Swedish Method – Golden Goose Strategy Review

Swedish Method Golden Goose Strategy
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The Swedish Method Review; Golden Goose Method Strategy is a Scam!!

The Swedish Method (the Golden Goose Method) not to be confused with the goose that laid that golden egg, the Swedish Method is no Goose but a chicken that hides behind lies and deceit.  In this Golden Goose Method Review we will uncover how the Swedish method app is nothing but a copycat app  of the Brit and Canuck MethodSaffa Method, and the Aussie Method.  


In the initial stages of this website creation we noticed that all these above sites were hacked by Xalix.  They managed to restore the SwedishMethod.com but some of the other sites are either down at the moment, show the hacker’s message or some big ERROR message.


The Brit Method Hacked


Den Svenska Metoden

The Swedish Method have now created the website promising 100% satisfaction guarantee with their Golden Goose Strategy and are even promising a 90 day free trial period. This statement shown on their website in Swedish pertaining to the Swedish method app outlines this statement in bold letters and thus indicates that this site is up to no good.


Swedish Original Statement:- Detta är ett begränsat erbjudande, som finns tillgängligt endast under en begränsad tidsperiod. Under denna prövoperiod kan du använda GOLDEN GOOSE utan kostnad och utan åtaganden. På samma sätt kan mjukvaran avinstalleras från din PC när som helst. Vårt mål är att ha 100% nöjda och lojala kunder! Det är därför detta erbjudande finns tillgängligt gratis under 90 dagar, endast under en begränsad tidsperiod! Efter utgången prövoperiod kommer du att bli kontaktad personligen.

English Translation:- This is a limited offer, which is available only for a limited period of time. During this trial period, you can use the Golden Goose at no cost and with no obligations. Similarly, the software can be un-installed from your PC at any time. Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction and loyalty! That is why this offer is available for free for 90 days only for a limited time! After the expiry trial period, you will be contacted personally.


This GEO targeted scam which have hit the 4 known corners of the world seem to have set its sights set on Sweden and portraying itself as the Golden Goose System. If you are not convinced and still considering to try the Swedish Method, assuming the manage to restore the site, remember that everything about SwedishMethod.com is a complete fraud.

Swedish Method Golden Goose Strategy

Th CEO, Jakob Stenson, is not even a real person. They took an image from Imgbuddy.com, just as they’ve done with Jake Pertu from The Aussie Method. We encourage you to stay away from all the various versions of this lazy scam, that we have exposed on many occasions in its different forms.  This app is likely going to be viral and we hope that our message is loud and clear and we urge you to share our findings to ensure new and existing traders do not fall for the Golden Goose Trap and end up investing money with the crooks.


The Swedish Method predominately comes in 3 packages .  However we personally would not even recommend paying the monthly subscription of this Swedish Package of 197 Euros for the Silver service package let alone the the 349 0r the 749 Euros required for the Gold and the Platinum Packages.  These are not worth it and you may end up just loosing out on these costs with this Sweden Method App Strategy in addition to the broker investment.

Swedish Method Account Types



The Golden Goose Method App was established around the later parts of 2014 but we’re seeing many people asking questions and trying to figure out if they’re dealing with a reliable service or another scam, so our verdict based on what we know is that it may be not safe for general usage.


Den Svenska Metoden or Swedish Method is yet another version of the scam Aussie and Brit Method previously exposed. Akta dig för Svenska Metoden. Den Svenksa Method, The Brit Method, the Aussie Method are now also pointing towards the empirical worldwide name of the Golden Goose Method!


The malware on the Swedish Method website (swedishmethod.com) might be temporary, however, it is definitely a warning sign, that nothing good can come out of this Swedish Method site. Screenshots reveal the extent of scam and spam on this site.


Den Svenska Metoden also known as the Swedish Method promises you untold riches. Overnight millionaire claims, are by far the biggest indicator or scam. Suspicious promises ensure that you are trapped into the right net of scam. Ramifications that the software is free, are only bogus promises.


Should you be interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider like the Swedish Method or Golden Goose Method App, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist.


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Swedish Method ; Golden Goose Strategy Review
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  • Should have read this article earlier.. lost my initial capital of $500. Thanks for taking the time to warn other people about it though.

    • Thank you for your comment, we are sorry to hear that you have lost some money with this app. I am not sure if filing a dispute with the credit card company will make any changes. But we hope you will be profitable with your next venture. Please feel free to ask us with any queries you might have.


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