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Neo2 Software Review; Shocking Killer Technology System Blowed Open!!

Is the Neo2 App Scam?  Neo2 Square Exclusive

NEO2 Software Review.  Is the Neo2 Trading Software the blockbuster app we have been waiting for or is Neo2 Scam? Neo2 System as hosted on the portal  also referred to as Neo2 Square App is the latest Trading Software that is targeted towards binary options traders.  We at Binary Umpire have looked at been seen an endless amount of scams recently that makes it difficult to target and endorse those apps that have a better probability of being successful. Thankfully with Neo2 Software App we found this task a bit easier and rather than look at scam widgets , fake testimonials and being hit with annoying popups as we see so very often with Scam Apps, we had none of that with the Neo2 Trading System.


The Neo2 Software has a number of unique features which is a revolution and a breath of fresh air.  The Neo2 App is a matrix. It is a system for the purposes of Binary Options trading yet posses some unique qualities that no other trading software possesses including some of the most successful products.  The main bread and butter of Neo2 Software Trading product is that it also is a monster app when it comes to trading commodities.  We have been testing this app and so far the results are overwhelming.  We will look to provide a follow up review of the Neo2 app much like we do with most products which stand out from the pack.


The Neo2 Software Trading movement claims to be a revolutionary product and boasts a high success rate with its algorithm based technology.  We will look at what factors the Neo2 System brings to the table and provide an overview of this product in general.  We would encourage any one who is interested in registering with the Ne02 Software to look at this Neo2 review in its entirety before making investment decision about this application.


Neo2 Software Trading Platform Link:

Neo2 Software Revview


Neo2 Software is the Matrix

Neo2 has recently been updated and the additional features make us impressed and ecstatic that something new has hit the market which makes us overwhelmed and fascinated by the Neo2 Square App even more.  The NEO2 software Matrix brings to the table not just one piece of technology, but two different and very advanced systems that are both focused on predicting future events. Both of these technologies are are highly advance and have predictive algorithms components that make this system super.


Neo2 Software Matrix


NEO2 software will not only allow you to trade on complete auto-pilot, but it will also allow you to do so on a mobile device. For those of you that prefer manual trading, or if you want to place trades with a broker you already have an account with in addition to the broker linked to your NEO2 software, you will be able to use the signals and signal strength indicators to do that too!


Neo2 Software Review – The Detailed Analysis

NEO2 software is a trading app that claims to be based on the convergence of weather predictions and trading algorithms. It uses Satellites to predict weather behaviour which directly correlates to price fluctuations in commodities price levels. Dr. Jack Piers, PhD. CEO and Founder of NEO2 who has a great deal of passion to Climate Forecasting, but most importantly the impact of weather changes on the Economy. He used his passion in designing this signalling software with the intention of creating an auto trader that is not only highly accurate but a one of its kind.


Neo2 Sqaured - The Revolutionary App


Working at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) during the early part of his career, Jack Piers, as he described, became obsessed about everything that has to do with Solar Lunar activities and it’s impact on earth. A climate Forecasting Expert with a team of highly proficient day-traders who have a track record in the binary options world have spent countless of hours back testing this app with a fine toothpick to ensure that it is not only user friendly but delivers results in any a variety of market sessions.


Dr. Piers in collaboration with Amit Gupta, NEO2 President and Lead Programmer   are  the key influencers who are behind the Neo 2 Software Movement.  With a long history of success in start up technology companies, Amit Gupta was the perfect fit to join the team. Using his programming skills, design and previous experience working with start-ups, Gupta helped to revolutionise this system to ensure that it was synced perfectly to market movements with Jacks Solar Tracking cutting edge trading algorithms as the core ethos behind the design and structure of the NEO² Squared platform




Jack Piers’s essential role was the introduction of the Solar Tracker, which Amit Gupta programmed into the Auto-Trader and user panel as illustrated on the Neo2 Square App video, activating this feature is as simple as it gets.  William Van Loon NEO2 Chief Financial Officer and Investor saw this product as an absolute must join software.  Mr. Van Loot has been an initial tester of NEO 2 and most importantly, William is in charge of the future launch on business platform.


Neo2 Scam Review Points

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: No
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Not from what I can tell
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: No
  • Comes Across As Authentic: Yes
  • Auto-trading: Yes, fully auto-trading software


Neo2 Software Trading Features

  • Solar tracker matrix –  Neo Software is really advanced.  Everything about this trading software looks and feels great. Click on the Neo Sync Button and you will activate the software enable its forecasting abilities.
  • The Neo 2 Auto trading function – The Trade Algo Button is the  will start profiting from this system even when you’re momentarily away from your PC or laptop.
  • Works across a variety of mediums – Neo2 Software Trading works across a variety of  devices.  It works on PCs, Laptops and mobile devices. As a result, this gives you the advantage of trading and profiting on the go. Trading has never been this convenient.
  • User Friendliness and Chat Features – The user interface of Neo 2 software Trading Features was designed to accommodate the needs of its users as of paramount importance.


