Sports Cash System an alternative to Binary Options or another SCAM? Honest Review!

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Sports Cash System Review

The Sports Cash System has received a lot of hysteria and emphasis recently.  Normally this is not the typical product or service we review, however given the amount of binary scams we decided to branch out a little and review this investment opportunity.

Product Name: Sports Cash System
Category:  Sports Betting
Author:  Tommy Krieg
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Even though our main focus is trading we would like to also enhance the choice for any would be investor now and again into potential opportunities that may yield a decent return on investment. by Tommy Krieg just recently launched seems to be going viral lately and it could be that you received an email invitation to give the Sports Cash System a try. Is this system as good as the ‘promo’ stipulates are is just an ‘over-hyped system’ that promises the world but ends up being just another disappointment. Research is always of paramount importance.  We at Binary Umpire always encourage carrying out a ‘due diligence’ before you sign-up with any offer that might seem too good to be true.


A Review of Sports Cash System

Sports Betting is all about understanding the odds and betting on probabilities.  The greater the probability the greater the chance of success.  To be successful in sports betting one needs to in a similar theme to trading predict the more winners than duds .

As this system is relatively new we would need to rely on testimonials and comment by users on forums in the field who have experience with sports cash websites and this software in general.

Tommy seems to have a many followers on Facebook and YouTube based on research so that is a positive sign as we know that we’re dealing with a real person.

The software will cost you a total of $49.00 after a $70 discount which is currently available for new members, less than the minimum deposit required by most binary options brokers which is refreshing in a way.

It is also good to note that a 60 days 100% money back risk free guarantee clause has been put in place if you are not satisfied with the Tommy Krieg’s performance and prediction accuracy.  We would advice however that any potential investor to confirm this by contacting their support staff and understanding the terms and conditions before proceeding to invest.

Tommy pitches in the promo sports betting as a miracle.  He stipulates this to be ‘by far more superior’ to online trading, advertising and other ways to make money.  We prefer not to indulge this cheap marketing tactics for some folks who will visit the site.

The “100 memberships” spots available concept is another sales tactic that we have seen way too often. It’s an unnecessary pressure tactic, the software is not expensive so it’s completely useless and might deter some from joining.


Sports Cash System Software


Let’s be a bit positive though, its an alternative to trading for sure and a far better system that those fake auto cash system that promise you millions and turn out to be scams.  We will of course re-evaluate our stance on this matter with time should any negative comments come to light.

The Spots Cash System software estimates profits around $4,750 to $7,500 /month which seems reasonable and maybe even possible given the right mix of investment and prediction.We also encourage you check out this Tommy Krieg Review on YouTube.



At this point we have no reason to suspect Tommy Krieg or his system.   We of course do welcome reviews and feedback on his system.  If sports betting is not your ‘cup of tea’ than we can recommend that you try binary options out trading binary or forex but again ‘due diligence’ is important.  If you are completely new and interested in the field, start with a Free Demo Account. After you are ready to invest real money, be sure to register with an EU regulated broker with a good reputation, payout and responsive customer service.

Thank you for reading our Sports Cash System review.

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