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Secret Algo Bot Scam!! Software Deciphered… Detailed Review!!

The Secret Algo Bot the latest trading application to be launched in the binary options trading market.  This application has got to be one of the lamest trading software released within the market.  We are not going to spend to much time with this system for the simple reason it is a scam , it fails to convey any messages which have an ounce of realism in them and forecasts 94.3% without providing any real evidences to support those claims.


The Secret Algo Bot video quality production was very poor.  It is something that seems to be rushed and compiled and does not feel at all like this has been done by software engineers who have had years of trading experience and amounted large profit levels as indicated by photo edited bank statements.


Website Exposed:

Secret Algo Bot predominately a  binary options trading system that allegedly can make you thousands of dollars per day in pure profits.  In essence this is a copy service because the software claims the Secret Algo Bot App places similar trades to a master trading account where users yield is a binary options trading system that can make you thousands of dollars per day in pure profits. There is said to be a master trading account owned by the creators of this robot.


Secretalgobot promises its users that they were going to make serious amounts of money if they use the program. What they fail to epitomise is the disclosure of adequate risks that are associated with trading Binary Options or any other financial instruments for that matter.  Make no mistake neither the testimonial images are real or authentic nor is the system free.  This program like many other auto traders require the secret algo bot to be activated which can only be done via a broker deposit associated with the robot.


Although the system has already launched around October 2015, it is obvious that it is a scam. The presentation lacks any convincing arguments or demonstrative results which we can verify as enough authentic.  The software developers which lacks any ethical values and in some cases adopts aggressive marketing campaign to attract buyers is just plainly unprofessional and not at all something you would do with a quality product like the developers of the secretalgobot would like us to believe.


Review Verdict: Secret Algo Bot a Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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