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Certified Income Review! Scam Alert!

A CERTIFIED INCOME REVIEW SPECIALIST by definition is a practitioner or financial professional who meets the requirements established by the Institute of Business and Finance, Inc. While others may call themselves income planners, only those who demonstrate the requisite experience, education, and ethical standards are awarded by the CIS accredittation stamp.


How can a Certified Income (CIS) professional can help you?

A Certified Income professional can help you by assist with the preparation of a personal budget, designing a financial management process and develop and implement plans for various needs including retirement, education, and/or wealth protection. A professional can offer experience in risk management, including strategies involving life and long-term care insurance, and health insurance.


This review will look towards providing a certificate income review in the context of a trading bot that is designed to source and place trades automatically for a retail trader who has subscribed to the system.  The system unfortunately as we will find out later is not what it is all cracked out to be and actually refers to a fake auto trader that you you are best avoiding, period. The ‘red flags’ associated with CertifiedIncome.co website, are far too many to count in one hand and definitely would not meet the standard of any CIS mark should that be applied to the Binary World.  Read this important review pertaining to this new app which was launched on the 21st December 2015.


The story goes that this software was constructed with a with the assistance of an ex-Lehman Brothers technician. Anthony Cahill states after running some tests and calibrating certain algorithms, he “guarantees” his Certified Income Application will earn you untold riches by year end.


When analyzing the video M. Cahill, who acclaims to be the “CEO” of this multi-million dollar software, suggests that he earned his riches through this very same software that he is now giving to you.  He suggests that this software could have the potential to earn you millions in a period of 1 year. The ceo clearly stated that his Certified Income App, made him a total of $9,987,845.07 in one year!


Of course this sum of money would make anyone happy and could help change lives if it were true.  Unfortunately all it is a fantasy that is being sold and nothing more.  The system like any other auto trader sell so much ‘hype’ that the actual reality ends up being a small dot in huge web of deceit.


Results obtained through our Certified Income Review Research?

  • Website Domain and Promotional Video Origin:-  www.certifiedincome.co
  • Co. domain was created in April of 2015… This contradicts how Anthony Cahill achieved his wealth over the space of a year.
  • Social Media Profiles and Independent Business Archives do not reveal the names bearing Anthony Cahill or his team. Surely someone who has earned so much could have earned a spot or be reviewed somewhere like ‘wealth’ magazine.
  • Classic Widget titled “Free Places Remaining” on the right side of the video? Everyone is already sick all the BO fraud sites with this misleading ‘rushing tactic’, a clear attempt to make you sign-up before you take a few moments to think! This widget is mainly there to entice new comers but there is no seriousness behind it. It’s all a sales gimmick.


Certifie Income Limited Spots


If you are still unconvinced, the condition of the free signup is that new registrations are obligated to invest a minimum of $250 with an allocated broker chosen and pre-selected by the developers.  The only person who will benefit from this would be the broker and the developer.


Anthony Cahill attempts to earn your trust by revealing a fact that most binary trading programs are worthless scams deliberately programmed to work against you. Fair enough.  The problem we have with him our so called developer is that he probably does not know his left and right when it comes to trading.  What we do know about him is his ability to earn five dollars.  That is right our alleged “creator’ of the Certified Income system is  nothing but a fiverr actor who has had headline in similar some scams previous.  His most notable recent works include a casting role in software’s like One Step Ahead Program & Master Sniper Trading


Fiverr Actor Profile – https://uk.fiverr.com/dezza123

Certified Income Master Trading Actor


Certified Income Anthony cahill


Of course the final decision on this will be made by you on whether or not you feel confident enough to invest on the Certified Income Software.  If you do so we do of course give you our best well wishes and would like to hear what you think of your experience by commenting below this post.


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