NEO² Squared 3 Basic Functions in the members control panel: NEO2 Squared Sync button activates the Solar Tracker. Press the Trade Algo Button next which activates auto-pilot mode. Once Neo2 SYNC and Algo Trade are activated, just click large ‘START NOW’ button to enable the Auto-Pilot mode. Once the Yellow lights are on, all you need to do is click on the Yellow Button and this will converge the two functions and activate the Auto-Trading Mode.


Neo2 Software Trading


We have all reasons to believe that this trading platform is going to change lives. It is said that Neo 2 software will give its users anywhere between $2,000 and $4,000 in weekly profits. These claims are somehow realistic unlike what scams proclaim on the internet. Most scams would promise those figures in one day as opposed to one week.


Neo2 Software App Review

William Van Loon NEO 2 Chief Financial Officer / Investor is one of the initial testers and decided to get behind the project after testing and confirming the credibility of the software. After confirming and seeing the great potential in NEO 2 to help day-traders generate a steady income, he decided to fully back NEO 2 Software and introduce it publicly in coordinate the pre-launch focus group with Michael Freeman and get it ready for the final launch on  Kickstarter is an enormous global community built around creative projects. Over 10 million people, from every continent on earth, have backed a Kickstarter project.


Kickstarter describes themselves as “an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects. Over 10 million people, from every continent on earth, have backed a Kickstarter project.”  Through a simple syncing process the solar tracker and NEO2  join forces with the auto trading software to bring powerful and effective trading opportunities. The Pre-Launch Focus Group is essentially a step towards launching NEO 2 Software on Kick Starter, once it’s on on Kick Starter users will be asked for a $7,900 annual license fee to use the software.   We should remind you that generally, only scam auto-traders and services will offer you money without anything in return.  Neo2 does not promise you millions but it does promise you a decent return on investment and in time even the fee should it be activated will be covered by the profits generated from this app.


Ne02 app


NEO2 Software Trading is also set to be available on mobile devices.  NEO2 received a special endorsement by the amazing Jesse Heiman who kissed super model Bar Rafaeli in the Super Bowl Commercial back in 2013 as featured on NEO2 towards the end of the introduction video.  The power of Michael Freeman’s involvement during the production of this Neo2 Software is additional weight and substantive enough for us to give NEO2 a green light.  Michael’s role in the development of NEO2, is directly associated with binary options technology development and day-trading solutions.  Add in a combined effort by four super talented individuals, and this is on the fast track to viral status.  Let’s reinforce our belief in NEO2 with what sets this software APP apart from the competition.


The team behind the Neo 2 system were only focused on two goals; first, they wanted to come up with a really effective and accurate software for trading the financial markets. Secondly, they wanted to create a web-based trading bot that would be very user-friendly. Thankfully, this team of professionals in their respective fields have managed to achieve their goals The user interface of Neo 2 software was designed to accommodate all people regardless of their education level or familiarity with trading program. Once you start using it, you will know what’s required of you to do.


Michael Freeman


All of this would already have been great by itself, but on top of it all, I know for a fact that the guy appearing in the NEO 2 software video and shown above is Michael Freeman himself, and not some fake person. Mike is widely respected as one of the most influential binary options trading experts. His binary options YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers has literally hundreds of videos with training, educational and sometimes just fun videos about trading binary options.  With him being involved with the NEO2 software, it should be amazing!


Our Satisfaction Guarantee


Dr. Piers’ Neo2 Square lunar tracking system combined with Freeman’s trading algorithm is certainly a smart idea in action. This is a unique technology because it doesn’t rely on technical analysis and fundamentals alone. But it also incorporates lunar elements to make predicting the future a possibility.


There are a number of articles that explore the relationship between nature and how people react in the markets, which is exactly the focus of the NEO 2 software project! The influence of solar tracking events do have correlating factors that affect environmental events, and economic trends.  The Neo2 Software Video is fascinating as it uses this tracking technology to try and understand the factors that influence price action.


So, what are the advantages of using this Neo2 Square software?

Neo2 system is a step above the competition and in many cases one of the most advanced software’s out there with precision like accuracy. Th ability to wisely use weather forecasting trends to predict the financial markets is something that can give any trader a success, especially when combined with technical analysis. This program has used completely legal ways of making money on the internet.


