PrizmTech System Review

Prizm Tech Software Review
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PrizmTech System Review

Prizm Tech Software Scam Exposed or Technological Wonder!! Facts!!

PrizmTech System Review. Prizm Tech Software is the latest trading application to be launched in the binary options trading industry.  The Major questions that surround this application is the PrizmTech App a Scam? or is something better, a technological wonder that will result in daily profits for traders worldwide.  In this review look first to expose real facts surrounding this software in terms of the accuracy of the claims made during the video presentation and second to assess its true net worth as an auto trading software.


We would encourage any one who might be interested in the PrizmTech Software to weed through all the facts that we have dissected and recorded below in this prizmtech software review for your perusal.  We feel that these facts surrounding the prizmtech bot will help potential investors to make an informed decision about this app by providing an insight into its credentials, legitimacy, potential and to make educated guesses on whether indeed PrizmTech Software is a scam or not?

PrizmTech Software Review; Key Elements

In terms of PrizmTech Software platform feel we feel the software has a satisfactory design and has the necessary components to make an informed review.  We noted some frequently asked questions and some testimonials contributing to the sites authenticity but we will get to those later.In order to first ascertain how good this product really is, we need to first assess the alleged brains behind the system, Richard Squire.  The creator of this prizmtech application as shown on portal features on the front of this software is clearly labeling himself as the main driver behind the image that PrizmTech software portrays.


Official Website:

PrizmTech Software Founder


Prizm Tech System Review – Richard Squire – Creator of Prizm?

We must admit that, the name Prizm Tech System does have an aura about it and a well suited Squire does make the whole presentation look a bit more professional. Unfortunately as we dwell in to the software’s facts deeper, we begin to notice cracks.  The Prizm has some glue on corners which make the whole think look suspect and we immediately begin to think differently and start to doubt any of the claims being made. “What made us think that PrizmTech is a scam?”


Prizm Tech System


For that we need to just scroll down the Prizm Tech System page and hover on to the FAQ’s section.  Prizm apparently as the site reveals was developed by Richard Squire, the original creator of binary options trading technology. The code that specifically runs Prizmtech app was built with Binary Options in mind. The API-Key allows for communication to both Prizmtech and the Binary Options Broker ensuring winning trades do not go below 79.8% In short, yes Prizm works unconditionally or say they Say?  Really a founder of Binary Options Trading? One Would never have guessed!!


He has claimed that this system was firstly introduced to the global market in the year of 2007. So we did to do our investigations and to our surprise according our preferred and trusted domain source and registry checker this site was only registered officially on the 10th August 2016. This blows the whole story wide open as False and Fictified. Further more we tried observing the name Richard Squire and anything related to him. Unfortunately, there was nothing at all found on search results concerning Richard Squire and anything regarding his profession. When Observing Google page results however, we noted a totally different person bearing that name. This person is a professor who teaches Law at Fordham University School of Law New York but no not this fellow he is imaginary.


What About The Prizm Tech Software Testimonials?

The Alleged beta testers behind the prizmtech software unfortunately much like the softwares’ creators are not legit.    Unfortunately, our research led us to these people talking highly of this app being mere actors or actresses whom have done similar reviews previously over the past.  They shared their early bad time stories and how this program helped them and change their lives for the better . We have tried searching their faces in, but found no one of them there. Certainly a good thing.  But then try reviewing some of their stories and you will find that they do not exist in the professions the claim to be associated with currently.



Finally it may be easy to create $327 in just few minutes but what is to say its not luck. Something like PrizmTech App lacks what any good trading application brings to the table and that is consistency.  We feel there is simply not enough evidence to substantiate this prizm tech system profit claims based on lack of evidence, false claims about being the god father of Binary options and suspect testimonials who do not show live demonstrations of the web based app in action.  Make no mistake nothing thus far we have seen about this dubious app thus far, is authentic nor legitimate to provide any support or substantiate any claims and guarantees made by the apps presenter and developers.


Conclusion: PrizmTech Software SCAM Verdict!

Not recommended for Testing! 

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