The 1k Daily Profit Trading App Scam Review

1k Daily Profit Trading App Founder
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The 1K Daily Profit Trading App is a SCAM!!

The 1K Daily Profit Trading software by “John Becker” is a SCAM! This review is not an endorsement and we shall not be recommending or even suggest one test! Everything about this offer is misleading and the information that is provided is fake.


John Becker the alleged founder of the 1K Daily Profits Trading App created this new trading app for the regular hard working people out there like you and me.   He wanted to build a community who will all be able to enjoy the freedom of making $1000 a day every day for the rest of our lives. He suggests that his app uses the very latest algorithm technology this software has been designed by John Becker and his team of ex-wall street colleges. John  Boasts that his 1K Daily Profits software is producing a success rate as high as 99.8%. That’s insane!!!


However the evidence we found is shocking.  John Becker is not even a real trader.  The image portrayed on throughout the video is a fake.  The picture portrayed is image It’s a flat-out lie and a misrepresentation, nothing you would expect from a reliable business. We found the picture after doing a Google Picture Search:


1k Daily Profit Trading App Founder



We also attempted to find the real identities of the members, all who gave the 1K Daily Profit positive reviews, but couldn’t confirm a single real member of the software and have a good reason to believe that all Facebook comments are fake. Any serious review site of forum is not endorsing this fake website and we already found a few negative reviews on credible websites, supporting our very solid conclusion that is not to be trusted and certainly not a serious automated software for binary options.


Remember Him!!! Seriously?

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All the warning signs and red flags are there: Fake CEO aka John Becker, unconfirmed members, unsupported claims and a very suspicious pitch page with no credible endorsements but that’s not all! Even when we try and leave the website we are greeted with a pop up widget trying to change our mind by tempting with $1k daily profits.


Review Verdict: 1K Daily Profit Trading App is a SCAM!

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