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Bot Plus 365 Scam Review
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Bot Plus 365 Software is a Scam ; Bot Plus 365 V2 App Facts Exposed!!

Bot Plus 365 software is the latest trading application that is being launched within financial industry.  This trading application, Bot Plus 365 V2 App which has been hosted across a variety of identical sites in various different languages.  Make no mistake this software as presented by Jay Ross is a scam that is only one created for one purpose which is pararell to a global epidemic and that is to claim as many victims worldwide as possible.  The sites that we have observed all featuring the same SCAM includes, Botplus365.Net, and!

Why Bot Plus 365 V2 App is Scam? Detailed Evidences

Ross claims that Bot Plus 365 V2 app is an automated software for trading binary options that has been created by a Japanese trader called Jiro Hakamoto. Bot Plus 365 can allegedly make you $1,000 per day on autopilot.  This software promises are of course unrealistic and the claims of generating such consistent returns are unrealistic and evidence of the kind of guarantees made by fraudulent apps we have exposed previously.


Jay Ross or Jan Smid (featuring on the German Website) are all fictional characters who make claims regarding the botplus365 v2 software that are fake and without real proof potentiality investors can substantiate independently. Similarly we find so many further anomalies with this application we feel that the whole site is submerged in white lies made to cover up the crap that site really is.


Bot Plus 365 Scam


Given that there’s literally hundreds if not even thousands of binary scams out there, it takes something a little extra effort of replication for scams targeting localized audiences to stand out from the crowd. The Bot Plus 365 scam aims to deliver it’s deceitful marketing practices by using – in comparison – high volume production values to entice easily led naive investors. Besides the mass production the software presentation is appallingly bad and identical to many which have featured on countless other scams


Who is Jay Ross in the Context of the Bot Plus 365 V2 System?

Jay Ross or Jan Smid who brings the botplus365 v2 software is nothing but a voice narrator who was created by a group of scammers who prefer to remain anonymous.  This video is a couple of minutes long and talks about the same old things that other scammers that fall into this category talk about: how you can make millions of dollars in just a short period of time. It seems like they are trying to attract newbies who are unwary of their deceptive tactics.


Bot Plus 365 v2 Scam Review


In addition to this you will notice on the official page of the Bot Plus 365 scam, you’ll notice a message that states that there are only a couple of membership spots available, 22 to be exact, and it goes on to state the number, but that is very far from the truth. Additionally we also tried to find out more about Jiro Hakomoto’s, the Japanese trader, experience in order to verify our claims. So, needless to mention that both pepole are not existed and have no relations to the binary options trading markets.


No Support Available

The page states to offer support when needed. Just like we do with all the other systems we have reviewed in the past, we send them an email stating that we need support, but to this day, we still have not received a response from them, and more than likely, a response will never arrive in our general inbox. This is totally unacceptable. If a member needs support, they should provide it right away.


Bot Plus 365 V2 Software


What about the Bot Plus 365 Software’s Testimonials?

After all the investigation we did on the Bot Plus 365 software we would definitely suggest you to refrain from this scam. The series of false claims that they have made is alarming. The buck continues with the testimonials which feature stock market photos like Beau Nicoll below who seems to feature in a fair few passport photo shop sites based on our research.


Bot Plus 365 V2 Review Testimonials


The video also features fake testimonials from people who we are supposed to believe have been beta-testing the trading software. We know that these are hired actors because some of them can also be seen in a number of videos for scam money making offers we observed, looked at and noted down for the purposes of this Botplus365 v2 scam review.


Pressure is put on anyone who visits the Bot plus 365 website to sign up instantly, because there is a false claim made that this is a limited offer. The Bot plus 365 maybe free but in order to activate it one would need to deposit at least the bear minimum as required by the broker who associates with this scam website. Based upon above evidences we feel that there is every chance users who utilise the Bot Plus 365 system and decide to try it for free are likely to lose their deposit.  One Last comment is the whole site is geo targeted making it look like it is exclusive.  Make no mistake this system is neither an invitation only system nor a scarce program.  It is a scam that would be best be avoided altogether.


  Review Verdict: Bot Plus 365 Scam

Bot Plus 365 V2 App Not recommended for Testing! 

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As we initial forecasted and insinuated from the start, the Botplus365 App is definitely a scam. Not one single verifiable shred of evidence that anyone has been made that we found legit about this program. A legitimate business is happy to use reviews from actual clients to bring in more business. Further proof that the site is filled with lies and deception is the fact that the testimonials and positive reviews are not given by people who actually used and benefited from the software



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