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Mad Profits Scam; Prime Analyst Software Review
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Prime Analyst Software; Mad Profits Scam System Review

Prime Analyst Software better known as Mad Profits System is the latest scam application to be launched in the binary options trading industry.  This trading application claims to be able to generate “$11,546$ in seven days” and up to  “850,675.31 per month” does not really inspire confidence when conducting this review in us and actually makes us warrant this application to be nothing more than a scam with little evidence to suggest to the contrary.


The Prime Analyst Software created and presented by Philip Green tries to sell itself as a free software with the guarantee and promise of generating hundreds of thousands of dollars within 30 days or less.  This software predominately designed to work on auto pilot does not really give us much real demonstration to suggest that this Mad Profits App can deliver crazy winnings as the CEO suggests.  $1,649 every single does sound a lot of funds and you would be right in thinking that it is virtually impossible to consistently to hit such high numbers without staking high values and not dropping a trade even once.



Mad Profits Scam; Prime Analyst Software Review


Why Prime Analyst Software AKA Mad Profits scam?

Philip green the Prime Analyst Software main driving force behind the applications brand image introduces himself as a binary options traders for 2 years that gained $9,354,900 as a trader, however, the problem we have with this is that this person is not genuine. Try searching his name on Google, Linked Inn or an Social Media Profile Network and we can guarantee you this Binary Options Trading expert , allegedly, will not reveal any ‘hits’ or ‘results.’


Do not even get us started on the clock down time which is featured on the right hand side of the Prime Analyst Software web page At the top there this widget suggests they are only “24 copies left” and they start to decrease while we stay on the bogus website but with simple refresh you will have 24 copies again.  Its like the more copies have magically appeared. Prime Analyst System by Philip Green may seem to be a free but make no mistake, you cannot afford yourself be a naive because if you saw this video you probably noticed that it will cost you $200 as for start fee, as is the case with most auto traders to activate the program.


The Prime Analyst Scam Conclusion

On the stand point of whether we feel that this Prime Analyst trading application mad profits generating web based app is adequate for testing purpose, we are going to vote against and recommend and user from signing this app due to misconceptions and over exaggerated return potential it claims and portrays without giving us any concrete demonstration that we can use as support for the purpose of this review.


     Review Verdict: Prime Analyst Scam

   Mad Profits App Not recommended for Testing! 

           For More Scams: Check out ; the Disrupt Trading Software and the Playboy Money Machine


Should you be interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider like these scam apps, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis.  If you would like to trade with an auto trader that has we can recommend Neo2 Software.  Neo2 Square is a break through trading application that comes highly acclaimed and is backed by real traders and market analysts who have years of experience in Binary Options Trading.


Neo2 Sqaured - The Revolutionary App


For newbie traders who would like to start with a start with a recommended broker without having to risk investments with an auto trader we can recommend you can trade with a regulated broker like 24 Options which offers members with a user friendly platform for binary options trading. Thank you for reading this Brexit Bot System review.


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