MTSoft Software Review

MTSoft Software Review
Authors Rating

MTSoft Software Review ; Scam App Fireball Mirroring Hazard

MTSoft Software Review – The Mirror Trader Software mirroring app is a fireball hazard, a scam. Whilst, composing this MT Soft Review, I was truly stunned to find the arrival of MT Soft Software. The main contrast is that it was essentially called Mirror Trader System at the time. Amid that time, I audited the old MT System on another blog where I uncovered that it was a trick. Presently with another name and a few changes on the Mirror Ttrader site, many individuals are thinking about whether it is an enhanced framework. Maybe, you’re thinking about whether this new form is genuine and in the event that it can make you rich.


In the event that you didn’t get it, MT Soft trick is essentially a shortened form of Mirror Trader Software. Indeed, even the name has not changed much. I have additionally been asked a few times and that is for what valid reason I chose to investigate the MT Soft Platform. Nothing has truly transformed it is as yet a trick. On the off chance that you really need to discover why it is a trick, at that point you should read this legitimate survey. Try not to contribute your cash until the point that you have perused this MT Soft survey to the end.


MT Soft Review-The Scam Mirror Trader Software Exposed!!!

The MT Soft App is an auto exchanging framework as far as anyone knows possessed by John Harrison, a man who calls himself an exchanging virtuoso. The primary speculation component of the application is Mirror Trader organization. The site asserts that the organization is a worldwide venture organization that arrangements with exchanging calculation advancement. The MT Soft programming framework guarantees a day by day gaining of $14,500 every day. I will return to this claim over the span of the MT Soft survey.



MTSoft Software Review

MT Soft Review

It likewise asserts that it is a “no hazard” auto broker and ensures no misfortunes as it probably offers high precision execution. The MT Soft trick framework asserts that it is allowed to utilize the application and you don’t have to do any sort of work or anything. Simply unwind and continue winning. In any case, is this truly conceivable? Would you be able to really gain $14,500 for doing nothing? Remain with me and discover more.


Who Created the Mirror Trader Software?

Much the same as when it was first discharged over a year prior, Mirror Trader Software survey Website was as far as anyone knows made by John Harrison. The video on the site demonstrates Harrison guaranteeing he is the CEO of the framework and the main designer. Be that as it may, the inquiry I asked myself was; “who is John Harrison?” For somebody who cases to be a web based exchanging virtuoso and worldwide venture organization proprietor, there ought to be some information of him in the business circle.


Scam Artist as seen :

Mirror Trader MTSoft Review


When I looked into the name on the Internet, I found that John Harrison is just an imaginary character. He is a just paid on-screen character who is essentially posturing for the genuine fraudsters behind the MT Soft trick. Not exclusively was there no valuable data about John Harrison, the picture of him utilized on the site was effortlessly found on Fiverr. This demonstrates the genuine proprietor of the product is oblivious; a sign that you should remain away. Different suspicious realities revealed in this MT Soft audit beneath.


Aside from the phony proprietor, I additionally investigated the Mirror Trading Company and discovered that it doesn’t exist. It isn’t recorded anyplace as an organization and has no genuine qualifications. It isn’t an enlisted organization in any country and ought to be viewed as a sham. The way that this MT Soft framework expects you to make stores is sufficient purpose behind you to ensure that it is a genuine organization.


Indeed, even on the Internet, there is no specify of the organization on any index. It does not have the essential permitting and professional resource that genuine organizations have.


Mirror Trader Scam

Counterfeit Earners and MT Software Results Exposed!

On the Mirror Trader site, you will locate a moving piece of tributes by gathered clients who are gaining $650+ consistently. Notwithstanding, similar to the phony CEO of the MT Soft survey site, these individuals are paid, performers. They are not honest to goodness merchants and, maybe, do not understand what double alternatives exchanging is about. You ought to be cautious about the sort of data you see and accept.


MTsoft Results

The MT Soft Website Gives a “No Risk” Claim. It’s a Lie!

The most incredible claim made by MT Soft Scam is that there are no exchanging dangers and that clients ought to expect benefits on all exchanging. This is absurd and fully incomprehensible. In digital money exchanging and paired alternatives, there is no assurance. Everybody realizes that there are dangers and a high plausibility of misfortune. To assert that there are no dangers is exceedingly tricky.