The Neo2 Square app is also very user friendly.  This system does not only yield returns for any would be investors but is quite easy to operate with its three step process. The user interface of Neo 2 software was designed to accommodate all people regardless of their education level or familiarity with trading program. Once you start using it, you will know what’s required of you to do. This is mainly in part due to the skill and creativity of Amit Gupta who is the president of Neo Square and also a lead programmer.


Neo2 Square App


The task that Gupta was entrusted with was easy and at the same time difficult. He had to come up with an interface that would be easy to understand. He managed to sync the two algorithms together after several months of testing.In short, you cannot compare the Neo2 App with other software in the market. By combining input from 3 people, this robot goes a long way to beat competition with amazing results.


Neo 2 Works Across Various Devices – You can use Neo2 signals on all devices across the board. It works on PCs, Laptops and mobile devices. As a result, this gives you the advantage of trading and profiting on the go, thanks to the fact that nearly everyone owns a smartphone or tablet these days. Trading has never been this convenient.


The Neo 2 Platform Features a number of Reputable Brokers –Instead of limiting you to just one or two brokers, this Neo 2 developer has teamed up with a number of reputable names in the industry. You can choose anyone of them and start making profits right away.


Dr. Piers’ Neo2 Square lunar tracking system combined with Freeman’s trading algorithm is certainly a smart idea in action. This is a unique technology because it doesn’t rely on technical analysis and fundamentals alone. But it also incorporates lunar elements to make predicting the future a possibility.


At the moment, Neo 2 Software Trading platform is free to use.  However after 60 days or once the Kickstarter project commences this position may change so it would be recommended that any investor who is interested in this Neo2 Square App to look at the video in depth and to read over this review so as to understand Neo2 App Fundamental Mechanics before signing up.


Neo2 Software Recommendation and Conclusion

NEO2 Software Trading App aka NEO² Squared is not a Neo2 app Scam.  This system presents a 2016 revelation and is recommended for testing. Experienced traders in the binary trading community understand the importance of working with a reliable and reputable broker. This is the reason that the creator of this software has taken time to test various options and included only reliable brokers in this software.  No Tricks or Gimmicks, no limitation on spots, fake count down clock or threats of having the page taken down if you don’t signup today.  During the beta testing mode NEO Auto-Trading APP has generated up to 85% accuracy. We are pretty amazed from what Neo2 Software service is currently offering. Neo Software is truly a revolution, a truly unique innovative and promising trading method and presents an interesting opportunity for all new and existing traders alike.


Review Verdict: NEO2 Software Trading App is 100% Scam Free; Recommended for Binary Options Trading

Neo2 Software Signup


NEO 2 Square is definitely something you must have! We believe that this Neo2 Software Trading Service will have immense impact into binary options trading and it will change it forever.  Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. For individuals interested in ICO’s be sure to check out or our guide Initial Coin Offering. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE! Thank you for reading this review


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Binadroid Trading App Review

Authors Rating

BinaDroid Software Review; BinaDroid Trading App Test Results!

Binadroid Trading App Review? Is the Binadroid Software Scam or does it really work?  We encourage you to read this important BinaDroid review, and find out what our observation on the Binadroid trading app  have  revealed.  Following our review on the  Copy Buffett Software we have looked at other trading apps but found them to shams with fake testimonials and over hyped result expectations.  Trading Binary options is  an opportunity but does possess risks. Scams like limitless profits app and my first day payday online flood the markets with their deceitful approach, we felt a little bit aggrieved.


****  Update: This offer is now closed.  ****

Please feel free to check out our other binaryoptions signals for further opportunities


The app by Troy Everett presents  a different approach and intrigues us as to its simplicity and straight forward approach.  The Bina Droid Trading App is predominately an algorithm based software that uses to technical based  indicators when sourcing signals. The system allows you to choose how many trades you want it to place and what time-frame you want them for. Its all turbo trading so the time frames are 60 seconds, 180 seconds and 300 seconds trades. Troy does go into some detail about the sophisticated algorithms and android technology that the Bina Droid App uses but I’m not going to pretend to understand the ins and outs of it as in reality the majority of us just want a system that will make us money. You can listen to Troy on the main site   The implementation of Android technology allows BinaDroid Trading App to also perform automated sentiment and fundamental analysis since it taps into information regarding trading performed on Android devices.



