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Spectre System Review

Please read this important review of Spectre System before considering signing up. Daniel Craig AKA James Bond starring Spectre was the latest blockbuster film released of James Bond umpire to hit the industry.  The movie in itself proved to be a million dollar blockbuster hit as did its previous sequels. In Contrast This Binary Signals auto trader is no blockbuster app. See the official trailer below as original produced by Eon Productions and reproduced on this you tube video by a fan:-



In contrast the new Spectre System to hit the trading falls way off the mark and does not live up to the Spectre name.  We encourage all our readers to read this review carefully  this honest review carefully before thinking of singing to this auto trader.

Product Name: Spectre System
Product Description Of Spectre System Software: Binary Options Auto trader
Spectre System CEO: Patrick Quinn
Official Spectre System website: SpectreSystem.netOn a quick audit of the Spectre System site we see so many fibs and lies that we feel the whole system has been designed in a basement with no intention to make a product that offers any value to traders worldwide.  The words such as “record-breaking” might seem justifiable for the movie but when it comes to this system, deception seems to be the first word that comes to mind.It is more likely or not that you would have received an email invitation to join this new website and you may or may not be looking  to sign up to it.  We feel the later would be better in this instance to avoid a headache down the line.So lets jump right towards auditing the system.

What is Spectre System?

Let’s begin by trying to understand what Spectre System App is before looking at the pros and cons. Spectre System is a binary options software product created by Patrick Quinn to exploit the Binary Options Trading With binary options system in place at the moment.

Spectre System is an automated software that trades for you after information about your budget has been inserted.

Spectre System


Is it any Good?

In one word ‘no’ .  The simple truth is that it is flawed and the first lie by the Spectre System developers was fairly easy to notice, they claim that this money-making scam was around since 2013, based on WhoIs.net the website was created 3 weeks ago so they are just about two years off! Spectresystem.net didn’t exist before November 2015, it’s a proven fact.

Looking at the video Quinn goes on to incline that scammers nowadays point their fingers to others and say that everybody is scamming and that the only profitable system is theirs. The Spectre System in no different. Quinn talks about scammers while being one.

How does it works? Quinn is an affiliate of the broker link to the Spectre system and will get paid for every new trader that he refers. So the only thing he needs is you to open an account with his broker and deposit money. What happens after that he does not care.  All he will care about is looking for Victim number 2 and so on.

Now lets look at the traders in detail. Lets take a look closely at the traders as identified in the Spectre System compared to say the Cash Crew System another scam from the past (see below).

The Cash Crew Scam Team

Spectre System Cash Crew Team


The Spectre Scam Team

Spectre System Team


Do you notice anything familiar? Rick Patterson has now suddenly become Ralph Sterling and works on the Spectre System. The reality is of course different, all these photos are marketing images.  The likelyhood is that some of this actors may or may not have given their consent to the developers to use their picture on the Spectre video.

If you scroll down on Spectresystem.net, you will find this widget with “Live Profits” by the software members. We kept refreshing the page to see if they have any other pictures but it seems like they were too lazy.


Spectre System Testimonials


Now lets look at another trader “Maria from Poland,”  who in actual fact is Angela Harvey on LinkedIn and her picture is also on many different sites so we can’t verify the real identity but we know that this is not a Maria who traded binary options with Spectre System.

Evidence:- https://www.linkedin.com/in/harveyangela

How about Lucy from Canada? or shall we say Jessica Boggs from styledin?

Evidence:- http://styledin.com/Jessica-Boggs

It is fair to say based on the above that ‘Lewis’ the third of the bunch would also be bogus when it comes to reviewing the validity of this system in general.

The actor in the video mentioned a $120,000 Aston Martin, well if this guy is so rich after trading with Spectre System, there should be away for members to verify the alleged Patrick Quinn.

Unfortunately ‘surprise surprise,’ after conducting our own investigation we on Google and other Social Media websites we couldn’t find a trace of him excluding promotional sites with reviews that are not more than 2-3 days old.

Ladies and Gentleman, The Spectre System is definitely a scam, have no doubt! Nothing is real about the video, pitch page, alleged members, website age and founders. If the narratives are suspicious, chances are that the whole system is dodgy.

We do not condone the bad business practices of this system and the image it portrays.  This is to not to say that other similar services are better or worse, but just to say that on this occasion we feel that if you have received any correspondence from the promoters of this website and are thinking of signing up, ‘DON’T’ as its not worth the hassle.

Verdict: Spectre System is a SCAM!


If you already signed up with Spectre System, please share your results and experience below this post and hopefully we can save many people from making the same mistake.

You can’t trust a website that lies to you over and over in order to gain your trust.If you are searching for reliable alternatives, why not sign to a regulated broker like Top Option or Any Option.


Please first visit check out or Brokers Safeguide and Recommended Binary Options Signals for an in depth view.

If you are absolutely new to binary options trading, be sure to start with a Free Demo Account before investing your money with a live trading account.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this important review.

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