Counterfeit Brokers Associated With MT Software App

The possibility of John Harrison is that you don’t have to do anything besides essentially reflect his exchanging (those completed by his specialists). Yet, I have discovered that these representatives are additionally neither authentic nor authorized. It will be an extraordinary error on the off chance that you contribute on a paired alternatives exchanging framework that utilizations counterfeit dealers.


The MT Soft Live Trades are Not Real!

Likewise, the MT Soft App strategy demonstrates some finished exchanges on the MT Soft audit site. On the off chance that you look carefully, you’ll understand that these exchanges are not genuine. It is just a graphical creation to betray individuals from general society who are ignorant of their plan. It is significantly more crazy since you can see this assumed live outcomes even on Sunday. We as a whole realize that the monetary market isn’t open on Sunday. This ought to persuade you that it’s a phony.


Does MT Soft Software Work?

Considering every one of the cases that this MT Soft Review framework influences, I to can let you know completely that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t take part in genuine exchanging as guaranteed. It likewise can’t gain you any benefits. The primary point is to take your well deserved cash.


Is Mirror Trader Software a Scam?

On the off chance that you need a fair response to this inquiry. It is YES. MT programming is a trick. It doesn’t do anything it guarantees to do, parades a phony CEO and utilizations counterfeit tributes as well. Nothing seems acceptable on this framework and you’ll do yourself a considerable measure of good in the event that you avoid it.


Maximus Edge is the one of the only few programs for exchanging parallel choices that exists today. It has the best exchanging procedures, the most astounding ITM rates, the greatest benefit potential, and your decision of various representatives as well. Check out our review on this app Maximus Edge EA Review 


Recommended Strategy

Maximus Edge


Remember that on the off chance that you manage unregulated agents, you can make sure that not just your assets won’t be secure and any consequent protestations to an administrative specialist or overseeing body will have less odds of progress. Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE!  Thank you for reading this review


Trend Catcher Scam Software Review

Trend Catcher App Review
Authors Rating

Trend Catcher Scam Software Review

Trend Catcher Scam Software is out now for mass destruction. We are here yet again to do another big scam review and this time it is for the Trend Catcher app, a totally fraudulent binary options trading system. The claims made by these crooks are actually not totally outrageous, but they are outrageous enough. At first, this software may seem like a good choice if you need an automated binary options trading system. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes painfully clear that it is just another money thieving scam.


Don’t fall for the tricks courtesy of Trend Catcher software because you will pay dearly if you do. There are various indications which go a long way in displaying how the Trend Catcher scam is definitely not legit or credible in any way, shape, or form. This app, the website, and the presentation video are all based on lies and exaggerations that just can’t be true. We’re here doing a Trend Catcher scam review to give your fair warning about this highly dangerous and absolutely malicious piece of software.


Trend Catcher Scam App ; A Childish Presentation Video

One thing that makes us very suspicious and weary of this app is the presentation video featured on the website. Trading Binary Options and or Forex is definitely a big task, one that requires lots of patience, skill, and know how. The presentation video seems to be created by a novice and made in a manner that looks very low budget and kiddish. No ounce of professionalism which speaks volumes or very little depending on which way you look at it


The video is full of cartoons and terrible animated figures. Binary options trading is supposed to be serious and professional, not a kid’s game. The fact that the video looks like a grade 5 school project is neither convincing nor attractive. Based on this alone, we would definitely recommend that you look somewhere else for a good BO trading service.



How Does Trend Catcher Trading Software Work?

Another indication that a scam is afoot here has to do with the way in which this program works to generate money for us. We are told that the Trend Catcher app uses the TC algorithm to execute highly profitable trades. If you did not notice, TC just stands for Trend Catcher. In other words, these guys claim to have created their own trading strategy and highly efficient algorithm. However, the problem here is that we are never actually informed what this strategy is or how the algorithm works.


Trend Catcher App Review


We are simply told that it is an algorithm which decreases the risk of loss and maximizes the profit potential of any trade. Don’t get us wrong because this sounds just fine to us, but the issue is the fact that every single trading system in the world is supposed to maximize profit and minimize risk. The simple fact of the matter is that we want to know how this program works, but the clowns behind Trend Catcher software refuse to tell us. We are just supposed to take their word for it. After so many years busting scams, you can rest assured that there is no way we are going to take these scammers at face value.


How Much Money Can Trend Catcher Software Generate?

This is the biggest and most important question that you could ever ask about any binary options trading system. After all, money is what we are here to make when we sign up for one of these services. Well, the really confusing thing about Trend Catcher scam software is that they cannot seem to get their numbers straight.