BinaDroid Trading App Review Summary

  • Bina Droid App is absolutely free for reasons enumerated by Troy in the pitch video.
  • Responsive support team available to help with any technical issues.
  • The software works in EVERY country worldwide, including African and Asian countries!
  • The software can generate a limitless number of signals per day on Auto Pilot or semi-automatically.
  • You will be given the opportunity to work with some of the best brokers that work with BinaDroid, including Cherry Trade and CySEC regulated brokers.
  • Minimum Trade Requirement is only $5 versus most ATs that require a $25 min per trade!
  • The Binadroid system produces signals with expiries of 1, 3 and 5 minutes and are generated automatically by a combination of automated technical analysis and fundamental analysis.


BinaDroid app


BinaDroid Software Scam Litmus Test Findings:-

In addition to all this we also noted the following qualities with  the  BinaDroid Trading App which are in abundance with scams we have reviewed recently.

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: No
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: No
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: No
  • Price: Free. Have to sign up with one of their brokers.


Binadroid Software Review

In a similar article by the Trading Horizon whilst conduct the Binadroid Software review they said  the BinaDroid’s algorithm is said to employ short-term trading technical analysis strategies, and paired with it’s Android technology that allows automated sentiment analysis as well as fundamental analysis. Although we do not entirely understand the science of how it works exactly, we do know that this auto trader allows it’s user to select how many trades to execute each time and also the expiry time.  In that same article they suggested has the potential to achieve an ITM ration of 80% which is fantastic for an auto trader in our opinion.


The BinaDroid Software investing platform itself is highly versatile and gives a lot of control to the user. This is a unique platform never before seen with any other offer. In the semi-automated mode, you will be able to choose from a list of currency pairs and perform turbo trades with an expiry of 60, 180 or 300 seconds. Never before has short-term trading been so easy. For newbies and inexperienced traders, the AutoTrading mode is recommended, in which the robot will place turbo trades for you on 100% autopilot. All you need to do is to select your desired risk level and your trade amount.


Verdict: BinaDroid App. Scam Litmus test proved that this app is not a scam for Binary Option Trading!

BinaDroid  Auto Trader is Recommended for Binary Options Trading!


BinardDroid Trading App Win Rate!

Above everything else, regular readers of this blog will know that we value results. In the BinaDroid Trading app video they claim an 80% ITM win rate, which is high, but still achievable. This is probably also due to the generally high quality Binary Options brokers that are all supporting this app, such as OptionFM . Then there is also Cherry Trade that is known to be one of the best in the industry, and one of our preferred binary option brokers due to their customer service and user friendly platform.


Binadroid App


We really like the fact that you can start with trades as small as $5 with the BinaDroid Software Trading App. This really sets it apart, and makes it a good choice for new Binary Options traders that first want to test the waters. We would also recommend that if you get two losing trades, that you first take a break and try again later. Once  you get a rhythm going you can up the stakes at a moderate pace and grow conservatively.


The BinaDroid software also offers 24/7 support via email which is always helpful when trying a new product. The BinaDroid software is also free. In the promotional video Troy also explains why he wants the software to be free for users after all his ideas were stolen by bigger corporations and left him with nothing. There’s authenticity in his story as he has been one of us and lost everything after putting his trust into something. Furthermore since the BinaDroid software is working with regulated brokers you can be sure you can withdraw at any point. The software it has also been noted is being endorsed by various trading sites like Trading Horizon thus increasing standing point of being an authentic software that works.


How to Sign Up to the BinaryDroid Trading App

As with any system I always find it no harm to clear your cookies first to make sure there are no sync issues after joining. 10 seconds to clear them versus possibly days of trouble talking to support

  1. Clear your Cookies – Ctrl + Alt + Del
  2. Sign up here –
  3. Pick your broker
  4. Deposit + Verify your account
  5. Begin trading and profiting


Binadroid App


We encourage you to comment below this review and if you need help with any matters, related to disputes and complaints, don’t hesitate to contact us directly.  If you would like to have a go at manual trading without having to risk funds with an auto trader please be sure to check out our   Top Trusted Brokers  New Comer To binary options industry? Don’t forget to check our scam list, it can prevent you from signing up with scams! For decent alternatives we invite you to check out our trusted binary options signals.  Thank you for  reading this review on the Binadroid  Trading App.


Warren Buffett Trading App? Copy Buffett Software Investment Exclusive!!

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates
Authors Rating

Warren Buffett Software Trading App; Copy Buffett Software Exclusive Review!!

Is the Warren Buffett trading App copy cat software the Copy Buffett software a scam? Or is this a Binary Options trader system that I feel confident to support? This review will take an in-depth view and reveal all that we find. The good news is that at first glimpse there are no crazy claims, and I like the idea of the inspiration behind Copy Buffett App. For those of you who have not heard of Warren Edward Buffett is an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. Buffett is one of the most successful investor in the world.  Buffett is the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, and is consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people. He was ranked as the world’s wealthiest person in 2008  and as the third wealthiest in 2015. In 2012 Time named Buffett one of the world’s most influential people.



