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Copy Buffett Results!! Copy Buffett  App Performance Review Exclusive

Copy Buffett Results.  Did you think Copy Buffett App was a scam?  If you thought so you could be forgiven for thinking that as many just do not understand the power of Warren Buffet.   If you are one of the few to read our comprehensive review on the official Copy Buffett Software by Jeremy Fin! We’re proud to finally post a positive update in this Copy Buffett Performance Review versus another new scam warning. It’s really hard to come by a legitimate service and even the few auto-traders that do generate a good trading performance, are not synced with reliable brokers in many cases and much too often you’re not given real live support!


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In this Copy Buffett Performance review we will show you what we mean by Copy Buffett App being a killing machine.  For weeks we have been seeing this coming but we have been surprised by the slight skepticism.  Copy Buffett System has really showed us that this this Copy Buffett software delivers on its promise.  Up to now we have been conducting short $25 dollar trades now look at what happened when increased our stakes to $100.


Copy Buffett Results Updated April 2016

Copy Buffett Results Updated



Copy Buffett Results Stakes Increased March 2016

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Copy Buffett App Results Initial Hot Run

Copy Buffett ResultsFor a Look at our initial reviews on this auto trader check out this articles on the Copy Buffett System.




Binary Umpire Copy Buffett Results and Copy Buffett Software Performance Review Summary

  • All Results are based on a setting of 85% Risk Exposure
  • Tested and Confirmed by our Team, Statistically based on 100’s of Trades!
  • Full-Scale Support by Phone, Technical Live Chat Support.
  • Members Live Chat + Forum for members.
  • CySEC Regulated Brokers Confirmed and Synced.
  • No shady testimonials or scam actors.
  • 100% Risk Free Binary Options Trading Software.
  • Available World-Wide including USA! (not available in: India, Nigeria & Uganda.)


Copy Buffett App Pricing and How to Join

  1. You can join Copy Buffett App free, you can decide to fund your live trading account with the minimum amount of $250.
  2. To join register through their webpage here : Join 
  3. Enter your real name and email addresses. For auto trading all you need to is set the app to your risk exposure. It does not cost more than these to join and use the trading app.




We’ve seen several updates by other YouTubers and all are coming to a very positive conclusion. The truth is that anyone can write a positive or a negative review and share an opinion, but real evidence speak louder than anything, and it’s nice to see that this application is working for us as much as it is working for alot of people.


The Copy Buffett Software includes real support via Live Chat, Phone and Email Support 24/07 unlike many of the scam sites that will provide you with a fake email and never respond to your calls if you have any technical or service related questions.


After the initial review and testing we realized that unlike many trading systems, first it’s not a re-make of an older software but most importantly, it gives binary options traders full flexibility with the trade amount and risk exposure. The automation is straight forward and simple to activate with one click. If you are currently trading with Copy Buffett, we encourage you to share your feedback below this review and keep us updated with your progress and we would love to take any questions for those who are interested to join.


Copy Buffett Software


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