Scalper Bot 1000 Scam Review

Scalper Bot 1000 Review

Scalper BOT 1000 Scam Review!

Scalper Bot 1000 Review.  Scalper Bot 1000 is the latest scam to make a footing in the Binary Options Industry. Read this important review regarding the Scalper Bot 1000 that has recently been released. The software sadly which looks to target mainly German consumers or investors is a big hoax, a fraud that looks to trick new investors into registering with the app. If you have been considering or are considering to register with the system, read our review and ensure you know all the facts, as we will be exposing all details regarding production and programming of this auto trader.


What is the Scalper Bot 1000; Detailed Facts!!

The Scalper Bot 1000 creators claim that everyone could easily make money through their robot . According to the creators , The Scalper Bot system does not require any knowledge to use and make money with the App. They claimed that it is easy and very simple to use. By the time we are true with this Scalper Bot 1000 review, you are going to understand the whole truth about the robot.

Scalper Bot 1000 Review


Scalper Bot is predominately a Binary Options Software that is supposedly designed to work on complete auto pilot and rack up profits in excess of $1000 per day. The Software which was apparently created by an alleged Kevin Bright. During the video presentation, not much evidence was provided into how the system works, or what makes it better.  The only we get from this program is in the name the Scalper Bot 1000 which inclines that the trading application utilities scalping methods when analyzing markets and sourcing signals.


Why Scalper Bot 1000 is a Scam?

One Need go far with this application to find evidence of Scam.  The main founder and brains behind this Scalper Bot 1000 system is a fictitious character who predominately is an actor from the casting website This website which hosts actors and actresses with different skill-sets all that can be utilized for $5.00 is a common interface for Binary Option Scam systems looking to fidget and create authenticity without any evidence to substantiate the claims.


Scalper Bot 1000 Scam Evidence



The explanation offered is simply not good enough to convince anybody about what it is all about and how this system is supposed to work. There are several other red flags we have spotted here, and which we are going to share with you. This would be an indication that this app is not useful for you if you are binary options investor. We have searched various investment websites including some Scalper Bot 1000 reviews in websites and forums, we cannot get find anything positive about this software other then the evidence of the fake personalities on show.

What About the Testimonials?

The promotional video of Scalper Bot 1000 Project system, a cheap production I might add with verified beta testers – is an absurd LIE. If you have relevant experience in this domain, you must know that any trading software in the trading market can never produce 100% success rate without incurring a single loss. Just review the scalper Bot website and quickly browse the testimonials and reviews section. This section is supposed to provide us some independent & credible results. However, when we made a scrutiny, we immediately noticed that those “traders” mentioned are nothing but some stolen Shutterstock photos

Scalper Bot 1000 Fake testimonials

With our thorough and detailed review, you must have got a crystal clear idea that the Scalper Bot 1000 Software is a dangerous scam which really do not have any valid credibility.  This platform can neither make you rich nor it can provide you a great return. They are just aimed to steal your money. One  Last point regarding the Badges of Trust are not real or authentic.  These images are not clickable to the sources indicating they have been hard coded for decoration purposes only. These images do not add any value but increase our list of facts of why this Unlimited Profit System is a scam.

  Review Verdict: Scalper Bot 1000 Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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To understand this more comprehensively and to be successful, one needs to understand how the market works. Markets tend to move in patterns, understanding these patterns is a fundamental part of the game. Binary Options stem traditionally stem from Forex industry . The one big advantage of Binary Options is that the risk and reward is very clear at the outset. Please share your feedback below this review if you have any questions or feedback related to the scam or any of the above services we previously exposed.


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