A Software like that would take some time to adapt to Binary Options trading, and I wish that the video explained it a bit more, but I am very intrigued and excited about this offer. It has been established that traders that copy Warren Buffett are very successful, and what this system focuses on is to copy Buffett’s style of investing.



****  Update: This offer is now closed.  ****

Please feel free to check out our other binaryoptions signals for further opportunities



Official website:


Who Is Warren Buffett Anyway? How did he inspire Copy Buffett Software?

Well let us try and get an insight into the mind that this Buffett style trading software, to understand its true impact.  The impact as you can see has led to a boost in the Indian economy.  Buffett has had similar successes in the US, UK, and the rest of the worldwide economy.


He even picked up a number of nicknames for himself, and is often referred to as the “Wizard of Omaha” or “Oracle of Omaha,” or the “Sage of Omaha,” since he was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1930 and is widely regarded as a trading wizard. His senior yearbook photo has the caption “likes math; a future stockbroker,” and that turned out to be a very accurate assessment of Buffett’s character and aptitude. His net worth is a staggering $60.8 Billion according to


Warren Buffett was a very good businessman and clever investor from a very early age. He first invested in the stock exchange at the tender age of 11, and bought 3 shares in Cities Service. There is even evidence of him taking a $35 tax deduction for the use of his bicycle and watch on his paper route in 1944, when he was only 14 years old. Buffett has had a keen eye for picking the right investments from a very young age, and that is why Copy Buffett software is named in his honor.


Warren Buffett and Barak Obama Warren Buffett, Bill Gates


Warren Buffett’s investments are made primarily through Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRKA), a public company that began its current life in 1962 when Buffett started acquiring shares of a small textile company. The decades that have followed, Buffett has proven to be up there an all time best astute investors of all time in addition to all the Major brands owned and invested by Berkshire Hathaway.


Copy Buffett Software Scam Risk Assessment

Jeremy combined some of the brilliant minds and along with his own programming expertise; he converted those thoroughly studied strategies in to a program which runs the mathematical auto trading Copy Buffett Software successfully.   If you want to see for yourself whether it is possible to make $19,800 as the copy buffett software promotion suggests in a month with trading Binary Options with a starting balance of only $250, then you’re welcome to keep maintain small log and let us know of your progress.


One important factor that I was try to watch out for, was if Jeremy Fin was going to claim that his Copy Buffett software has any direct connection to Warren Buffett. However, Jeremy Fin makes it very clear that Warren Buffett had no part in creating or supporting the Copy Buffett app, Buffett was merely the inspiration for the software.




What I really like about this Copy Buffett App is that they’re not claiming you will be a millionaire overnight. However, through modest trading following our inital reviews on this software  that is the copy-buffett-software-review and copy-buffett-software-performance-results the number of automatic trades turned out to be profitable overall. This means that we were also able to hit the promised $1,978 in some days. Even in our lowest trading days, we were still able to take a tidy profit home. This is why we have concluded that CopyBuffett App is not a scam.


The 80% accuracy rate that Copy Buffett software generates is pretty good, and certainly on a par with what you can expect from some of the best Binary Options traders. It is also very achievable, and not some crazy claim of 90% plus ITM (In The Money) as claimed or exaggerated by some other Binary Options software systems.


You can use Copy Buffett signals from anywhere you want, except when you’re in a couple of countries which aren’t supported. These countries include India, Nigeria and Uganda. There are talks of including these countries soon. This is yet another evidence that Copy Buffett APP is not a scam since every scam out there targets all countries to maximize revenue.  There are no fake countdown timers or supposedly limited spots left, they simply tell you what the software will do.


I didn’t find anything on Jeremy Fin, but that’s not really surprising, since he didn’t claim to be anyone famous, he’s just a software developer that got laid off with a good severance package. He then used that money and tried to trade online with it, but basically lost half his investment. Then he got smarter and used his software development skills to emulate the trading style of Warren Buffett, and code it all up into a trading algorithm that does all the work automatically.


The reviewers tested the software for almost every aspect of it. Coming from a proven trader and an expert software developer, this software does not have any paid actors to testify for it, as generally most of such software makers do. It works on few of the numerous strategies which are proven by none other than Warren Buffett himself. “There are many aspects of Warren’s trading and we have studied them over a period of years. Finally we have come up with software that works on a program conceptualized on some of these strategies.” Jeremy Fin said.


Jeremy Fin was having a successful career as a software developer before he got struck by the economic crisis. He didn’t sit down quite though and tried his hands in trading. Losing a good amount in trading, he decided to come up with a solution that could make trading easier. So he studied Warren’s trading patterns and used his programming skill to turn it into successful software.


