Spectrum7 Technology Review

Spectrum7 Technolgy Review
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Spectrum7 Technology Software Review; Definitive Scam Bulldozed!!

The Spectrum7 Software is the latest trading applicaiton that has diluted the optimism that folds as we come out of the holiday spirit and venture into a new beginning, a new year.  This trading application a new bionary option auto-trading scam seems to follow the footsetep of another scam that we exposed back in 2015 in the form of Spectre. This Melodical last ditch attempt at scamming people is so predicatble but yet we fear the reprucussions for the unlucky few may loose out through the tentatcles and traps presented by the developer of this program.  Stay tuned and watch this definitive scam be bulldozed with some real eye-watering facts!!


What is the Spectrum7 Software ?

The familiarity with the facet presented by this groundhog seasonal software is that this auto-trading scam has a familar ring tone that being marketed aggressively with high octane promises and guarantees that simply do make the tick of what is commonly referred to as realism.


Spectrum7 Technolgy Review


Visitors who enter the Spectrum7.co platform are greeted with what can only be deduced as a jokemans bluff where the whole presentation supposedly made by one Derek Folsom the supposed creator, founder and CEO of Spectrum7 Technology.  This presenation which provides a spoonful of bad cough medicine through the form of narrator and text powerpoint presentation.  Something of this nature lacks one ounce of trust that is vital when it comes to assessing investments true credentials which abundantly lacks with this whole Spectrum7 Technology concept and that is a good dosage of professionalism.


What Makes Spectrum7 Technology a Scam?

The makings of a scam always seems to have a knack from starting at the top.  And indeed this dubious debacle seems to follow this very same stereotype.  With the cherry on the top , the CEO, the big cheese so to speak , Derek Folsom credentials in short being suspect.  You see the so called leader of this wolfpack is a person who doesn’t actually exist.  He’s just a character invented for the purpose of promoting this scam. A simple search of this melodrama individual will reveal that the person nor the Spectrum7 company he speaks so highly of exists in anyway shape or form.


Secondly, As soon as the Spectrum7.co video begins to unfold, comes the bait.  A bait so simple, regurtitated many times amongst shady apps, a bait laid out with false guarantees with no proof or demonstration that the rewards can be touched .  The statement above the video promoition reads “quickly earns you up to $1,560.72 daily”.  Nicely presented in block capitals to make it more the Spectrum7 Technology platform feel more lucrative when from the outset there is nothing drooling that makes us believe.




This post would not be a complete objective coverage without mentioning the rather annoying pop-ups that develops as one hovers their mouse the Spectrum7 Technology App.  On this rather obtruce you-tube presenting two fiverr actors trying to support the cause of the Spectrum7 ttechnology system movement really irons out seriously amateuristic this whole presentation is.  This is definitely not something that convince a potential trader to try this app out. A trust worthy software would not need to go through all this melodrama but rather would let the results talk for themselves.  Try independently checking any 3rd party testimonials outside the remit of the Spectrum7 Marketing campaign and you will see that no real endorsement exists for this nominee for Scam of the holiday season.


What about the Spectrum7 App Welcoming offer?

One last card they , Spectrum7 Technology perpetrators, try to chuck in is the Bonus Trap. They promise that once you open an account with the Spectrum 7, you will get some extra priviledges. They will supposedly “match” your transaction with a 100 perecent bonus. But our readers will know by now that this debacle is full of gladitorial traps that just do no benefit the trader in any shape or form.


Spectrum 7 Review : SCAM!

We can sum up what we were talking about here on this Spectrum 7 review with a clear warning … and that is to stay clear. This binary options which is supposedly mean to generate consistent profits all on autopilot is in mere fact a scam , a complete fraud you should stay far away from.  This clearly is not going to bring the cheer into your money bags in fact it will just create cobwebs and dust in your temporary account.  For better services investors are recommended to look for better alternatives which atleast provides value for money and comes with proven results in the form of 3rd party endorsements.


Verdict: Spectrum7 Technology is a Scam

Trading Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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If you have any experiences with this finance system we would appreciate a comment or two below from you so others can share and benefit from your experiences. There are ways to make a good profitable income with trading binary options, and this has been proven time and time again. For more on this breakthrough appp… check out the free video presentation by clicking on the banner below:-


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