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the Power Profit video that new traders using this software will earn such vasts sums of money in a very short space of time.  The vague approach used by the promoters for this app are there to be seen and we for one would suggest looking at better options that have a more clear cut policy about them. If you have any feedback or questions related to the Power Profit Platform System, please share it with us and with the world. If you are looking for a solid alternative and a tested software, please visit our Dow Jones Focus Group Review and in case you are absolutely new to online trading, you can consider trading with TradeThunder.com which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry.


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