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Profits Now App Trading Software is a SCAM!!!

Profits Now App Today we will be exposing the truth about the brand new “$40,000 profit-making system” called Profits Now. Jonathan Spencer’s new software is a complete scam and our review will look to assess the real evidence why this app should be best avoided. The website lacks any real proof or information about the product. It is more likely or not that you may have heard about this trading software from a blog or social media forum.  It is also more likely that these very same sites are endorsing the profits now app as being a profitable investment opportunity.  Please read Profits Now review carefully because it will certainly save you a lot of money and time!


When we looked at Jonathan Spencer for some back ground credentials , we could not find any existence of him apart from his connection to this software through the very sites that are endorsing this app.  As we researched further, we found no trace of anyone by that name on LinkedIn, google plus or Facebook with any Binary Options ties. Surely someone who had a system this good and had earned in excess of $1,000,000 would at least have a LinkedIn account! Well the truth is, as expected, he isn’t even a real person! His picture can be purchased from iStock:



Profits Now App


Next in our Profits Now app review we want to talk about some familiar faces in the testimonials section of the video. The first person we recognised instantly was “Davida Carr” or should we say Swrigh12’from The other paid actor who is also from Fiverr is actually called Zarklon ( It truly amazes us how people fall for such fluent testimonials that have no mistakes such as the ones used in the profits now scam. Real people would slip up on their words a little, maybe even stutter, but not these actors. That makes our so-called rock solid proof that profits not so “rock solid” after all!


Profits Now Fake Testimonial


All the usual scam sales tactics are used on the pitch page. The first is that they lead us to believe that only 147 fortunate few will be able to get the profits now app software. They claim this is because if there was lots of the same trades executed at the same time then the “Market Analysis” would get alerted, which would destroy the software somehow?! This is just a typical tactic to pressure you into signing up ASAP.


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There is certainly no foundation for the promise made that the profits now app Scam System system will provide new traders with any decent recent on investment. If you would like to try some auto traders with proven results, please check out our updated binary options signals page which have all a variety of options that have been proven and tested for you to choose from.   Please check our positive reviews on Copy Buffett Software and the Tauribot App which have received positive feedback.

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