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Monaco Treasure Scam Review – JUNK APP BULLDOZED!

Monaco Treasure software is the latest trading application to have released in the binary options market place.  This system presented by Alfred Malone unfortunately lacks any crediblity .  In fact more so we feel that this platform is a ‘Junk App’ that if used for the purposes of binary options trading will caused headache and almost certain loss of investment.


The persona , Alfred Malone tries to gives us false reassurances about the Monaco Treasure Software and how this binary options platform presents a unique opportunity due to its cutting-edge capabilities unseen in the market place today.  As a premature guarantee they claim with the assistance of the Monaco Treasure System users can allegedly generate thousands of dollars in profit per day, with absolutely no risk to the trader.  All Trades conducted through the auto-trader are apparently winners.  Yeah Right, In the next section we will look to assess the real Monaco Trader Scam and why it is not worth your while. We would strongly encourage users to read on and ascertain the true facts especially if you are strongly considering engaging with the app.

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What is the Monaco Trading App?

In essence the trading software is an automated trading program that claims to successful trade binary options on complete autopilot.  There is no doubt in our minds that the Monaco Trading scam presents lots of bold statements, and deliveres very little on any of the promises it makes.



Monaco Treasure App


The voice over character who refers to himself as Mr. Alfred Malone, founder of the Monaco Treasure Binary Options Trading System, you can rest assured is no genuine veteran.  In fact we firmly believe that this individual is just a paid voice narrator reading a script. Evidence – Through extensive research we could not find one single shred of evidence that makes us believe that this individual is legit.  In fact we are sure that we are dealing with a complete fiction of imaginated deduced by some potential trouble makers who are in the business of misleading people for their own personal gain.


The sad truth is that Monaco Treasure is a scam designed to rip you off. It will take your own money and lose it. So not only it won’t earn you a single cent, it will also make you poorer if you use it.

Fake Testimonials

When we begin to look at the testimonials we are certain that the product is a fraud. Scammers hired some actors to endorse Monaco Treasure, but all the claims about this trading system are fake. None of them ever traded with this program. Look at the picture and you will see that they are actors that sell testimonials for five dollars. This is the second proof of scam.


Monaco Treasure Scam Testimonial


Apparent only 500 new spots are available for gaining access to Monaco Treasure app free of charge. According to their introductory videos, once these spots are taken, a hefty $10,000 monthly will be charged for new registrants to access the Monaco Treasure trading software. Seriously? $10k charge every month? No way!


Monaco Treasure is a scam that won’t make you any money. If you use it, you will lose your own money, because it cannot trade profitably! We would encourage you to steer clear of this dangerous software and look for more safer options which do not elimate risk totally but provide more stable results. If you are inteterested why not consider joining Epix Forex Brand which uses stable scalping methods that are far more stable and consistent.


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