Trading specialists and experts have viewed this copy buffett software application in  positive as almost every one of it ends up suggesting that Copy Buffett is software which is reliable and means business. Copy Buffett Software is a brainchild of Jeremy Fin, a software developer turned investor. Jeremy conceptualized his trading software on the trading strategies of Warren Buffett, and with his programming skills created what we know refer to the Copy Buffett Software Trading App.


All of that is very reasonable as well, and I also really like the fact that you get to use the copy buffett software trading app free for the first 30 days. After that you have to pay a small percentage of your gains to the developers to continue the using Copy Buffett software. That sounds reasonable and fair, they should only get paid once you have tested the software for yourself and proven it to work.


Advantages of Copy Buffet Software Trading App

The system works anywhere in most countries, where binary trades are permitted, and the trading software can only be synchronized with a regulated broker, so you will have no difficulty withdrawing profits from your new broker account.  When you sign up for the Copy Buffet software, you will be given full access to live chat with the technical team and live chat with other members. Support is also available by email and by phone. There is even a free private forum where members can interact and share trading experiences.


Copy Buffett Software App Brokers And Support

With this Buffett app, the developer has specifically pointed out that providing top level support to each and every subscriber is of utmost importance.   The second crucial element is the quality of brokers that link up to the system. This is also where the Copy Buffett software stands head and shoulders above other current offerings.


You will see that the interface has a news feed on the side, which is very handy, and it actually shows you the “hottest” signal right in the center of the screen. It has a signal strength indicator, and a countdown timer for how long the signal is valid for. The great thing about it is that you can track the results by looking at the live chart, and compare it to the signal to see how it is performing!


So is the Copy Buffett Software scam?

After the initial review and testing we realized that unlike many trading systems, first it’s not a re-make of an older software but most importantly, it gives binary options traders full flexibility with the trade amount and risk exposure. The automation is straight forward and simple to activate with one click. If you are currently trading with Copy Buffett, we encourage you to share your feedback below this review and keep us updated with your progress and we would love to take any questions for those who are interested to join.


With Copy Buffett Software, you don’t need to download anything and you don’t need to know specific in-depth details of how it all works. If that is what you’re looking for, then this is the binary option system that you have been waiting for.  The broker that you sign up with through the Copy Buffett app will need to verify your identity, and for that they will need a copy of a formal identification document. The process should be quick and easy, and you will be able to trade within a matter of minutes after signing up. What the Copy Buffett software does is to take away that complexity and responsibility from you, and wrap it all up in their online trading software.



Join the Trusted Auto trader for Best Profits – Check our CopyBuffett App Review

Copy Buffett Software



Remember to never risk money trading that you cannot afford to lose. If you’re completely new to Binary Options trading, it might be a good idea for you to first familiarize yourself with how Binary Options work, by signing up for a completely free demo account. You can do that through Trade Thunder


Tauribot Review; Is the Tauribot App a Scam?

Authors Rating

Tauribot Review; 100% Tested App; Tauri Bot Verifiable Results!!

The Tauribot Trading App as developed by Dr Steven Archer and his team is the subject of today’s review.  This article on the tauri bot system is not like others that we have recently introduced as the application we are observing presents a real opportunity where others may have faltered. This Tauri Bot Software detailed review will look to provide in-depth analysis and observation into this system and to see whether the tauri equation is a scam or not.  In this TauriBot Review, we will also look to go over many different characteristics that the Tauribot App brings to the table.  We would advise and interested investors to look at this review before making an investment on the tauri bot.


The Tauri Bot software sponsored by Chicago University is one of its kind and has so far shown great potential.   The quantum intelligence algorithm coding that the Tauribot app utilises has been tested using ordinary people and students for the purposes of beta-testing to see how this application will fair in real life scenarios.  The Tauri Bot system has a win ratio in excess of 80% on average.  Sometimes this may fall a little bit in cases where the markets are too unstable or sometimes may exceed this threshold where conditions are favourable.  In general this auto trader exceeds the performances of other auto traders that we have reviewed which presents a credible opportunity to those wishing to trade binary options.


An overview into the Tauribot App Software;

In essence the Tauribot App Software is a signalling software that can be set to semi-automatic or automatic status.  Many of you are probably searching for the best way to make money trading binary options, and performing a certain level of due diligence is highly recommended due to the level of uncertainty that comes out when a new product like this is introduced in the market place .


