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Whatever you do, don’t put resources into this new popular HYIP until the point when you read our entire Review. We have recently completed our underlying examination and have discovered only tricks and lies associated with trick and the greater part of the extra HYIPs that this same trick craftsman has worked before. On the off chance that you have just contributed with this program, kindly leave a remark beneath this Review keeping in mind the end goal to help caution other individuals. On the off chance that you have require help exploring some other HYIP, kindly send us a message.


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Official Website: review ; why strong coin biz is a scam? Review; Strong Coin Biz Software is a HYIP or high return venture program that offers a ROI (rate of profitability) running between 1.1%-200%. They offer 3 hourly return designs, 1 day by day design, and 1 month to month design. This may appear like an awesome method to make a speedy profit for your speculation, however we unequivocally exhort you against contributing with Strongcoin scam trick. They have officially quit paying however are at present tolerating new stores! We will clarify how they continue deceiving individuals beneath.


Strongcoin Scam Facts; What we know regarding the Strong Coin Biz App

The trick site professes to be a gathering of expert digital currency and forex brokers that have been exchanging and contributing since 2015. In spite of this claim, we couldn’t discover any confirmation that they have been exchanging for a long time, or by any stretch of the imagination. trick has furnished us with ZERO proof of exchanging. We reached their administrator and requested exchanging reports so we can analyze them for exactness, however the administrator didn’t considerably answer our email.


We have seen a pattern in HYIP trick locales that claim to exchange yet demonstrate no exchanging reports for check. Never trust these sorts of destinations. They are made by con artists in under a couple of hours and set up to take stores with no long haul objectives. The address recorded on the Strongcoin trick site is phony. A fast hunt into the address recorded on the site thought of an address that is what is alluded to as a “virtual address”. A virtual address is basically a genuine address that is utilized by any individual who needs to enroll a business in the UK for lawful reasons, yet who can’t go to the UK.


In the most recent year alone we have seen more than 50 HYIP tricks utilizing virtual locations in the UK. None of these HYIP destinations are working any longer and every one of them finished in a trick after gathered a huge number of dollars from financial specialists. It is an exercise in futility to attempt and get in touch with them at their virtual office since they have never been there and most likely can’t anchor a visa to go the UK in any case.


The administrator of trick are mysterious. No individual data is given about who deals with the site or who the merchants are. This is a HUGE warning. An authentic exchanging site will be glad to demonstrate to you their face and exchanging past. The way that declines to disclose to you their names implies that they fear uncovering their face. We are certain that these tricksters are NOT from the UK and are not local English speakers. The content on their site is plainly composed by somebody who is endeavoring to utilize Google interpret or an awful interpreter benefit. The sentences are ineffectively worded and contain an over the top utilization of words that expressions that are not utilized by English speakers. This doesn’t imply that Strongcoin is a trick, however it just gives additional proof that they are NOT situated in the UK as they claim to be. Scam is a Ponzi Scheme?

In the wake of accepting a few objections from our perusers concerning this HYIP we could decide an example of trick conduct. Strongcoin trick is intensely publicizing on the web in social gatherings as a PAYING HYIP. They are at present tolerating new individuals, despite the fact that they haven’t been paying. Yet, how would they continue gathering new individuals on the off chance that they aren’t paying? When you first join the program and influence a withdrawal to ask for they will pay you. Strongcoin trick pays all individuals on their first withdrawal so they can procure your trust and urge you to store a bigger sum. After you store a bigger sum, they will never pay you again. This has been the experience of relatively everyone that sent us a message.


In all actuality, is a Ponzi conspire that works by taking the cash of new financial specialists to pay their more established withdrawal demands. They keep MOST of the cash for themselves and just pay out a modest level of what they take in. After individuals quit going along with they will close their site and open another site with an alternate name.


Is a Scam?

Everything about their site is phony. They are NOT paying past the primary withdrawal and as of now owe a large number of dollars to a considerable lot of our perusers. If its all the same to you being defrauded, at that point simply ahead and contribute, however we emphatically exhort against it. is a trick and ought to be stayed away from no matter what. If you don’t mind send us an email or remark beneath for our best-procuring programs!


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  • is not replying to my mails and have stalled refunding my deposits for two months now

    • Thank you for your comment. We can only advise in this instance to speak to directly to your credit card company and request a refund if the customer service within the company is being un-responsive.


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