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Stock Market Jack Pot is a SCAM!

The new Stock Market Jackpot is one of the most pathetic scams we ran into in the last few years, in our war against online fraud.  There is a plethora of grammar mistakes and a very unappealing Microsoft Sam type voice speaking to us. It seems they are trying to associate their product with gambling which is not what we are interested here at binary today.


Our focus is on real investments and making informed decisions. The fact that the product is named Jackpot in their slot machines dropping money on the front page of the website is disconcerting.  This is not a positive review and we want to make it clear, due to how many reviews are falsely titled “XY Scam” and they end up recommending the services, those fake, review sites should be avoided.


The website is poorly done, instead of hiring a voice actor they used this automated voice software which sounds horrible.  Here is an example “Why to choose us? The Signals is FREE! The Register is FREE! The Robot is FREE!”. Are you guys selling registers? Signals are plural vs singular last time we checked, unless of course they plan to provide you with one signal?! They might correct the mistakes eventually, especially if they find this review but we will always know that the creators of the Stock Market Jackpot are illiterate scam-artists.


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There is a one minute Stock Market Jackpot video on the front page of the website. This video is also quite odd and actually quite comic, sort of candid moment in which he is staring at his computer screen and pretends like he doesn’t know he is being filmed. The developer of the software is named James and he tells us that what he has to tell us could change our lives forever. He claims to be a normal person the found something amazing and is now sharing it with the binary options community because he believes in paying it forward. James says that he makes €600-€1500 per day and claims that traders just have to enter their details in the form below to gain access to the system.


How do we know that this software is a scam? If the Stock Market JackPot was a genuine, profitable software for binary options they wouldn’t need to hire one of the most famous actors on to lie on camera for them! Instead they can have a real person offer an insight to potential members if this was a real money-making opportunity with online trading.  Read on and see some famous faces .


BanjoMan 15 on with +4500 reviews he is one of the leading actors!


So did Banjo-Man really trade with the Stock Market Jackpot or was he hired for another fake testimonial?  No though he did a great job acting. Unfortunately this seller will continue and lie on cam for scam sites like the really lame offer, the Stock Market Jackpot which has nothing to do with real binary options trading.


We will not be recommending Stock Market Jackpot to our readers. This website seems too disorganised and promotes that we are not trying to avoid i.e. the gambling side of binary options.  The closest thing we have to any evidence that this works is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of video in which nothing is discussed. If these developers want to make money in this market and get good reviews from the binary today community they’re going to need to provide us with independent evidence that the system works.


We have nothing serious or intelligent to tell you about the “Jackpot Miracle System”, it’s really not worth your time if you are looking for serious ways to generate an income with binary options or with online trading in general. If you made a mistake and carelessly joined the Stock Market Jack Pot, please share your experience below, we appreciate any feedback. We do hope that with this review, we can prevent and save at least some people from joining this scam. Help us debunk this scam and tell us what you think, let the truth go viral!


If you are newcomer to binary options industry we definitely recommend you stay clear of bogus services like this one courtesy of the banjo man.

Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences


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