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The Binary Vault scam software was released a while back, however this software went really viral and unfortunately for some this led to their investments being wiped clear.  The website thankfully is no longer in service, however as we have seen in the past repeat offenders tend to return using the same name, same theme or both.  This review will look to highlight this app and typically how we can avoid a repetition of this serial offender taking another swipe at the industry.


We would like to apologies  to all the investors who may have been caught up with the Binary Vault App via the website and we would also like to motivate those individuals by advising them that not all apps are a fake.   “Maverick Michaels,” the alleged creator of the Binary Vault Scam  website, uses all the classic tactics that we identified in previous reviews just to entice you to sign up with one of the non-regulated, fraudulent brokers that work with such rip-off websites.   As with similar fraud sites you’ll find a pop-up that urges you not to leave without giving out your email address, a fake “Spots Left” backward counter to make you nervous you’re not going to have a spot left, fake video testimonials from the in-famous website, describing how these actors have made huge amounts of money, fake bank account and software results screenshots, a video that promises you to automatically make astronomical profits allowing you to go on vacations, etc.


The minute you enter the Binary Vault arena, you are shown “customer testimonials” by people who make claims like the following:


Derek Gonzalez: “I started using this system exactly two weeks ago, and I already made $7,892.35 in profit.”


Carmen Mendez: “I signed up…and have so far been able to generate a full-time income, bringing in on average over $10,000 per week.”


Timothy Nunez: “I no longer work for my old boss…Since joining the Binary Vault program, I have earned $17,562.54 of pure profit.”


 Binary Vault Hot Actress Testimonial also see in the Aussie Method

Binary Vault Fake Testimonial


Also on this Binary Vault page we have the list of live trades which we see on most of these binary options scams, or trading products. Shouldn’t call them all scams really as some do tend to be genuine. These trades mean nothing as they can easily be manipulated using photoshop or some other method. What would have been nice if Binary Vault like many other apps tell us which broker their associated with it as some of the brokers unfortunately do not pass our checklist and are a scam in their own way.


Maverick explains how he made his wealth: By building and selling incredibly accurate binary options trading platforms to corporate CEOs and brokerages. In fact, Maverick’s last software sale went for $4 million. The products that Maverick built were so good that they went viral, and Maverick had “angel investors knocking down my door.” Apparently, Maverick is gave away 50 free licenses on this his latest and greatest automated binary options trading software. Unfortunately not to be at that time he gave away much more than that with his fake 50 free licence counter , straight into our black list.


For any trader that is considering Binary Options trading, or even if you have been trading Binary Options for some time already, I’ll recommend you to follow the link below and check it out.


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