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Citi News Autotrader website reviewed:-

This is an important warning concerning the new Citi News scam, hosted on  Like many others, this binary options software is developed and marketed as a product that is supposed to generate income online.  However, the way they have gone about conducting their business is through unregulated channels which as we know fairly well is a big risk as your funds are not at all secure.


When it comes to unregulated practices it can be difficult to achieve consistent profits as the people running this scams do not report to anyone but themselves leaving them unaccountable and prone towards monopolistic behaviour, sort of a do as you please mentality.   Potential customers who end up signing up to this auto trader due to be launched in a couple of days time are literally handing over had earned money to some dodgy dealers that do not know anything but playing tricks.


Looking at the video , we noticed a that the presenter who failed to notify of his true identity mention that the main driver and core founder of this software is a Billionaire and that is as far as the credential goes.   In addition to all these you will notice a few active members trading and profiting with the software.   This are not real of course but pre-designed to make it look like it is active.


This is the video from the Citi News pitch page!



Another concerning element we encountered is the use of the Citi Bank Logo and the fact they have no subscribers, yet they have active traders.  Something is amiss here? Have no doubt that this Citi News aka city news scam software is not in any way connected to the well-known international bank.


The fact that they decided to use the trademark ‘Citi’ for their theme, is completely illegal and misleading The entire website is bogus and not to be trusted but if you are a member of the software, we encourage you to post negative or positive feedback below this review.


Verdict: Citi News is a SCAM!

If you are newcomer to binary options industry we definitely recommend you stay clear of bogus services like the theory gamma. If you seriously consider starting a binary options trading carrier we advise signing with direct binary options regulated broker like TopOption. Please make sure to trade only with money you can afford to lose and wont damage your personal status!


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