Dr Steven Archer, the developer and owner of the website says that this system has the potential to generate sufficient winning signals to realistically increase trader’s capital within a short period of time.   The auto trader’s is able to achieve these levels because the way the quantum technology that it uses to depict trend movements of a particular asset portfolio is designed.  We are not suggesting that this software is correct all the time, in fact far it from it.  What we are suggesting is that this trading app is better the others that we have reviewed such as the Einstein Method or the Phoenix Trading Launch which provide ludicrous expectations without any real factual evidence to support those claims.


How is the Tauribot Software Supposed to Work

Is the Tauri Equation a scam? Does the Tauribot App really work? Designed for the purpose that anyone regardless of any prior knowledge, background, or social status,  Dr. Steven Archer PHD & Developer created the Tauribot trading software and had positive feelings about his creation. However he wanted to ensure that even the newbie to trader who has no prior knowledge could operate this system and successful earn consistent profits without little or no hiccups. The final jigsaw to this additional bit of litmus testing came from a 15 year old Autistic kid by the name of Ian Tauraski who was able to operate the system and generate reasonable profits with the tauribot app software.


Dr Steven Archer and  Ian Tauraski are what makes this system a profitable auto-trader, it’s capable of fighting the most volatile markets and is consistently providing ITM results that will make your account always stay on green.  Ian Tauraski, the Autistic kid is capable of doing much more updates towards the  Tauri Equation Algorithm so this is just the beginning.  The Tauri equation a major feature into the design of how the Tauribot App works, named after Ian Tauraski who solved the equation resulting in the final piece in the puzzle for the tauribot trading software to be able to generate its winning performance, took years to develop, program, and teams of professionals, to put together. The result has truly made the Tauri Bot auto trader one of a kind.


How to correctly use the Tauri bot App Software

Tauribot Sign Up Instructions


  1. Clear your browser cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) to prevent any errors in your sign up
  2. Go to the homepage by clicking
  3. Fill in your correct information to correctly sync your Tauri Bot Software
  4. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal for minimum initial deposit is $250).
  5. Start taking signals and enjoy your profits on auto trading mode


The conclusion of the tauribot review litmus test was that ordinary people and students with various ages and ethnic background are able to successfully trade with a high degree of accuracy by simply using single this simple push software system.  The Tauribot App Software being sponsored by Chicago University truly takes us into a new league of binary options systems. With so much data and competition in the industry today, we feel that this Tauri Bot system truly is unique compared to its competitors. Even though this innovation does not promise to make you millions over night or in a short period of time, it does however promise you consistent profits over longer periods which far supersedes any previous fake systems that were launched with false expectations and have no place in this industry for the profitable investor.


Chicago University – Tauribot Review

Tauribot Chicago University


Patricia Johnson a financial news reported who is well known for her blog posts in the Chicago Times, was taken out of her comfort zone and asked to interview Dr Archer to find out if the tauribot scam hypothesis is valid or not?  The idea behind this was to truly prove that anyone no matter what your background is can master the system. During the live interview you can see Ms Johnson open her trading account, and activate the Tauribot software. Within a minute she generated profits of up to $150 dollars starting with a thousand dollar deposit. No Tauribot Scam Results here then.


Designed with simplicity in mind, the Tauribot App is fully automated, simple to use and literally anyone can easily use it without complicated charts and built-in indicators, technical analysis knowledge, background or status, the Tauribot software will work for anyone who qualifies to join. The good thing about this system is that there is no need to for day-traders to possess any prior trading experience, so there is no confusion as to when to place the trades and when to wait. The user friendliness that is a major feature of the system  can be seen demonstrated by Patricia Johnson the financial news reported assigned to do the live interview with the doctor.


When initially approached with software to give our true review based on its performance and credibly, we were quietly proud that during the presentation of this application,  that there were no use of false actors, stock photo’s, or false statements posted on fake Facebook and Twitter pages. It might seem like small detail, but with all the scam services available on the market today, it is the small things that count. You can never be too careful on your decisions on where to invest your money.


Thank you for reading our Tauribot review on the tauri bot auto trader review today. We hope we were able to prove once again not all auto traders being released is a scam. Very seldom we find a positive software and this Tauribot App Trading Software is definitely one that matches one of the high ranking systems we have observed and are optimistic about. We have been lucky to have found two in such a short period of time, Citidel Ltd, and now this one as well. However saying that, we still encourages everyone to do their own research before depositing any money with any systems. If you have any further questions regarding the software, you can either contact us, or email tauribot directly at


Tauribot Banner


The overall Trading Performance of the Tauribot trading software is a great surprise!. We will continue to test the Tauribot for a few more weeks, and will be doing a performance review based on our long-term results with the Tauri Bot system.  Should you have any feedback or queries about this app. please feel free to comment below this article.


The TauriBot Review, Tauri Bot Software Endorsements and Conclusion!

