General Reviews & Red Card Alerts

General Reviews & Red Card Alerts

Do not jump in the water without fully reading the below latest reviews, regulations, alerts and warnings on a particular scheme. Binary Umpire will list these on a regular basis and will look for feedback from our readers for others to leave comments and their experiences.


The good news is that many services are offering a free trial membership, no registration or payment required in many cases. Remember that even though you are getting free binary options signals, you are still required to initiate a new trading account, which makes the free trial offers ideal for new traders who are not yet registered with a broker or for traders who are looking to register with a different broker for the purpose of testing a new service or application for binary options.  For more on the current opportunities, be sure to check out our signalling page.



We decided to create this section on this page in order to help our visitors be alert about those systems that are blacklisted for improper conduct and should be treated with caution.


Identify a Binary Options Scam? it is easy to fall into the hands of a fraudulent company through the lure of temptation of a greater prosperity and riches.  Depositing your money is easy with any company you signup with, yet the withdrawal process might quickly become a nightmare if you signup with the wrong broker.


Lack of customer care, no regulatory status , negative reviews on Google Searches can give a good indication as to true motivation of the broker or auto cash system provider. It is always recommended that you background the company before you signup.  We are asking your help by sharing your experiences on the strengths and weakness of these companies, while at same time alerting you of new opportunities and threats.


We also feel it important discuss ideas on how to properly fight those wrong doers so not only can we put them out of business but also discuss possible ways you could get your investment back.


We will periodically review the incoming suspicious marketing campaigns to bring you a summary of our scams reviews. Fake auto traders, quick cash schemes constantly pop up and need to be treated caution , warning and prudence.


Some Signs of a possible scam – Warning Sign Alerts?

  • Most of the times the presenter(s) claim huge sums of money with a “push of a button” or says things like “see the account grow,”  “you don’t need to be in-front of computer”, “loophole” and so on. Remember… markets are volatile and require analysis , money management and effective strategies. Understanding the trend and being highly disciplined with the psychological aspects of money management is what its all about.
  • Lack of an SSL Https certification
  • Broker not under the regulation of any body- Bodies like CFTC, CySec, ASIC and many more are mandated with the task of regulating brokers. There is no reason why a broker should fail to have at least one body regulating them, unless they are a binary options scam.
  • Fake reviews/testimonials
  • Too good to be true bonuses and promotions
  • Lack of customer support-  If it isn’t, they are probably trying to save on cost, and this is typically not a characteristic of a honest broker.

Scam No Scam


RED CARD ALERTS:- SCAMMERS – Bookmark this page.

After seeing so many scammers we have added this summary section, which we in order to help our visitors continue and fight back. We’ve seen brokers and auto cash traders go down and all it takes is your feedback and legitimate complaints! Help us expose fraud operations!



Interactive Options, Amber Options, Cedar Finance, Four Markets, Global Trader 365, Golden Binary, Regal Options, Tiger Options, TradeRush AKA RedwoodOptions, Traders King, Trader Room, NY Stock Options, VIP Binary, XP Markets.


The regulations and fair play rules of these have been proven to be suspect and faced high scrutiny. It is also wise not to take up any bonuses without fully understanding the turnaround required to unlock the bonus, the impact this may have on your deposit and the withdrawal procedures.



Binary Options Scams Alerts (All scams associated with money-making fraud and auto trading, avoid!!!)


