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Daily Trader Club Review; Daily Trader Club Scam?

Daily Trader Club App is a Scam, have no doubts about it.  Daily Trader Club is a new fully automated binary options robot. The service is supposed to make tens of thousands of dollars’ risk free, on full autopilot for very short period of time.  This unbiased scam review will reveal all the bogus facts and we`ll provide clear evidence proofing our claims. This Daily Trader Club review will look to assess real facts that we have managed to compile about this software which will enable anyone interested in this system for investments to perform their own due diligence on the daily club traders app.


Official Daily Trader Club App system site:


Daily Trader Club Review Summary

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: 100%


Daily Trader Club Scam Evidence Facts!!

This statement from the website is obviously hyped up.  By placing such a high expectancy from this systems, the developers are in-fact insinuating that a trader leverage high stake trades using compounding methods to achieve maximum rewards.  This is dangerous and the risks this poses have a high probability of being met than the desired outcome.   This scheme invites false witnesses to state that they have made a kill from this app.


The 9 minutes clock is a fake widget and is a simple pressure tactic that is designed to push new traders to signing up without having chance to perform any due diligence. CNN, BBC and NBC News endorsement badges long with some articles under them all displaying how good this Software is. We made research and checked all of those gigantic news portals for any lead on this trading system. Not surprisingly we found that those articles are just fabricated for the snap shot in way to support this investment app, and the names involved inside!


Further down after the false credentials we have some “happy” members who already enjoy the wealth provided by this amazing trading system! No matter if we speak for Keith Lawrence, Peter Curtis, Ayanna O’Brien or Dedrea Moore, they all have only one thing in common and definitely it’s not the usage of Daily Trader Club. Quick Google Search by image expose all of them as free stock models attached to names. Those fake personalities are created to bring credibility to Daily Trader Scam and support it with some success stories. But how can we believe in fabricated stories?


The images shown on the Dailytraderclub.co video are fake. The real names of the two individuals in the picture below are Mike and Amanda, more information related to their true identities can be found at One Life Wealth: http://onelifewealth.co.uk/casestudies/mike-amanda/recommendation/


Daily Trader Club


Daily Trader Club Conclusion

All the evidence in this review points towards the fact that the Daily Trading Club App is a scam that has been set up to take money off people. It is not a genuine invitation to become a beta tester. The website is filled with fake endorsements and false testimonials. In reality there are a number of complaints from traders who have signed up to this software.


Verdict Daily Trader Club App is a Scam


Do you really want to waste $200-$500 on this piece of junk software? Are you interested to trade binary options professionally, do it with indicators/strategy, with a mentor or with a reputable signals service or community. Many options are available that are more reputable. Check out our recommendations page and don’t forget to share your feedback below or any questions, especially if you have tried the Stark App or are currently trading with the software.


If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. In case you are absolutely new to Binary Options, you can trade with the TradeThunder.com which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry.


If you would like to try some auto traders with proven results, we have been lucky to have found two in such a short period of time, Binadroid Trading App Review, and now the Copy Buffett App.


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The overall performance level thus far of the auto bot is a great surprise!. We will continue to test the system for a few more weeks, and publish some our own results.  At this moment we would recommend any investors looking for an auto trader to consider this app as it has comes highly acclaimed across various industry observers.


Thank you for reading this review