During our research and we could not find any negative reviews or bad feedback from people using this software. In matter of fact we found a lot of positive reviews / endorsements from other blogs claiming that The TauriBot Service really works well, and they are making decent profits with it. However we are going to continuously follow all the information sources and we will periodically update this tauribot review in order to bring the latest information regarding the performance of the TauriBot Software!


Verdict: The TauriBot App trading Software is not A SCAM! Recommended for testing!


It’s nice and big surprise that we didn’t see any false credentials, phony identities, stock photos, paid actors or any critical misleading information on Well the website is not something amazing it’s simple and clean, the whole approach by the Tauribot APP development team indicates a level of professionalism we expect from any binary options broker and or software provider.


If you found this review on the tauribot trading software, you are already on the right track since doing research is really important before you invest money. If you would like to consider alternatives before making an investment decision please visit our Recommended Signals Page. Please also take time to look at our reviews on Mike’s AutoTrader or the Virtnext Application which have also received positive testimonials.


If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. If you have any experience with this auto-trader please share your experience, this will help us assess and solidify the validity of this Tauribot App software. For newbie traders who would like to start of small check our review on our new lost cost broker Trader Thunder.


Cash Camp Review – CashCamp App Detailed Analysis.

Authors Rating

Is Cash Camp a Scam or Legit? CashCamp.NET

Cash Camp is a new binary options auto-trading software. we have received many requests from our readers to review Cash Camp Software to Find out it’s another Scam or not. is one of the most recent software released to the market to help binary options traders make money out of their investment.  Because of this, we have always advised that you visit our review website to find out whether a newly released system is a scam, or not. In line with our tradition, and to respond to requests from our esteemed readers to review Cash Camp robot, we decided to review it here. If you decide to sign-up with don’t forget to drop by and share your feedback and results.


Cash Camp by Michael Solovsky is quite different from others on the market because it actually tells you the truth about making money. It does not deceive you like others, which end selling scam to you. The producer is just telling you the truth you need to know about the financial assets market. Cash Camp Software re-echoed the same message we have been telling that no system can guarantee you the millions it promises you within a few weeks. However, the system would teach you how to make lots of money daily using it.


The presentation page of cash camp is full of big news portals logos like CNN, Business Insider, Yahoo, and more we couldn’t fine any solid evidence to confirm those endorsements. Continuing with our review we found more than 20 testimonials during the whole presentation of cash camp, unfortunately they look little shady since the figures we can spot there are little unreachable in our opinion. Anyway they claim that you can profit around $1000 daily with this auto pilot from a $250 initial investment does sound somewhat realistic.






It has a video tutorial, which teaches and explains to you everything that you are supposed to know. When you start to use Cash camp System ,it guarantee traders to make least one thousand dollars daily with consistently. This shows that its developers fully understand the binary options market. It does not tell you that you can make millions of dollars daily but does promise you profits at a steady pace.


Snap shot of expected results from the cashcamp app.

Cash Camp Software



Is the Support offered by the Software Team any Good ? 

Cash camp team provides 24/7 customer support, this means that when you are finding things very difficult, you can ask for help and be sure that such helps would come promptly. Moreover, it features monthly upgrades. This ensures that you get new updates when they become available and this is very helpful for your trading experience.


It is indeed the most reliable trading software and offers the most logical and acceptable profit margin. When you look at all these, you would conclude that Cash camp is not a scam, but reliable and trusted Signals App. If you are searching for the most reliable robot that can help you succeed, do not hesitate to invest your money in cash camp. It has the least percentage risk.


In addition to this we found some endorsement from Keith Wareing the creator of XE-Trader, he tested the service and come up with some really staggering results as he managed to generate over 14k with Cash Camp On full autopilot.



We like the fact that there are no claims of making you an overnight millionaire, all of the results are achievable. Overall, reading back on my notes, it pretty much sounds like I have convinced myself that this is not a scam, so that’s how we will conclude this review.


In order to protect you and to comply with regulations, all brokers will ask you for some form of visual identification, such as your driver’s license, as well as the last 4 digits of your credit card, and proof of residency. This is standard practice and you should expect to be asked for this type of documentation. However, you should note that they must allow you to blur or block out your driver’s license number and the first digits of your credit card.


Join the Cash Camp Software Free here 


Cash Camp Software is highly recommended for traders who wants to make money. It has all the features that help you to achieve your objectives. After thorough analysis of this robot, we came to the conclusion that it is legit and not a scam. If you are looking for trusted binary options signals , always visit our site before you buy, we are good at exposing scams.


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Thank you for taking a few moments to read our Platinum Profits Review and stay safe!

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