Azonax Fund Scam Review

Azonaxfund Review
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Azonax Fund Scam Review; HYIP App Busted!!

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The Azonax Fund has recently started to go viral in the the High Investment Yields Sector. This trading program for its potentials that it promises is a Scam HYIP that is a focal point of this review.


The Azonax Fund is a HYIP program which is allegedly a brain child of the  Azonax Holding Inc. that aims hance people’s financial security by providing them with expert’s financial advice, high-quality implementation, excellent results, as well as with a range of impartially studied, optimized investment products.


Azonaxfund Review


The company which stipulates that it operated from 204 rather 2004 planning to assist individuals by assisting with tax planning, financial consultancy and other advisory services provide investment options that mitigate the risks involved.


Azonax  Fund Scam Review


According to the website the Azonax Fund web portal was created on the 3rd June 2016,  which is about two weeks from time of writing this review.  This is way to young to be offering investment securities of such proportions.  The risk factor of guaranteeing payouts may lead to liquidation issues without the need for regular cash injections.


azonaxfund scam review


Based on ranking, they have managed to take control over the Russian, Pakistan, Indian and Ukrainian markets probably because they are targeting untapped and new investors that have not been prone to these scams before. We would therefore recommend that traders from these GEO locations NOT to fall for this kind of scam and to look for honest and trustworthy reviews that will save your money.


Azonax Fund Scam Points

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: No
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: Yes


Azonax Fund Software Scam Facts Revealed; Evidence Reviewed

  • The Azonax Holding Inc which founded the Azonax Fund Investment Program is a fiction of imagination.  Have a look for the company’s management, CEO, or back ground history through any social media network, business forum or linked inn pages you will notice that there is no trace of this group anywhere.


  • The Investment Programs offered by the fund provide unsustainable returns that are far fetched and do not hold any ounce of realism in them.  The fund currently offers. Returns in excess of 2% daily is not realistic and the facts that these programs are short in duration correlate to Binary Options Scams that promise fast returns within hours of signing up.


  • The Azonax Fund started its operation as a private investment firm in 2013. “ This is the creators claim about their company.  However our research indicates the company has only registered to website less than a month ago.


Fake Reviews and Testimonials Azonax Fund

It has come to our knowledge that the Fake Profiles have been created by the azonaxfund app to trick people into believing this company is genuine with a proper hierarchy and management structure that you would see in many reputable firms of stature and economic awareness.


Chief among them is a Sales Manager Howard Scott who implies to be a Sales Manager for the firm. Patricia West, Kate Williams, Amy Vanderbute and Jeremy Davidson are the other names who have been known to be representing the firm.  We researched the expert team of the Azonax Fund. They are all stock photos attached to names, invented personalities with no real involvement with the firm.


Azonax Fund does not make its money from binary options trading or any other form investing programs rather from the amount of sales they make. . They also don’t have a money back guarantee so if you ignore this review and go ahead and join; you are never going to get it back since there is also no outlined means of communication with the Azonax Fund team.


Review Verdict: Azonax Fund Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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