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·         Alpha Money Generator;
·         Altronix App;
·         Apple Stock Bot and Apple Mobile Bot Review;
·         Atlas Intelligence Review; 
·         Aussie Method; 
·         Auto Binary Signal; 
·         Auto Wealth Bot;
·         Automata Formula Review, 
·         Automated Cash App Review; 
·         Autotrader Alpha;
·         Bahama Banker Scam Review,
·         Banker Profit System; 
·         Bayesian Binary Review; 
·         Big Banks Method, 
·         Binary Assassin;
·         Binary Backdoor ; 
·         Binary Bank Breaker;
·         Binary Boom Review; 
·         Binary Boxer Review; 
·         Binary Brain Trust; 
·         Binary Freedom Formula Review; 
·         Binary Interceptor; 
·         Binary Meta Bot;
·         Binary Options Probot; 
·         Binary Pro App;
·         Binary Profit Method, 
·         Binary Secret App Review; 
·         Binary Vault Review; 
·         BinaryXTrader;
·         Binrobot Lady Scam Review,
·         Brit and Canuck Method; 
·         Canuck Method; 
·         Cash Crew Review; 
·         Cash Crew; 
·         Cash Loophole, 
·         Cash365 review, 
·         Certified Income Review; 
·         Certified Profits Review; 
·         Channel Ranger; 
·         China Millionaire;
·         Citinews Review; 
·         Click Trade App
·         Cloud Trader App; 
·         Coffee Cash Cheat; 
·         Coffee Shop Hackdroid;
·         Cognitrade Software Review, 
·         Convergence Sniper; 
·         Crazy ATM Review; 
·         Currencies Club; 
·         Currency Movers Forex Kaizen Global Scam, 
·         Daily Trader Club;
·         Deep Net Trading;
·         Disrupt Trading Software;
·         Dr. Binary Review; 
·         Dream Profits;
·         Drexler Code;
·         Dutch Method; 
·         Einstein Method App Review; 
·         Elite Gold Profits; 
·         Elite Millionaire Society; 
·         Epic Winner Software Review; 
·         Final Algo App;
·         Fisher’s Method; 
·         Forenx Forex System;
·         Forex Multiplier;
·         Free Millionaire System; 
·         Free Money Guaranteed Software; 
·         Free Money System; 
·         Freedom Circle;
·         FX Sniper Review Scam,
·         Gemini 2, 
·         Global Millionaires Club Review; 
·         Gold Trader Microsystem (GTM Trader) Review; 
·         Golden Binary Profits; 
·         Golden Paradigm; 
·         Grand Prix Cash Plan;
·         Greenwood Formula; 
·         Greg Insider Method; 
·         Guaranteed Money System, 
·         Guaranteed Payouts Review; 
·         Guaranteed Profits Review; 
·         Harvard Signals Review; 
·         HBSwiss Software Review, 
·         Hexa Trader, 
·         HFT Finance,
·         High Frequency Trader; 
·         Hoffman Stein; 
·         Holiday Cash Bot Review; 
·         Hydra App Review, 
·         Ice 9 Technology; 
·         Ifollow Club;
·         Infinite Binary Profits 
·         Instant Cash Club, 
·         Insured Profits; 
·         Italian Method App;
·         Jarvis Software,
·         Kill Binary;
·         Lazy Trader App, 
·         Leaked Profits Scam Review, 
·         Lie Millionaire Detector;
·         Limitless Profits; 
·         London System;
·         Lucky Rich Kid;
·         Magnetic Profit System Review; 
·         Malay Method and Singapore Method;
·         Mambo Investments Review, 
·         Marvins Secrets Review; 
·         Mega Profix;  
·         Midas Touch;
·         Million Dollar Months Review; 
·         Millionaire Bot Review; 
·         Millionaire Maker Review; 
·         Millionaire Replicator;
·         Millionaire Trader Biz Review; 
·         Millionaire’s Blueprint Reivew; 
·         MMATC Review; 
·         Mobile Binary Code;
·         Mobile Money Millionaire Review; 
·         MockingBird Method; 
·         Monaco Millionaire; 
·         Moneta Method Review; 
·         Money Bot Review; 
·         Money Maker Bot Review; 
·         Money Making Mom Review; 
·         My First Online Payday; 
·         NASDAQ Inside Trader Review,
·         Native Trader Review; 
·         Nautilus Method Trading App Review; 
·         Navstar Trader;
·         Nesdek Inc; 
·         New Year Profit Review; 
·         Ninja Profits;
·         Obcasio Software Review,
·         Oil Millionaire App;
·         Omnia App Scam Review, 
·         One Step Ahead Program Review; 
·         One Touch Trade App,
·         Open Source Spy; 
·         Orion Code, 
·         Passive Income Bot, 
·         Pecunia Pact Review; 
·         Phoenix Trading App Review; 
·         Platinum Profits Review; 
·         Playboy Money Machine; 
·         Plenitude Formula Scam Review,
·         Polygraph Millionaire, 
·         Power Proft Platform Review; 
·         Professional Binary Robot ;
·         Profit Ball, 
·         Profit Insider Pro; 
·         Profit Magnet Review; 
·         Profit Maximizer 2.0 Review; 
·         Profit Trading Bot Review;
·         Profit With Cindy Review; 
·         Profits Now App;
·         Profits Now; 
·         Profits Unlimited Review;
·         Protected Profits;  
·         Proven Profits; 
·         Pump Trades App Review; 
·         Pure Profits System;
·         Push Button Salary Review; 
·         Push Money App;
·         Qbits Mega System;
·         Quantum Code; 
·         Quantum Income Machine;
·         Quick Cash Plan Scam;
·         Regal Wealth; 
·         Rich Mom Profit System;  
·         Royce Code Scam Review,
·         Rubix Project, 
·         Safe Zone Strategy Review; 
·         Safeguard Trader; 
·         Saffa Method Review; 
·         Samaritan System;
·         Sarahs Confession Review; 
·         Secret Millionaires Club 2016 Review; 
·         Secret to Success Review; 
·         Simple Profits Review; 
·         Sleeping Money Machine;
·         Social Tech Trader;
·         Social Trader Software; 
·         Sowelstace Financial Review, 
·         Spectre System; 
·         Spider Profit; 
·         Sprectrum7 App, 
·         Star Wars Bot Method; 
·         Stark Trading System Review; 
·         Stock Market Jackpot; 
·         Swedish Method Golden Goose Strategy;
·         Swiss Method App;
·         Sydney System; 
·         Tera App Scam Review, 
·         Terran Capitals; 
·         Tesler App Software Review,
·         The Amissio Formula; 
·         The Bonus Buster; 
·         The Brit Method;
·         The CFDSociety App Review, 
·         The Cobalt Code System; 
·         The Pearson Method Review;
·         The Profit Hack System; 
·         Theory Gamma; 
·         Theory of Wealth Review ; 
·         Thousand Dollar Days; 
·         Tokyo Bot; 
·         Toronto System; 
·         Trade Sniper Review; 
·         Trade Tracker Pro; 
·         Trade X Confidential; 
·         TradeFusion System;
·         Trading Everest Software, 
·         Triana Soft; 
·         Triple Threat Review; 
·         Ultimate 4 Trading Review; 
·         Unlimited Profit System;
·         Verified Trader Scam Review; 
·         Virtual Income; 
·         Wall Street App; 
·         Wells Investments Ltd Trading App;
·         Wonder Click App Review; 
·         Your Legacy Club;
·         Zero Risk Binary System Review; 
·         Zulander Hack Review; 



Don’t fall for such gimmicks. We recommend starting out with a Free Demo Account. When you are ready to invest money, make a deposit with one of our trusted broker.  Check out our broker guide on selecting a good broker Binary Options Brokers Criteria.


Big Congratulations to these lame auto traders who have made it to all time “ALL TIME BLACKLIST” list based on the negative feedback we have seen across the board.  Really done yourself proud.  Who do you think should join these ‘TOP SCAMS’, please feel free to let us know.


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General Reviews & Red Card Alerts

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