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Profits Now Review

Today we will look at Profits Now software.  From a neutral stand point we can provide you with comprehensive proof that this software cannot and should not to be trusted. This article aims to provide an unbiased review into the profits now auto trader and we would encourage all our readers to review this article in full before making your own decision into this app.


The Profits Now App is based on the notion of insider information.  It is set to be designed by an insider, an active trader who knows the ins and outs of what will happen thus giving traders who use this app a competitive edge in the financial markets.  Of course this is complete and utter nonsense and the fact that they insinuate such a thing is very much misleading.


Even if the Profits Now software is duplicating trades made by “insiders” as the video suggests, there is no way of be sure that the person you are copying is an actual trader or a robot. The fully automatic robotic trading Profits Now system is said to duplicate actual trades made by some top insiders in the binary options market.


To get started, you only have to sign up and download the free trading app. You don’t even need any previous experience or any knowledge about trading on the financial markets.  You are of course required to deposit at least $250 in order to the nominated broker platform to activate the software should you wish to do so.


In order to encourage you to deposit some money, Jonathon Spencer, creator of the system, makes a “risk-free” offer just to give the Profits Now App a try.




This is all a hype to say the least and the only thing that is for certain is that this software developed by Jonathan Spencer will ‘bleed you dry.’


If you do however believe the hype about the Profits Now App, Jonathan Spencer does insinuate that this app can produce you large sums of profits from trading binary options. The implication is that if you try the automated trading system for free, in seven days you will be more than $16,000 in profit.If you fail to make $40,000 in the first month, Jonathan Spencer says he will personally pay you $10,000, just for trying, and you can go on using the Profits Now software for free.


Today we will be exposing the truth about the brand new “$40,000 profit-making system” called Profits Now.


On the outskirts we first tried to find out more about Jonathan Spencer and find in terms of his background, experience and credentials as a trader. We decided to do some digging online and apart from this ‘profits now’ application we could not find much about him which basically suggests to us that he is a fiction of imagination.  We also tried to look at other networks like LinkedIn, Google plus and Facebook and even talked with a few Binary Options acquaintances but nothing.


We did however manage to find this picutre from iStock: indicating that the photo on Profits now is a complete fake.


Profits Now App


Then there is a typical pressure sales tactic scam that we see insinuating that the ‘Profits Now’ offer is open to only 147 people and that you could be the next lucky one. They claim this is because if there was lots of the same trades executed at the same time then the “Market Analysis” would get alerted, which would destroy the software somehow?! Of course there is no truth to this and this is a deliberate sales tactic that is used to entice you to sign up immediately without giving you much of a pause for thought to soak all the information that is being presented in the video.


The software video then uses then tried to appeal to your ‘desires’ by showing you a dream, a fantasy of how you can earn $16,000 in profits when you start using the new Profits Now App . They show a screenshot of a certain “Gerald Randall”  whom they suggest managed to turn $250 into $16,855 in a matter of just seven days all on Auto-Pilot. Of course this in real life is what traders refer to ‘martingale’ and is basically gambling, which is a big “no no”.  Besides that there is no evidence that this video is genuine or anything that the promotion is genuine for that matter.


Finally lets take a look at some of the testimonials shown on the video. The first person we recognised instantly was “Davida Carr” or should we say Swrigh12’ from The other paid actor who is also from Fiverr is actually called Zarklon (


Verdict: Profit Now is a big scam!

The website design is kind of also from the stone age, we no ‘FAQs’ and an online chat feature that is just a fake widget to get you to enter your email address so they can spam you.


After investigating the Profits Now scam software for this review, we feel that it would be best not to recommend this software to our readers.  Even with the enticement of a free “no risk” offer being given in the expectation that Jonathan Spencer is actually going to pay out $10,000 to any trade who fails to make $40,000 in thirty days.

We believe that this is just a sales tactic with no substance or truth in it.  This product is unproven indeed and the evidence we have thus far seen is flawed with deception and a bunch of lies.  We feel that taking all this together that the Profits Now app as a trading platform is weighing heavily to being a scam and should be avoided.

If you have any first hand experience we would be appreciate if you could kindly comment on this article.  Thus giving our viewers more evidence into this software.

If you are looking for trusted system then why not check out Virtnext software which comes with lots of positive feedback from traders all around the globe.  Also be sure to check out our Recommended Signals for Binary Options.

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