One minute these crooks tell us one thing and the next minute they seem to totally change their minds, seemingly on a whim. At one point we are told that this app can generate up to $270 per day in profits. This is not an absurd claim as there are quite a few programs out there that can generate up to four times as much money in a single day. However, just a short while later we are told that earning up to $8,000 per month is possible with this system. $270 multiplied by 5 days per week multiplied by 4 weeks is definitely not $8,000.


Trend Catcher Scam Software Review


Furthermore, another part of the website claims that several members have been able to generate up to $13,000 per month with Trend Catcher software. Hmm, this all seems very suspicious to us. Either everything told here is a complete bold faced lie, or the person who put it all together has serious short term memory issues. Either way, you should never trust a binary options trading program that has such huge differences in the amount of money it claims to be able to make. Inconsistency is not a flattering feature when it comes to a Binary Options service.


Trend Catcher Scam – Red Flags

There are plenty of other red flags about this total garbage heap of a trading app, so let’s mention those real quick too.


 •The presentation video does not mention of an owner, creator, or CEO. This is a completely anonymous trading system, which is a huge problem.

•The broker you are forced to connect to with the Trend Catcher app is likely to be neither licensed nor regulated. They are here to rip you off and steal your money.


IQ Options


Risk Warning!!
“General Risk Warning: The monetary administrations gave by this site convey an abnormal state of hazard and can bring about the loss of every one of your assets. You ought to never contribute cash that you can’t stand to lose.”


•All of the so called success stories and user testimonials are fabricated and made up out of thin air. They are nothing more than stolen stock images and little blurbs written by the same thieves peddling this scam.

Trend Catcher Software – Conclusion

At the end of the day, the only reasonable conclusion to come to here is that Trend Catcher software is a rip off. It’s a scam with the express intent of emptying your bank account. Stay away from it!


For a better alternative, we can encourage you to check out the Maximus Edge EA Review which offers more realistic returns and continues to provide good feeback from independent users.


Maximus Edge Platform


Please feel free to comment about your experiences, if any, with the software below this article. If you would like us to investigate any product or have any queries, please contact us and we will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible. Please visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page.


Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs that come with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend and invite you to check out Binary Options  signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. Binary Options newcomers must always consider registrations with free demo accounts with regulated brokers, until they are more confident to start with real accounts and money! There are other genuine platforms out there, but Trend Catcher Scam software is not one of is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE!  Thank you for reading this Trend Catcher Software review


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Monaco Treasure Junk Scam Review

Monaco Treasure App
Authors Rating

Monaco Treasure Scam Review – JUNK APP BULLDOZED!

Monaco Treasure software is the latest trading application to have released in the binary options market place.  This system presented by Alfred Malone unfortunately lacks any crediblity .  In fact more so we feel that this platform is a ‘Junk App’ that if used for the purposes of binary options trading will caused headache and almost certain loss of investment.


The persona , Alfred Malone tries to gives us false reassurances about the Monaco Treasure Software and how this binary options platform presents a unique opportunity due to its cutting-edge capabilities unseen in the market place today.  As a premature guarantee they claim with the assistance of the Monaco Treasure System users can allegedly generate thousands of dollars in profit per day, with absolutely no risk to the trader.  All Trades conducted through the auto-trader are apparently winners.  Yeah Right, In the next section we will look to assess the real Monaco Trader Scam and why it is not worth your while. We would strongly encourage users to read on and ascertain the true facts especially if you are strongly considering engaging with the app.

If you want to trade Binary Options then we would encourage the Epix Trader Software.

Epix Trader Binary Options

What is the Monaco Trading App?

In essence the trading software is an automated trading program that claims to successful trade binary options on complete autopilot.  There is no doubt in our minds that the Monaco Trading scam presents lots of bold statements, and deliveres very little on any of the promises it makes.



Monaco Treasure App


The voice over character who refers to himself as Mr. Alfred Malone, founder of the Monaco Treasure Binary Options Trading System, you can rest assured is no genuine veteran.  In fact we firmly believe that this individual is just a paid voice narrator reading a script. Evidence – Through extensive research we could not find one single shred of evidence that makes us believe that this individual is legit.  In fact we are sure that we are dealing with a complete fiction of imaginated deduced by some potential trouble makers who are in the business of misleading people for their own personal gain.


The sad truth is that Monaco Treasure is a scam designed to rip you off. It will take your own money and lose it. So not only it won’t earn you a single cent, it will also make you poorer if you use it.

