SmartBotPro System Review

SmartBotPro System Review
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SmartBotPro System Review; Dubious Scam Exposed!!


The SmartBotPro System is the subject of this review.  Read this important warning about the latest autotrader to set its foot in the binary options world.  This trading application entitled the Smart Bot Pro software which has recently come to light is not something we feel impressed with and certainly contrary to its name it does not really show signs of intelligence despite its “smart” and “pro” carefully placed in the robotic software’s name.


We will start this Smartbotpro review with an assessment of what the software does or should do as the developers would like us to believe before providing key facts on why we this Smart Bot Pro Scam is an app that best be avoided.  We would encourage readers to read over the entire of this review and share with anyone who might be interested in this bot as we we feel the evidence provided and exposed is key and may save you or your friends from a grave error by investing in this dubious scam.


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SmartBotPro Software Review – The Essentials

The SmartBotPro Software is predominately an autotrader that is designed to work on complete autopilot.  This software which was released in August 2016 according to does not go into too much depth of how the software works or what benefits it may bring in terms of accuracy of signals provided


SmartBotPro System Review



Why the SmartBotPro is a Scam; Facts Exposed!!

Being a relatively newcomer to this industry we noticed that the software based on Alexa is viral mostly in Fance, Italy and Jamaica with insertions that this platform is safe and the program as hosted via the web portal is contained in a SSL sandbox. Unfortunately on closer scrutiny we noticed the lack of the https:// acronym which normally appear before the webs site link is somewhat lacking.  This indicates that this software is not site secure and the trusted badge as featured on the website featuring the Smartbotpro system is fake.



SmartBotPro Scam Review


Who Created this Smart Bot Pro System?

Unfortunately as we scroll around this system we could not find evidences on ownership. This makes us feel that this software’s creators prefer to remain anonymous and away from public eye.  Knowing who created something is necessary as how are potential investors supposed to ascertain one’s credentials as trading experts if the developers remain hidden.

What about the Testimonials?

The very same can be said about the SmartBotPro Testimonials.  No indication is shown on the website or anywhere across Google, Linked Inn or other Social Media Network to validate this binary options trading systems potential.


If you still wondering is Smart Bot Pro is a scam? Well, the answer is yes, this is one of the cheapest scams in the binary options trade and no one should be fooled by it. There are too many unsubstantiated promises with no proof to back up the claims and the number of negative feedback is overwhelming especially for a new software that is supposed to have the ability to do a lot for people.


Conclusion: The SmartBotPro App is a Scam

Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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Given the  few cracks and lack of real verifiable data we have no alternative the SmartBotPro App Scam that would be best avoided and not be approached for any financial advise or  related activity. Our online searches found no sign of any beta tester who has posted a positive review about Smart Bot Pro App.


If you have any experiences with this system would appreciate a comment or two below from you so others can share and benefit from your experiences. Should you wish to try an auto trading application that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend and invite you to check out Binary Options  signals page like Code Fibo App where you will find some recommended software’s that have been time tested and endorsed by means of independent testing and 3rd Party Verification.


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