2016 Method APP is a Scam? Honest Review?

2016 Method Scam
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2016 Method APP Scam Review!

Read our honest report before you decide to invest with the 2016 Method App Auto trader!

It is important to know if The 2016 Method App is a Scam. When checking it out for this review we have uncovered enough strong evidence to prove that it is a scam.In this 2016 Method Review we will explain why it is a scam and present you with detailed evidence and observations we have acquired so you can make an informed decision as we do not want anyone to be tempted to fund a trading account through The 2016 Method App without performing any due diligence.


2016 method APP is an binary options auto trading service. According to the alleged CEO and developer Paul Worthington this software is capable of generating $800 per day for life. Everything is possible in 10 minutes setup time! We received few complaints from people who lost some money with this app and we decided to review the 2016 method APP.


How Does The 2016 Method App. Work?

When you sign up you have to open a trading account with a binary options broker designated by the 2016 Method and must fund it. You are offered a matched bonus on your deposit, of up to $1,000, to start trading.  The 2016 Method System App is fully automated and, when the software is linked to your trading account, it does all your trading on autopilot.


2016 Method App Fake Promise


Why Is 2016 Method App is a Scam to Avoid ? Real Evidences

When we investigated it for this review, we found a great many indications that the 2016 Method scam has been set up deliberately to deceive people into depositing funds into a trading account with a binary options broker that pays a kickback to the creator of the 2016 Method System. New traders are encouraged to pay in funds of up to $1,000 in order to receive a matched bonus in their accounts.


We will make it clear from the start the 2016 method APP is a scam, we found a lot of disturbing facts. Let’s debunk the information we gathered from the presentation video. The voice over narrator, made some statements that are clearly impossible to be truth because they are time sensitive.


There are only 100 spots available with this software 4 weeks x 25 spots, and of course this is the last week. Paul Worthington also shows us some fabricated screenshots 5 months old and he actually claims that he is using this app from over 2 years now.  Well, all those statements are really time sensitive as we said and they can’t be possible. According to the WhoIS search the 2016method.com has been registered on 24 of November 2015, so it’s impossible to have screenshots 5 months old before this APP even existed.


In addition to all this we have found no evidence of the millionaire trader, Paul Worthington. It is a common name, but our investigations for this 2016Method.com review led to finding no authentic mention of any highly successful trader by that name either than his association with this app.


The video script is read by a hired actor with a Scottish accent.If you believe the bank statement that is shown in the 2016 Method App video, Paul Worthington has more than $5 Million just sitting in his checking account. Its just not safe to leave that kind of dough in one place.


If he really has twenty-five students who made $5,000 in their first week of trading with the 2016 Method software, they would surely be excited enough to discuss their success online in forums and blogs. On the screenshots of the latest twenty-five people to join, who all appear to have started on December 21, there are only incomplete email addresses to be seen.


Continuing our 2016 method APP scam review, we would like to use fake email and jump onto the next page of this software. There you can find some of Paul Worthington’s “students”. If you make quick Google search by image, you will confirm that they are all phony personality. We will expose some of them just to back up our words.


Philippe Pastore from France, invest $600 in 2016 method app scam, and he managed to pull out little over $21.000! 

2016 Method App Fake Testimonial

Melissa Margina from Canada, started with only $250 but in few days she reached $14,000

2016 Method App Fake Testimonial


There are no search engine results or any social media accounts for those names and the photos have clearly been taken from sites that supply stock images.The pressure is put on to be one of the final twenty-five people to get the 2016 Method software for free.


There are few more things that we can add to our exposure 2016 method app scam review. We noticed a lot of history results and profits made and endorsement badges true the whole website but nothing real. The results are not verified by any kind of third party authority, meaning that they can be easily fabricated. The endorsement badges are also fake, they are not click able and they don’t lead where they must lead in order to confirm their credibility.


Fake 2016 Method App. Conclusion!

This is just another scam tactic to get people to fund a trading account without knowing what they are getting into. On the 2016Method.com video, “Paul Worthington” acknowledges that he gets a 5% kickback from the broker for each trade made by his students. If he really has $5 Million in the bank and is making more than $800 a day, why would be need this additional income?


2016 method APP scam is nothing but the ordinary money stealing scheme, we can’t find even a glimpse of honesty inside the 2016method.com, nothing that can be really confirmed or investigated, and when we add the bad feedback we received from some people who decided to give this APP a try. We can easily conclude that Paul Worthington does not exist and this crap of a software is nothing but a fraud operation!


From our investigations for this The 2016 Method Review we found plenty of evidence to show that it is not to be trusted. This free offer is made up of false names, bogus credentials, fake testimonials and scam tactics to pressurize people into funding an account, without having time to consider what exactly they are getting into. We can only conclude that this offer from 2016 Method App has been set up as a pure scam.


If you are newcomer to binary options industry we definitely recommend you stay clear of bogus services like the 2016 Method App. If you seriously consider starting a binary options trading carrier we advise signing with direct binary options regulated broker. Please make sure to trade only with money you can afford to lose and wont damage your personal status!


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