Fake Testimonials

When we begin to look at the testimonials we are certain that the product is a fraud. Scammers hired some actors to endorse Monaco Treasure, but all the claims about this trading system are fake. None of them ever traded with this program. Look at the picture and you will see that they are actors that sell testimonials for five dollars. This is the second proof of scam.


Monaco Treasure Scam Testimonial


Apparent only 500 new spots are available for gaining access to Monaco Treasure app free of charge. According to their introductory videos, once these spots are taken, a hefty $10,000 monthly will be charged for new registrants to access the Monaco Treasure trading software. Seriously? $10k charge every month? No way!


Monaco Treasure is a scam that won’t make you any money. If you use it, you will lose your own money, because it cannot trade profitably! We would encourage you to steer clear of this dangerous software and look for more safer options which do not elimate risk totally but provide more stable results. If you are inteterested why not consider joining Epix Forex Brand which uses stable scalping methods that are far more stable and consistent.


Epix Trader Forex

Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE! Thank you for reading this review



BURNING SCAM – Cash365 review

Authors Rating

BURNING SCAM: Cash365 review

The Cash365 App, a web based trading application is a burning Scam that will lead to burn a hole in your trading account in quick sessions. Predominately, a Binary Option trading application, the Cash 365 Scam disgusting us from a moral and ethical standpoint. Read this review to learn why Cash365 is a scam that can only lose your money and why you should avoid it.


We will start by identifying the promise and guarantees the software providers reckon that the software can readily demonstrate and achieve for any user that utilises the applications auto trading facilities. Cash365 is a software for trading binary options. It is fully automated, so it can work on autopilot. And it allegedly can make you $1.857 per day. If you are on the serious opinion that this is a legitimate promise, read on and accelerate your knowledge with the facts on why this system is a scam best avoided.





Cash365 Scam Review

The sad truth about the Cash365 App which unveils itself as the newest bigges money making opportuntiy is sadly over optimistic.  You see this application has nothing going for it which inspires us with confidence.  You can be sure that any trader that inputs money into it will come out empty handed.


In addition to the above, any claims about this software being free is a ludicrous statement.  As typical with most binary options auto trading products potential users are required to deposit the minimum amount required by the brokers synced with the software.  This usually works out to be around $250 before the software can be activated and used for auto trading purposes.  Even then there is no guarantee that the software will work or any risks with trading foreign currencies can be completely eroded which is what the software implies.

Cash 365 Fake testimonials

The Cash365 video as seen on the webpage, when one observes and hovers around on the software’s video presentation landing page implies that some beta testers have achieved some level of success which matches the guarantees dictated by the anonymous developers.  This we can telly you first hand are all FAKE. You see all the people who give positive reviews on the web portal are all paid actors that have never made a single cent with this trading program.  Even the static testimonials you see on the website are fabricate with stock photos.


Cash 365 Scam software Conclusion

There is not much one can say about the the Cash365 app to see what it is about. After further investigation we could not find a scrap of evidence that could support this claim.In fact looking at twitter, Facebook and any other social media forumns we could not find one legitimate user who can readily testify with proof that this software works. . Cash365  we can guarantee you only engages with unregulated or even blacklisted brokers. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog, it can prevent you from signing with similar binary bots & scams like the Cash 365Software!


We encourage you to not only do yourself a considerable favor but also help out others by sharing and avoiding the Cash365 System for binary options. The main problem with that kind of scams, which can be considered as a huge red flag, is they lack know how of how the industry works and that risks can never be eroded. Tragically we could not find anything to substantiate the claims made by the software’s presenters. Our advice is to stay away from it. The business page comprises alot of deceiving tactics which are synonymous to blacklisted apps.


The United Trading network, a new and unique service has just open. This is the worlds first real binary option social trading platform.  Althought it may not achieve overnight success, it will provide more reliable and consistent results than the scams we see eroding the market place.


United Trading Network Social Website & Join Today Launched!



Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE! Thank you for reading this review



Sowelstace Financial Review

Sowelstace Financial Scam
Authors Rating

Sowelstace Financial Review – Another Scam for the Scrapbook! Facts!!

This is our review on the Sowelstace Financial software. Sowelstace Financial is the ephiphany of scam softwares and trading robots to add to our scrapbook that have manifested themselves in recent times as lucrative investment opportunities with limited quotas in the amount of people that can join their movement.


We are convinced as we usher looking for the next big opportunity this application and the contents of its website are all plagued with misleading information that is developed & designed to defraud you by giving you false hope and guarantees.  The name which is a mouthful to pronounce does ‘talk’ alot of drama. We will point out shortly what we found in our in-depth of the Sowelstace Financial review.  We encourage you to peruse through this detailed analysis to avoid being burned out with this scam.


Official Website –

Sowelstace Financial Scam Review


Sowelstace Financial Review

In recent times this Sowelstace Financial App has gained some popularity with an increasing marketing effort by the “consters” trying to lure unsuspecting individuals in any way they can.  This trading software which predominately is supposedly a binary options trading software that is supposedly designed to work on auto-pilot claims that the software is very lucrative and can work magic with your bank balances.


Without moving a finger, the software it is said is able to generate a minimum of $1,500 per day for the novice. For experienced traders, more than $8,000 per day is also allegedly achievable. On an average, a sum over $25,000 is the expected amount users can potentially yield supposedly from this application.  Regular subscribers, would already know by now that such claims are dumb-founded and without merit.


Who is Behind the Sowelstace Financial App?

Moving on from the outlandish claims, let us focus and mention a bit about the team background credentials in the marketplace.  When we observe the Sowelstace Financial App, whilst watching the pitch video we are introduced to Jimmy Reese who claims to be the co-creator behind the system.


Sowelstace Financial Scam


He claims this system is unique in many ways. Although, doesn’t really elaborate a bit on this so called ‘unique’ in the whole offering. Parking that aside, Ryan Moore, the company’s CTO claims to have worked with Jimmy at a New York’s Investment Firm. None of this is proven of course or verifiable but we can assure you that no real reference would come it if you are to do a back ground check. Even on social media or websites like LinkedIn, there is no trace of Jimmy or Ryan. A company which has been turning fortunes of people for some years now needs to have an office at least. But, all we get to see is a show of Jimmy’s Lamborghini, house and Karen’s new BMW. In all good chance, the people you see in the video of Sowelstace Financial Scam are paid actors.


More Red Flags- Sowelstace Financial Scam Claims Hoovered Up!!

Our Experiences with this system have revealed so many anomalies that shout ‘FOUL.’  While performing extensive background checks we noticed and came across some very interesting but equally disturbing anomalies. We noticed that the interface of this Sowelstace Financial scam software had an uncanny resemblance to the Royce Code Scam software. The theme and feel of this look so identical.


The website prominently displays testimonials of four people on its homepage. As is customary for us to find out, we investigated whether or not they were genuine ones or not. Our efforts bore fruits very quickly as we found the testifiers to be fake. The profile pictures we see of them, are fake nd have been lifted from Stock image websites. You can find the same man riding the bicycle, featuring on many other websites with the same pose.


Fake Financial summaries

The website based on our research showed the domain of Sowelstace Financial itself came up by the end of 2016. Yet despite this we are shown screenshots of the earnings this software has managed to pile up over the years. Some statements that are shown date back to as early as 2013. How can it be possible?


Is It Really Available For Free?

Time and again we see the same marketing strategy of scammers. They always scream “Free Free” and try to attract people who think that it’s worth a try since it wouldn’t cost them anything. Jimmy does add a foot note to this and claims that the software would eventually cease to be free and membership cost would then be well be over $2,500 per license. Be sure that this period will never really arise as this whole ploy is nothing but a marketing sales pressurised tactic formulated to make it look more lucrative.  Who can blame them I suppose as so far everthing about the system looks to be based on lies and they know full well the only way they can sell crap is too more cherry pie on top , figuratively speaking of course.


The scammers just want you to hand over $250 to them on the context of funding your trading account. You would not find your money in the safe custody of a regulated and licensed broker. These scams are floated by shady brokers in collusion with the people behind fake trading platforms.


Verdict – Sowelstace Financial Is 100% Scam.

Fradulent App ; Deceptive Claims & Guarantees.  Best Avoided!!

More Scams: the The CFDSociety App Review & Omnia App Scam Review


It is just the starting of 2017, and you must have made some resolutions and plans for this year. We want you to be careful while taking your financial decisions especially if they are related to Binary options trading. Some softwares like Sowelstace Financial software which are recycled are dangerous. We would encourage you to steer clear of this dangerous software and look for more safer options which do not elimate risk totally but provide more stable results.  Softwares such as the United Trading Social Network, in our opinion are far better and more consistent high-quality signals, triggered by real traders.


United Trading Network Social Website & Join Today Launched!



Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE! Thank you for reading this review

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